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Found 7 results

  1. I can't seem to figure out my reaction to tomatoes. In my previous whole30, after about 3 weeks, every time I ate them I had really bad acid reflux and obvious digestion issues. So I stopped eating them. Then when I went off the whole 30 for the past month or 2, I was eating them much more and not really feeling the extreme effects (but I was also eating sugar, gluten, etc. and feeling inflammation and bloating from that so it could have all been a combined issue). Now in my current whole 30, I've been testing it again, and sometimes its really bad reactions, and other times I have none at all. If anyone can shed light on this I would much appreciate it. I really dont want to stop eating them so I keep finding reasons to "test it out", but I can't seem to come to a conclusion. I thought maybe the nightshades was an issue, but I'm fine with peppers and eggplant. I just don't get why sometimes its such bad gut issues and other times not.
  2. So I wasn't sure what forum to post this in, hopefully this is okay. To give you a little backstory, I've been yo-yo dieting for about 8 years. Always going from healthy/restricting for a few months to bringing and eating anything I want for a few months. I've done 4-5 rounds of Whole30 over the past 2 years and haven't been too bad in between rounds, but this past season for me was pretty stressful and I went back to old ways of binging and eating a lot of crap. I always knew my hormones were kinda off because it's always been so hard for me to lose weight and so easy to gain it. Plus I deal with a lot of depression and anxiety, which eases up when I'm eating healthy, so I think it's gut related. But this past season of eating terribly has showed me how damaged my gut and hormones are right now. I gained about 15lbs in 2-3 months, which is a lot for me. Ive also been feeing really dizzy and have been getting terrible brain fog, to where I feel a little bit drunk all day and can't focus on anything. I've also felt extremely fatigued for the past year, to where I can only leave my house for a few hours before I feel like I need to go home and nap. One more thing is that I've had terrible poops for the past 3 months. Runny/liquid-y poops that make me have stomach cramps and that never feel satisfying. I can't remember the last time I had a satisfying poop, sadly! In the past Whole30 has seemed to help a little bit, but I've never stuck with it strictly for an extended period of time to see if my symptoms completely went away. So, I've decided I need to heal my body and I know that takes time. I'm ready to commit to eating strictly for a long time to give my body time to do that. I guess my main question is how long does it typically take to fully heal your gut and get your hormones balanced? I guess I just want to mentally prepare for how long it'll be. I will mainly stick to a Paleo life after I feel balanced out and back to normal, with the occasional foods I think are worth it. But I feel as if I need to be strict right now and find Food Freedom once I'm better. A second the extreme brain fog and dizziness something I should be worried about or does that seem like a typical gut/hormone problem? I've never experienced this until a few months ago and it just feels so terrible and I'm wondering if that's something I should have checked out or will probably just go away. Thanks! Sorry for the book!
  3. Kanita

    I am on day 16 of my first whole30. For the past week or more I have had lots of gut rumblings and (sorry for the details!) loose bowels some days diarrhea. I feel like all I am thinking about is whether what I eat will make this worse. My diet pre- whole30 was heavy on dairy, light on meats, no sugar, no breads, moderate veggies and fruits. Could this be a dairy withdrawal? If so, can I do anything to get over this?? Oh, I did cut way back on my veggies :-( to see if that would help and it did just a little but still very rumbly and uncomfortable.
  4. Apologies for my first post being so, err, intimate! I'm 41, lactose intolerant 20+ years but only worked it out & eliminated dairy about 3 years ago which has had the most remarkable effect on my health. However my bowel still doesn't behave particularly well. I eliminated high fodmaps about 6 weeks ago although I can't say it made much of a difference to my gut. Now I am on day 8 of Whole30 (including the fodmaps rules). Whilst I'm not having the extreme gut symptoms that dairy would give me, I still haven't had a formed bowel movement since starting Whole30. I haven't fancied raw foods since starting so tend to eat stirfrys for most meals. I have a max of 1 coffee and day and drink hot water other than that. I am eating nuts (macadamias and cashews) which I only just got to the part in the book today that suggests they're not great for gut issues. I know from past experience that if I have a lot of fat then I get diarrhoea. If this is the cause, is my gut likely to toughen up and get used to it over time? Many thanks in advance x PS other than the gut issues and some cranky headaches I feel great, I even had some weird periods of euphoria on day 3 and 4!
  5. Hi I'm considering doing a second W30 (low FODMAPs). I've written out the list of high FODMAP food and I can recognise quite a few on there that trigger me. My question is - should I eliminate them all for maximum gut healing - or just the ones that I feel a reaction to? It's just that I'm worried about cutting out avocados because I rely on them as a fat source. I guess it's likely that if onion and garlic are making me really sick then even avocado is doing damage (even though I don't get symptoms).
  6. ORBren 1st Whole30

    Here I go... Book to arrive Monday, but I have scoured the web site and read lots of other books so I feel prepared to be successful. I need this because the older I get the more aches and pains and gut issues with foods arise. I need the accountability of a challenge and look forward to a community of folks who think like I do about food. I plan to really notice and appreciate the ways I feel better during the next 30 days as inspiration & motivation - because I am the poster girl for knowledge not equalling action/ behavior. I currently keep a thankfulness journal and plan to use that to capture the good stuff related to Whole30. No excuses...grass fed beef - check, fresh & fermented veggies - check, olive &coconut oil - check, water - check. Let the new habit forming begin.
  7. I've started my whole 30 but will coming to it from a more restricted diet (meats, eggs, fish, cooked carrot/zucchini/spinach, ripe bananas, coconut oil, olive oil, chicken broth, herbs and spices) which I have been on for over a year. I was wondering if anyone else had any experience coming at the whole30 from this direction and if any of the experts knew if I would be likely to notice any initial digestive issues when introducting food back into my diet that I hadn't eaten for probably three years. I just want to know so that when reintroducing (I am doing this slowly, a couple of foods at a time) i'll know if I have to give things 3 or 4 days to settle or whether it means i should stop eating that food straight away. I feel I need to increase my range of foods as i'm currently underweight, in caloric deficit by about 1,000 calories per day and have IBD symptoms. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Mike