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Found 7 results

  1. Meat Question

    Hello, My wife and I are 7 days into our Whole30; it's my first and her fourth, although it seems like I've done it before, as I do all the cooking in the home and have for her previous Whole30's. I saw your post about "Before You Ask...", and I did a search and couldn't find another question about this, so...having supported my wife through several of these, and now doing one of my own, and having recently read your blog post about Kumbucha (sp?) and the sugar question, my question is this: Can we, on the Whole30, consume high grade hams, bacon, and/or breakfast sausage, if they've used sugar ONLY in the curing process and do not add it to the cured product? I believe I should be able to, much for the same argument given during the Kumbucha post...the sugar contained in many hams, bacons, etc., is/are not added "after" the fact, but are an integral part of the curing process. This process goes back probably as far as the Kumbucha least 1-2 millennia, I'd imagine. There are, of course, those "cheap" hams out there that add a "brown sugar" glaze or some such crap to their product, but those would be obviously non-compliant. But there are legitimate, quality meat producers out there who only use sugar during the curing process, very similar to the way sugar is used in the fermentation process, which has been stated as compliant IF NOT ADDED AFTER THE FACT. I get that part, I really do, and I don't feel I'm trying to "get away with anything". As I said, too, this wouldn't mean all hams would be allowed, because, like just about anything, there are better quality products and then there are the "not so great" quality products that use sugar after curing, load the meat up with fake flavorings, etc.,etc.,etc.. So, I'll await your answer(s)...
  2. I've been invited to participate in a Russian Orthodox Easter this weekend by a friend of a friend's family...I am not totally sure what's on the menu, but in my searches, I'm seeing a few "Stuffed" proteins (leg of lam, roast veal breast) - but I have no idea what they'll be stuffed with...anyone familiar with this? I also have seen ham as a primary protein for the day. I know processed deli meats are not ideal on Whole30, but what about a whole ham (like you'd buy and slice yourself)? I also realize there may be a glaze or honey-baked quality to this, but if I do not eat the edges, am I still safe? Lot of other stuff on the menus I've researched are things like stuffed pierogies, cheeses, keilbasa (which hopefully will be OK!) Anyone out there who knows this menu and can shed some light on what items might be whole30 compliant? I will certainly ask how things are prepared but that's going to get old real quickly for the hostess, so any knowledge you can share is much appreciated!! Thanks all!
  3. Can I have ham?

    Can I have ham?? On day 12 and am worried that I goofed and ate off-plan. I found an organic, uncured, no preservative, no sugar ham (deli style slices) and used in a breakfast scramble.
  4. Thinking ahead to Easter ham-help needed

    We will be having Easter dinner by my mom's house and I'm already wondering if it's possible to have a ham for Easter dinner that will be Whole 30 compliant, but also something the rest of the family will enjoy?? Typically we have a spiral sliced ham which of course has sugar. Also wondering, is it possible to get a better quality ham than the typical grocery store version with the glaze packet?? Thank you for any tips!
  5. Chorizo and ham

    Hi, I've started my Whole30 this monday and sofar it's going fine... Energy is low today but since it's day 3 I read that it is to be expected... So all good. I'm liking the meals but finding certain things here is hard. i live in the Netherlands so most of the brands mentioned here are not to be found in these parts. Now I've been doing some research on getting a good type of sausage and I have found one very small company that makes good sausages from good meat. However, when I asked him if there was any kind of sugar in it, he mentioned that in order to dry the meat they use 4 gram of dextrose for every kilo of meat. He also told me that after drying that is all gone... Which all sounds nice, but I wanted to check before I go out and buy me some. The same goes for cooked or smoked ham, which is - or seems - impossible to find without any weird stuff in it.... But I'd really like to know what to do with the sausages... I'm guessing it's not good, but just wanted to make sure!
  6. I'm looking for some breakfast meat to enjoy with my eggs (especially when at the diner). Is ham an acceptable meat on the Whole30 diet? I believe prosciutto is ok...but not sure about ham. Thanks for any advice you can offer!
  7. Baked ham.... HELP pls!

    I took out a ham I had in the freezer from when I bought a nice pastured 1/2 piggy.... We usually eat it around the holidays with maple syrup and I remember my mom used to make the ham steaks with pineaple slices when I was a kid. Dunno what to do with it to make it W30 compliant.... most glazes require some form of sugar. Any ideas? Some veg I have on hand include: brussel sprouts, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, parsnips, rutabagas.... any recommendations for a nice side? Worst case I guess slicing it up and lightly pan frying could work... breakfast for dinner type thing.