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Found 35 results

  1. Hi all, I'm on day 4 and have a full blown migraine. I've been waking up with a headache daily but it normally goes away after breakfast. I've been drinking plenty of water today and had 4 aleeve and it's still going. Today I've also been really emotional and crying over work drama. I've been feeling fine physically otherwise. Background on what I've been eating: breakfast: homemade bacon, spinach, tomato quiche with sliced potato crust. Matcha with compliant almond milk, collagen and probiotic lunch: salad with grilled or roasted chicken, beets, sometimes sweet potato, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, artichoke heart, nuts and balsamic vinegar. La Croix snack: carrots or fruit with nuts, maybe a chomps meat stick. half a GT's kombucha dinner: steak with asparagus, cauliflower rice or grass fed preservative free beef hot dogs with sauerkraut and sauteed veggies. dessert (on the last 2 days): sometimes a sweet potato with cinnamon or strawberries with cashew cream (soaked cashews whipped in the blender). I'm not the best about spacing my meals out evenly and eat when I have time between work, tying to fit in a yoga class and my commute. Sometimes I don't have breakfast until I've been up a couple hours or snack and have dinner late. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  2. cacoomasi

    Day 6 Reintroduction

    Finished my Whole30 with flying colors. The first few days had me grumpy and with headaches, which I attributed to sugar hangover. Those were over by day 6. I kept a detailed diary in my Day by Day book. The only other negative symptoms I had were a tension headache/neck and shoulder ache for about 30 minutes - one hour after eating chicken breast on zucchini noodles with compliant marinara sauce on Day 26. I had chicken and marinara on zoodles the following night, with no symptoms. I have experienced the same tension HA/neck ache the past two days after lunch. I meal prepped a compliant white chicken chili that I ate for the past three days. On Day 4 of reintroduction, I added a serving of black beans to the chili and had no negative symptoms. The past two days have been Day 5 and 6 of back on the Whole 30. Both days I had the HA/neck ache with mild gastric pain for 30 minutes to an hour directly after eating lunch. The recipe was one that I had made before I started the Whole 30 and loved it. This one: Any insight in to what may be causing the symptoms? And why only on days 2 and 3 of eating the recipe? The only thing I can think of in common is tomatoes in the marinara and bell peppers in the chili.. both nightshades. However, I have eaten tomatoes and bell peppers in other recipes both raw and cooked without symptoms. Any ideas or similar experiences to share? I feel like finding these things out is the point of the Whole 30, so any help would be appreciated!
  3. DeeDeePee


