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Found 3 results

  1. AliciaV08

    Running a challenge group

    I tried searching the group without much luck. I have had a few people approach me about leading a group. I've done this once successfully so I know it can be tough for some people and easier for others but beyond that... I'm wondering how best I can lead them?
  2. CharDoll

    June 1st Support Thread

    Hi Everyone! I saw that there are a few different June 1st posts so far, so I thought it'd be good to make one topic where all of us June 1st starters can support each other. This will be my 3rd Whole 30. My first was July 1, 2013, and then I did one in February and now I'm ending off my 1st year of Paleo/Whole9 with a Whole 30. I'm excited to make it official again and excited to see my stats on July 1, 2014! Since last July, I'm down 70 lbs and 4-5 sizes. Whole 30/Whole 9/Paleo is an amazing lifestyle. I will never go back. It's definitely not a fad diet, but rather a healthy way of living, and a way to have a healthy relationship with food. Let me encourage all of the newbies out there to do "before" pictures and measurements. The days over the last year that I'd get frustrated, I'd look at my before and after pics and they helped me keep going! Join us! This will be fun. I still communicate with some of the people that were in my July 2013 support thread. It was great to make friends and find a support system.
  3. remybriscoe

    So much for support...

    Hi everyone! So a few weeks before I was scheduled to start my Whole30, I talked to a group of people at work to see if they would be interested in doing it together. I know that last time I did a Whole30, doing it with with friends made things a lot easier. Everyone seemed really interested and I linked them to all of the Whole30 "cheat sheets" and online documents and great blogs. Start day came (April 28) and only one person, out of a group of maybe 10, committed to doing it with me. I understand, I get it - some people just aren't ready to give up alcohol for a month. The no soda thing scares some people. And no more burritos at lunch, the horror! I think the thing that gets to me is the few people who say they're doing it, or actually "their version" of it. So they're eating sugary bacon, they're drinking on the weekends, they still eat the catered lunches every day without knowing what goes into that stuff. Well, if you're doing "your version" of a Whole30, then it's not really a Whole30, is it. It's frustrating that 2 of us are doing the hard work, and everyone else who isn't still thinks they can reap the benefits. I know myself and the one other committed person will see the best results and feel the best, mentally and physically. I KNOW that. It's just annoying to have someone say 'I love this program!' when they're not...actually doing it. And so I come here to vent my grievances and be with my people! Anyone else experience this in their workplace or inner circle?