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Found 3 results

  1. I just started my whole30 this week. Boy, my nightly glass of wine is proving very hard to give up. Any encouraging stories out there?
  2. Pre-whole30 I would constantly graze and snack (on both healthy and unhealthy kinds). I am now almost at the end of my first week of whole30 but I realize I am still performing these bad habits but now with purely "healthy" foods (i.e. grazing constantly on roasted butternut squash and sweet potato that I made a big batch of this weekend). I think this is going against every reason why I decided to do Whole30 (lifestyle change, not just a diet change). Are there tips/suggestions for how to stop these habits? I need to stop thinking that grazing/snacking is ok just because what I am eating is "healthy".
  3. I'm on day 19 of my second Whole30 (woo!) and I've learned SO many new things about myself and my habits this time around. My first round, I discovered how to control cravings and read labels. This round, I'm recognizing bad habits that I have as I go through the month (without looking for them). I'm starting to get really nervous for the end of my Whole30 and reintro period because I'm afraid to fall right back to these habits. Here are examples: Bad habit no. 1: Stopping for coffee and breakfast sandwich before work. "I'm just going to stop once before work this week" turns into three stops; and that's a lot of gluten and dairy that my body doesn't like. So the other day I was sitting on the couch before work, watching the time tick by, and I threw a temper tantrum in my head saying "I don't want to make breakfast this morning!" .... Even though I had at least 2 choices pre-prepared in the fridge. I recognized that THAT would be one of those mornings that I would stop for a breakfast sandwich if I wasn't on the whole30. My fear? When I'm not on the Whole30, what will keep me accountable? (That morning, I ended up throwing some soup in a coffee mug and drinking it on the way to work. It was great, fulfilling, and the best decision ever.) Bad habit no. 2: Going to Bdubs at night with hubby. We both get off work around 11pm-12am and that's one of the only food places open at that time, so it's been a habit of ours to eat there 3-4 times a month after a long day at work. When we're on the whole30, we do NOT go there at all. The other night, I thought "this would be a perfect night to go to Bdubs..." but we did not, and the whole30 was what kept us home. Instead, we goofed around in the kitchen sharing almond butter and some tuna salad. We recognized the benefit of staying home, but how do we keep that strong will when the whole30 is over?? Bad habit no. 3: Thinking every trip to a restaurant is a "special occasion" and I can order whatever I want off the menu. This just hit me today. I thought -- "Would I order a plain salmon filet with a side of zucchini if I wasn't on the Whole30?" The answer is no, but I WANT it to be yes! It was a great, fulfilling meal, but I'm nervous I will forget that when off the Whole30. I'm a person of momentum.. If I've been doing something for 15 days, I can keep going forever! But once I start to reintroduce regular food into the mix, the momentum is gone and I'll start making "exceptions". Those deep-fried wings from Bdubs will be "worth the stomach ache" every single week (even when it's really not!) I feel like I'm SO CLOSE to food freedom, but my whole30 is going to end before I develop a game-plan for those bad habits. Any advice? Thank you in advance!!