    I am on day 3 of W30 and am experiencing moderate to low grade headaches and neck pain throughout the day. I am addicted to Excedrin Extra Strength and Excedrin Migraine. I have held off taking these since starting the program, but how long might these headaches continue on? Is there anything I can do to alleviate without taking the pills. I want to be clean of all these chemicals and sugar, as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I couldn't get to sleep last night for the life of me. Finally got a few winks sometime after 5:00 this morning. Don't want to give in and throw myself off track. Thanks.
  4. Hello fellow Whole30 followers. I am nearing the end of my first 30 days and the program has been very successful. I experienced the expected carb withdrawal symptoms early on but then felt fine. Five days ago I developed a headache. I am not given to headaches, haven’t had one in maybe 10 years. Sometimes it’s stronger than others but sometimes so bad it makes my eye droop and gives me blurred vision. I have always lived with low blood pressure but I stopped and checked it yesterday, 103/63, low but not unusual. I went and had a head/neck massage, wonderful but still had the headache. Remember, I have been doing this program successfully for 27 days so I’m eating the right things, enough of them and drinking my water. I need to add that I have also recently developed muscle weekness, especially in my legs. I want to successfully go through the reintroduction period and continue to enjoy the new eating habits we’ve developed. I am not interested in ditching what I’ve accomplished but the headaches are effecting my work and quality of life. Any suggestions will be hugely appreciated.
  5. Hello, I had a greatly successful Whole30, ending on 2/13/18 (my second). On Valentine's Day and the days following, I ruined the reintroduction phase by not spacing out the reintroduction of different food groups. By the end of the week (2/16 and 2/17) I needed a mid-day nap and felt like I had no energy to get through the day. I decided to go back on Whole30 to fix what I did, but I've had a nonstop headache (pretty much ever since 2/14.. almost two weeks now) that is not responding to medication. Will this go away? I'm considering going to the doctor. I did not experience any of these symptoms on my previous Whole30. Thanks!!
  6. So today is day 5 of my first Whole30. The headaches aren't super bad, but they are constant throughout the day and I cant seem to shake them even with OTC. They are worse when I first wake up. When I eat, they go away for about 30 mins, but return shortly after. Before you ask about my water consumption, drink on average (more most days) 97 oz of water (mostly plain, but some sparkling). I dont drink coffee or even soda before I started this. I exercise a lot. I run 3xs a week, Strength Train 2xs a week, and get at least 10k steps a day. Before starting Whole30, I was eating fairly clean, I had been making a lot of changes in the last year health wise and have lost 47lbs, and chose to do this in order to get refined sugars out of my system. I get about 1 migraine a month, and occasionally a headache or two, but OTC meds normally help with both. Any suggestions on what is causing this? Will this go away? Any thing I can do to help them? Is this normal? Is this a "this to shall pass thing?" Thanks in Advance!!!
  7. KerryLovesVeggies

    Really bad Sinus Headaches

    Hi there, I am on day 8. I woke up today feeling really bad. My head kills and I have ringing in my ears. My sinuses are really bothering me. I feel thirsty and tired. However I am not feeling achey or anything. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. Last night was my first night out in a restaurant since starting whole 30. I asked all of the right questions and I thought all was good. But now wondering if something got snuck in there under the radar. I am egg sensitive and pescetarian. So I'm doing the best I can but here is what has been my typical eating habbits so far: Normally for breakfast I eat a pumpkin custard which is pumpkin puree with sunflower butter, chia seeds and coconut milk. Or a Green smoothie with coconut milk or, if I'm in a rush, an apple with sunflower butter. Lunch - typically a salad with all kinds of veggies and some tuna fish from the salad bar at my work. I make the regular dressing or the ranch dressing from the book. Or I heat up left overs from dinner the night before Dinner looks something like a salmon fillet with veggies. Or Shrimp with Zoodles, I've also been eating the Cold Thai Salad from the book because it's great on the go. Snacks: I usually am pretty satisfied with meals, but I make kale chips to snack on. And some baby carrots with sunbutter around. I feel really gross and just want to feel better. thanks for your help!
  8. nonnawickwire

    Day 29! Success Story!

