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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm on Day 8 and have had a smooth sailing up until a few days ago. I haven't experienced the "kill all the things" phase and haven't had an issue with cravings. However, over the last 3-4 days, I've struggled with being hungry constantly, lack of bowel movements (when I do go, it's non-relieving), and tossing and turning throughout the night. A couple days ago, I woke up at 2am to a growing stomach. I'm eating Whole30 meals, cooking with oils or ghee, and have focused on eating mostly protein and fat sources. If I do have fruit or potatoes, it's either when I know I have a busy day or before a workout. Due to having more time, I've increased the frequency and intensity of my workouts which MIGHT explain some of the hunger but it still doesn't seem right. This morning, I did a workout from 530-6a, about an hour later I had a serving of W30 egg frittata AND a chicken sausage (from Trader Joes). 2 hours later I was starving. Not expecting to be hungry so soon, I had an RX bar which satisfied my hunger a bit. 2 hours later I had my lunch which was a hefty serving of W30 shepherd's pie (with sweet potato, not cauliflower mash). That kept me filled for 3 hours and then I was starving again. This is a bit frustrating as I do usually get full when I'm done eating. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help! -April
  2. Today I have successfully completed day 6 and it's been a roller coaster. In general, i am a nice person. I love my friends and family and it's rare that I get irritated or raise my voice. Today was not my day. I snapped at my sister for calling a sauna "a steam room" because they are different things and I really wanted a steam room. This mix up gave me funny emotions that I'm not used to. I've had two food cheat dreams this week that involved beer. (I really want a beer!) but aside from the strange dreams I'm getting really good sleep! headaches: today and yesterday I had terrible headaches, as if I had a hangover (like the book says). A hangover?! With no alcohol?! Not my favorite thing. I am actually loving the food im cooking and eating. I'm a foody and I love to experiment in the kitchen although I do feel like my kitchen has replaced my social life. im really hoping the happy me comes back soon.
  3. AlainaNYC

    Night time binging?

    Anyone have trouble with overeating at night? I have been doing IF for quite some time now and it works well for me. I am a law student and very busy during the day - I have very little time in between classes and taking barre exercise classes. I usually have fruit and raw veggies during the day and a large veggie centric dinner at night... then usually have a post dinner snack, or two. This habit is one of the main reasons that I am doing the April Whole30, and it is going very well so far! I am still doing IF but I am having three meals a day usually around 12pm, 3pm and 7pm. My main change has been adding more protein and fats during my earlier meals and making my dinner more satiating so that I can be more full after my dinner meal. However, despite these changes, I do feel like I am more hungry at night and crave something sweet after dinner. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. So today is actually day 30 for me (yey!) except I feel like since day 20 I've been terribly cranky and sour. Today I couldn't talk to my co-workers until I ate my lunch because I'm pretty sure I would've bit all their heads off and stole their non-compliant food! I'm vicious when it's about an hour before my next meal and all I crave is chocolate, cake and ice cream. My sugar-demon won't go away! The first 15 days were so much easier than the last 15 days! What am I doing wrong :/
  5. I don't consider myself an athelete, first of all. That said. I'm training for a half marathon and I've had some issues this week that I can't decide if they are hormones, not enough food or something. (when I say hormones, I mean the lady monthly kind) A typical weeks workouts- teach yoga four classes two days with personal trainer 5 days of running/walking 3-7 miles 2-4 gym workouts with weights.(alternateing upper and lower body) A typical day's food coffee and coconut milk breakfast three eggs and veggie omlet (cooked in fat) or a three egg, spinach, flax, fruit smoothie with coconut milk. lunch- meat and veggies, cooked various ways, usually with fat, (coconut, olive, or bacon) dinner meat and veggies, snacks would be fruit, more meat and veggies, occassionaly nuts, I have sweet potatoe about every other day and avacado about every other day. I don't always have a snack, just if I'm going to workout before dinner and think I need some extra energy. I am female, 40s, 5'4" and probably have 30 pounds to lose. I've been cloudy headed, not thinking clearly, but I have had a lot going on, which is typical for me. This week I had a weepy day, due to some stressors that weren't that bad, but they made me cry and I ended up sleeping nine hours that night and then taking a nap the next day. Also, I've had muscle soreness, something I don't normally get. I have been getting probably 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night. I haven't been hungry, unless I miss a meal, then I'm "starving" and "hangry". I do take at least one day off from working out, and seem to be gaining muscle strength, etc. Does it sound like I need more food? Carbs? If so, what kind? As I up my run length, what kind of more carbs for longer runs?