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Found 3 results

  1. I need ideas and suggestions. I did my whole30 and felt like I was really successful. I lost 10 pounds, bloat was down and felt pretty good. I didn't feel that much different than pre-Whole 30 and the really only "health" related item I was hoping to see improvement in didn't happen. But, I could see the plan was great. I enjoyed cooking and prepping and staying away from the processed foods. I liked that my son was seeing his mom and dad eating in a new way. And then....I started to add a little bit of this and a little bit of than back in. Sugar, fast food, grains here and there. I wanted some drastic awful thing to happen to my body so I would HAVE to stop cheating- but nothing. I didn't notice anything. Except, I've slowly put the weight back on. And, I've slowly "poofed" back out. It's taken about 6 months but I'm pretty sure I'm right back where I started. When I eat the wrong foods, the guilt is overwhelming. The mind games and raitonalizations and the things I say to myself are awful. It gets really, painfully DARK for me. And I think I do it just to try and make myself feel so badly that I don't cheat again. I'm trying to make the pain much greater than the pleasure. But it doesn't work. Instead, I hate myself, hate my relationship with food, tell myself "I'll fix it tomorrow", and blah blah blah. What do you all do to keep your mind with the program? How can I change the awful things I say to myself to things that will actually HELP me stay on track? Beating myself up isn't working. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I'm wanting to start whole30 #2 but I'm afraid to start and fail (again). Trust me, the last 6 months I've PLANNED at least 4 - and accomplished none. I'm afraid another failure will just be too much to take. Where can I get the guts to do it again? Thanks to you all!
  2. kaitlinwestbroek

    Feeling Guilty

    It's starting to feel like this program is so strict that it's impossible to follow. Guilt won't stop eating at me for eating some fruit, or not having enough protein. All I can think about is how I have made so many mistakes the last two days that I should probably just start over. Anyone else feel like this? Frustrated and guilt ridden.
  3. So I successfully completed my first W30 (yay me!!) but now I'm scared to death to go off track! I just don't like these constant feelings of guilt and analyzing that goes along w/eating a "bad" food - I keep thinking that THIS cant be a healthy relationship w/food either :/ I was mostly paleo before w30 so there are not too many food groups I'm interested in welcoming back into my diet, but I guess it all boils down to: should I eat that darn Reese's Peanut Butter egg or not??!! LOL... They were always my absolute fave at Easter but I'm afraid ill go off the rails by having one How does everyone else deal w/being OK w/yourself by eating off plan occasionally? Just trying to find a happy/no pressure/ no stress relationship w/food (for the first time ever) Thanks!!