    Celebrating here on Day 29 feeling GREAT with 8 lb weight loss! My secretary told me about the Whole30 plan, and after I researched it I decided to plunge in and do it 100%. I bought one month's membership to see how it worked in our lives, downloaded the app, and after several chats with their VERY helpful staff, was able to plot and personalize my own eating plan for the first week. I learned that cooking five meals a week is too much. I whittled it down to 3 breakfast and dinner meals a week (on Tues/Thur/Sat) which gives us leftover once or twice a week, plus a night out for eating out or going to our daughter's house for dinner. I learned to read menus carefully to determine just how much time they would take me to put together and learned to search out simpler meals. I started the plan suffering from chronic headaches, joint aches and an abundance of fat which I could not budge. I have not had any headaches (except my one exception to drink a cocktail with my hubby - BIG MISTAKE - you will be hypersensitive to sugars so do not do this! My neck and shoulder aches are completely gone, my weight has gone from 138 to 130. My husband is super stoked to have "his young wife" back, and I LOVE how my clothes fit me now! No love handles spilling over my waists of my jeans! I love eating this way, and so does my husband though he is not doing Whole30. He is doing Whole30 plus whatever else he wants to eat! He has gained 5 lbs which he needed to do and loves that I am cooking healthy regular meals! Thank you Whole30! I will be extending my membership for your excellent database of recipes, your support, and all the other things you offer.
  9. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone who takes Methotrexate deals with headaches too? I only started on Friday and the side effects weren't too bad, but yesterday I started shocking headaches I just can't seem to shift. I'm on R7D8 today, but I really don't think that's anything to do with it. TIA
  10. I am on Day 24 of my first Whole30, and am so far loving the NSVs I've been seeing! From a digestive standpoint, my gut feels great, which is awesome since I didn't realize before that my "normal" was not that good! My problem has been headaches. I have been a pretty regular headache sufferer for as long as I can remember, with the occasional (once every other month) migraine thrown in. I've tried just about every form of medication, physical therapy, chiropractic care, etc. and none of them worked, so I just got used to living with regular headaches. They got better when I was pregnant, and have typically not been an issue since then (my guess is they were hormone driven). Until starting Whole30. I have had a headache morning to night, basically every day of the program. It is not as severe as my old headaches used to be, but it starts in my neck muscles and works its way through the rest of my head, just like a typical tension headache. I am a one cup of coffee a day person, and have started waiting to drink my normal cup of coffee until after I eat breakfast. I drink plenty of water, and make sure to put extra salt on my food, based on advice I've seen given throughout the forum. Since the first week, I have really cut down on fruit intake, and eliminated all snacking, particularly on nuts. The last several days of meals have looked like this: Meal 1: 3 eggs cooked in olive oil, roasted butternut squash with homemade mayo or homemade pesto Meal 2: tuna salad (tuna, onion, homemade mayo) with side of raw cauliflower and summer squash sauteed in olive oil, apple Meal 3: chicken wings with homemade almond butter sauce, sweet potatoes baked with olive oil and spices, served with compliant garlic dipping sauce I am eating large portions, and feel full after each meal with no hunger signals in between meals. For the most part, I feel like my energy levels are good throughout the day, though I can barely make it past 9pm anymore without crashing (another less than ideal W30 side effect). I've read all the advice given about headaches throughout this forum, and I feel like I'm already following I would appreciate any further advice. Thanks!
  11. DKLynn

