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Found 3 results

  1. R1D13 - Besides a girl scout cookie habit and pizza most Friday nights, I have always been a relatively healthy eater. I have a low BMI and work out 4 - 5 times/week. I decided to try Whole 30 because I've felt sluggish lately and wanted to feel the "tiger blood" feeling I've read about. I did have a physical first, and the only thing that came up was a B12 deficiency, so I've been on a supplement for months. Since about day 3, I am MORE tired that I have ever been. I actually had to lay down on the slopes yesterday in the middle of a ski day...not because I was hungover - obviously (ha!) I'm following the book to a T, other than no snacking. I will have some fruit/nuts mid afternoon with a shot of espresso, just to try to make it through the day. Is there light at the end of this tunnel?
  2. Kate C  Mayone

    Day 23...still moody

    I'm on my second W30 and it's day 23. A lot of people are jumping around and glowing at this point. While I do at some moments...for the most part...I'd say I'm not myself. Last week was the kill.all.things phase which did settle once I got my period. But I wouldn't say it went away completely. I have no patience and just want to be left alone. And even when I'm alone (usually my favorite way to be) my mood is just 'low'. Not depressed but just blah and meh. Uncomfortable I I just want each day to hurry up and be over. I think hormones aside I'm having a hard time not relying on food for any comfort. I am making sure to get plenty of sleep this time and taking my Natural Calm magnesium. I am exercising but taking it easier (3x/wk) from my usual schedule. When I do workout I get bursts of strong energy and have that 'conquer all' feeling. But I also notice I felt a lil 'over the top' and even had someone in a kickboxing class ask me if I was alright last week. I had eaten plenty that day and didn't feel weak; just amp'd up. Probably doesn't help I'm very fair skinned and have a serious 'working out' face. I left the gym feeling like a freak and decided maybe I should take it a lil easier. My digestion is still sorting itself out so I know I am going to extend the 30 days into 45/60. I've been battling constipation so I really thought the magnesium and sweet potato route would help. This week I've been eating delicata squash (instead of sweet potato) in my first meal but it's not helping. I'm not sure what's driving this but I want to stay on track and just get past this 'phase'. I have probably sat here for two hours just reading thru the forum to keep myself occupied. On one side I feel like I don't have much to look forward to (i.e. my bad old habits) and on the other I'm happy with what I'm doing and just want to continue. I guess I just need some motivation from others. I almost feel like I'm trapped in my head and I'm definitely sick of listening to myself. I'm drinking plenty of lemon water and herbal tea to help me relax. I even went outside today to eat my salad and get some sunlight which is huge for me. Generally, I'm trapped behind a computer all day. I've made an effort to avoid tv and my phone the hour before bed. I sleep well aside from lots of dreaming. I just feel all over the place and no where at the same time. Probably going to come back and read this later and laugh at my ranting. Still...just wanted to share.
  3. SJaneH


    Hi I was wondering if anyone else had been grumpy since starting the Whole30? I am on day 19 and despite not having many cravings, not really feeling bad about it at all, simply feeling great and energized- I seem to have a really short temper since starting it. I posted this in women's in case it's just hormones or something but I'm not usually this grumpy and wondered if anyone else was the same and changed something to solve it? I'm still going to the gym and excercising which is usually the reason I would be grumpy so I thought it might be the diet but don't know why... Any ideas/support would be appreciated- I don't want to be a healthy person but a grump to be around!