    Reintro Log

    Hi All, I've been through a few rounds of Whole 30 and the reintroduction phase, but I've never done the reintro as thoroughly as I've wanted to. This time, that's all going to change! Today, I reintroduced legumes. I had a serving of peanut butter with breakfast and 1/2 cup of black beans with lunch and dinner, since those are the main legumes present in my diet pre-whole 30. I'm starting to think I may have to wait until the end of my reintroduction and try them again because I have had a dull, incredibly annoying headache the majority of the day. I tend to get stress/tension headaches though, and the last two weeks have been two of the more stressful weeks of the year, as far as my job goes. This week specifically, I'm a little shorter on sleep than I typically tend to be as well. What were some of your reactions to legumes or peanuts, in particular?
  12. Hi, i am currently on day 13. Around day 5 I started feeling badly, especially after excercising. I added more carbs, protein and fat (frankly over-eating) to try to feel better but it didn't help. By day 8 I was just laying in bed all day and exhausted with muscle fatigue from walking a 1/4 mile (I typically RUN 10 miles a week); I was feeing out of body and dizzy; and my brain was quite foggy--driving felt dangerous and I felt as if I might "forget" to get out of my car. I went to the doctor and my BP was down 30 points from my normal (was 100/70 and is usually 130/70). My blood work all came back fine. They advised me to add more salt and to stop exercising. I regained energy for a few days but now I am starting to feel the same. I am a 41 year-old female, 5' 8" and 150 pounds. My typical breakfast is 2 eggs, 1/2 a large potato mixed with onions and 10 kalamata olives and cooked in ghee and topped with more ghee, 1/2 grapefruit, and a banana. A typical lunch is 2 cups of amount of Cuban Piccadillo (ground beef, green olives, peppers, raisins and capers) over half a large pan-fried yam. I have a larabar bar or nuts and a piece of fruit as a late afternoon snack (I am very active). A typical dinner would be 1/3 pound pan-fried chicken with copius amounts of broccoli drizzled in olive oil. Since my doctor visit I have been heavily salting everything and even eating several dill pickles a day. I am having trouble hanging on and functioning. What can I change to feel better? Thank you for reading my long post! -Aimée
  13. I'm on day 25 and I feel terrible. My headaches have returned with a vengeance, I'm tired all the time, my anxiety is through the roof, I've lost my appetite entirely, and I've lost all motivation to get things done (which is a huge problem because I'm self-employed). I can't believe that I'm feeling this awful when I'm so close to day 30. I was supposed to start feeling the "tiger blood" at least a week ago. I didn't have these issues before I started this round. I've tracked a couple days of my calorie intake just to be sure that my problems aren't being caused by insufficient calorie intake. Despite my lack of appetite, I've been able to force myself to eat about 2200 calories per day, which has been enough to maintain my weight. In a normal day, I usually have 4-6 servings of fruit and 6-10 servings of vegetables. My macronutrient breakdown is about 20% protein, 40% fat, and 40% carbohydrates. Other info that might be helpful: This is my second round of Whole 30. I did one 6 months ago and felt so amazing afterwards that I decided I want to do it twice per year to keep myself on track. I have a neurological condition that required surgery 5 years ago. I've had almost no symptoms since then. I kept up with clean eating after my first round of Whole 30, but I reintroduced sprouted wheat bread and became less strict with occasionally eating out (once per month maximum). I exercise 5 times per week: HIIT/strength training combo workouts M/W/F, light recovery cardio or yoga T/Th. This is more exercise than I did during my first round. I'm a 21 year old female, 5'3 and 115 lbs. I've stayed the same weight since I started, which is good because weight loss is not a goal of mine. I've practiced intermittent fasting for over a year now. I use the LeanGains 16/8 protocol. Before starting this round my diet was not great because I had been on the road for 9 days. Lots of sugar from sweetened dried fruit in trail mix, not enough fruits or veggies, and occasional fast food. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any idea about what might be causing it or how to make it better?
  14. Christa Patterson

    Something's not Right

    I have been having the same problem! I am on Day 19 and other than the initial migraine on day 2, I hadn't had any headaches at all until recently. I have had the same headache from morning to night when I go to sleep since Day 17 (started at night on day 16). Here is an idea of what I have been eating: breakfast: 1 serving of breakfast casserole. (Casserole serves 8 and uses 1 lb ground beef, 14 eggs, 2 potatoes, red bell pepper, and onion) lunch: palm sized portion of baked chicken, handful of diced potatoes, and a heaping handful of green beans dinner: palm sized portion of pork chop tenderloin and the rest of the plate is filled with steamed veggies (assortment of broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, and water chestnuts) alternate dinner: palm sized portion of pork chop tenderloin mixed into bowl of spinach salad with carrots and tomatoes Occasionally when I get home from work, I can't help but munch on some fruit. These little snacks are either half a can of diced pineapples (in 100% pineapple juice) or 6 strawberries or 20 grapes or 1 plum. I never mix the fruit so those are the quantities and the one time I eat fruit. I will also sometimes have a closed handful of almonds or pecans every now and then to get in a healthy fat. Sleep wise I have been going to bed at 10 PM and waking up at 6:45 AM with a few times of restlessness throughout the night. I wake up enough to know I'm awake but I usually fall right back asleep. I have been drinking 120 fl. oz of water per day (especially when I started getting the headaches) and I weighed 160 when I started so I know I'm drinking plenty of water. I have been wanting to begin a workout routine, but because of the headaches I haven't started yet. I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle as well. I have been reading books more frequently, but I haven't been working my brain any more than I normally would when I'm in school. I don't understand what the headaches could be coming from and I have yet to feel that tiger blood nor have I noticed any NSVs so far or noticed any change in my body in the mirror. I'm starting to get worried that maybe I'm doing some part of the Whole 30 incorrectly without realizing it...
  15. rlhughes


    Hello - I'm on Day 25 and about once a week I'm getting headaches that last a day or two. Could this still be sugar withdrawal? I'm drinking tea so I don't think it's caffeine. Has anyone else had sugar withdrawal last this long? Thanks for any help
  16. Steph1234


    Ever since I started Whole 30, I've been experiencing headaches every morning. I drink plenty of water all day, even in that I now have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I drink the same amount of coffee (black now) as I did before so I know it's not from caffeine. What are other possible reasons I could be experiencing headaches? I've been using Whole30 for about a week and have had a headache every morning.
  17. Warning! Go grab some protein, veg and a thumb of fat, and then prepare to hunker down. This could take a while. This is Day 31 for me, so I it's time to tally up, and — wow! — I've gained a lot. And it's all good. Here are my non-scale victories, or at least the ones I've noticed along the way... Asthma: I only used my inhaler a couple of times during the first week, and I haven't used my nebulizer at all during my W30. I'm literally breathing easier. Bumps: I used to have small bumps on my inner arms. I had for many years. They were sort of like pre-hives; they only needed a scratch to instantly turn red, angry and itchy. But they're gone now. Inflammation: This one is big. Usually (due to Lupus, arthritis, benign tumors in my spine and other issues), a day of extreme activity would require days of rest and recovery. I just did a 13-hour visit to Disney last weekend, complete with 7.5 miles of walking. My feet and shins were sore, as almost anyone's would be, but I was able to get out a do the shopping and all of the prepping and cooking in the kitchen the next day just fine. I know! Headaches: Other than a few days of headaches in the first week, which included one migraine, I've been headache-free. Lupus: I experienced one intense flare during my W30 (brought on by a very stressful external event). It was awful, but ... OK? I didn't expect any miraculous elimination of flares, but it was days shorter than I expected. I'll take it. Mental outlook: I’m in a much better mood most of the time and somewhat less anxious. I was dealing with increased depression and ongoing anxiety issues when I started. I credit the improvement to W30 and to the addition of a cup of Natural Calm + chamomile tea every day (which I call my hot cup of Calm the F*** Down). I started the Natural Calm about a week into the program to keep my magnesium and calcium up, after reading recommendations for it here. Energy: While I still struggle in this area in general, I've had moments of Tiger Blood, a bit of kitten juice and fewer cat naps. I feel like I'm ready to start incorporating more regular exercise in my routine, and that's a biggie. Kitchen: Hey, NSVs extend beyond the body, so this counts! Despite the fact that I'm prepping and cooking constantly, my kitchen has never been cleaner or looked better. I found that reorganizing it and keeping it really tidy as I go was the only way to maintain sanity during this W30. Appliances: I'm actually using all of those appliances that just gathered dust on a shelf. My Vitamix and Instant Pot, for instance, both get near-daily workouts now and are finally justifying the money spent on them. Cooking: I love to cook. Sure, I'd love not to cook quite as much as I have over the past 30 days, but I still. Having new restrictions sparked a new wave of creativity in the kitchen for me. No matter where my eating habits go from here, I've created some meals that will definitely stay in the permanent rotation. Inspiring my husband: He isn't doing W30, and he still loads up on junk food at work. But he's happy to eat any W30 food I make at home and really enjoys it. At least I know half his fuel is good fuel. He's even considering going paleo soon. And he's helping out a lot more around the house, since he sees how busy I've been in the kitchen these last few weeks (and plan to continue to be). He's actually doing more than his share. A sense of pride: I'm proud that I did this. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done. I doubted the process at times, but I never doubted that I would see it through. I mean, I made it through a family tragedy, a painful flare, a brunch with girlfriends, a visit to my favorite greasy-spoon diner, a trip to the state fair and freakin' Disney World without caving in to cravings! Now, about that scale... I had a victory there, too. I lost 18 pounds. (And for those of you currently doubting your own mid-W30 progress, I'd like to point out that around the middle of Week 2, I was convinced I was gaining weight.) I have no idea about inches, since I didn't measure beforehand, but I look leaner and feel leaner. And this isn't over! Both the W30 book and the site mention that those living with chronic illness and autoimmune diseases are likely to benefit by going beyond 30 days, since it may take longer to get the full effect of this reboot. I'm not going to walk away from the opportunity to gain more benefits from this. I've got so much room for improvement still. So, for now, I'm not calling it a W45 or W60 or W-hatever. I'm just going to keep going until it feels right to start my slow-roll reintroductions, and then that will eventually evolve into my new normal. Now, here's my completely unsolicited advice to anyone who might read this while considering starting their own Whole30 adventure: Don’t try to do a Whole30. Don't attempt a Whole30. Don't give it shot or see what happens and definitely don't hope you can do it. Commit! Make an absolute vow to yourself. You *will* do a Whole30. Acknowledge that it will be tough at times, rewarding at others. Take comfort in all of those pesky rules, because they take away the guesswork. And do it! Bring it on! Honestly, I think that's 90% of the key to succeeding at this — making that real commitment. Then when you face the inevitable difficult moments and temptations, it won't be made harder by struggling with that decision. You've already made the decision. Good luck everyone! And good luck to me as I keep going!
  18. amandavanvels

    Headaches and Poop

    What a fun topic to talk about, huh? I have been doing Whole30 for 48 days now. After day 30, I stayed mostly Whole30 but ate a few things here or there that weren't compliant. Anyway, throughout the whole 48 days, I have woken up with a slight headache every day and it never really seems to go away. Also, my poop is the worst. I only poop every 2-3 days and when I do, it's a small amount and very squishy and hard to get out. Before starting Whole30, I knew my gut was messed up. I was depressed and anxious most of the time and I felt bloated and just messed up on the inside. I'm wondering if I need to make any changes to my diet going forward to feel amazing. Or if I just need to do another strict round and stop having the occasional treat until I'm finally healed. Any tips would be appreciated! Here's a list of what I eat everyday. Oh, and I realized that I have been eating way too many potatoes so I'm going to try to cut back and replace them with veggies. If you think that's the problem, I'd love to know so I can be sure to keep cutting them out. Breakfast: Typically 3 eggs, either some pulled pork or bacon, half an avocado, sauerkraut or kale coleslaw on the side. Probably could do better about adding more veggies here. Used to add in about 2 small red potatoes but have cut those out for now. Lunch: A can of tuna with homemade mayo, pumpkin seeds, half an apple, spinach. Sometimes using plantain chips to dip with them. Other days I'll make BLT lettuce wraps with turkey lunch meat, tomato, lettuce, mayo, bacon, avocado. Sometimes with chips on the side (baked in avocado oil). Dinner: Chicken breast or pulled pork, green beans/kale coleslaw/brussel sprouts/broccoli/cauliflower, potatoes, mayo or avocado as a side. Sometimes we'll do chicken curry over a baked potato. Sometimes a soup which has potatoes/ground beef/kale. Dinner is always something different every night, so it's hard to list every meal we make, but I always try to make sure there's a meat, potato, veggie and fat. Also: taking magnesium supplements, cod liver oil supplements, a "hair and nail" health supplement from whole foods that is compliant, drinking kombucha every day. Rarely I drink coffee, but I do drink tea every day. I have done 2 rounds of Whole30 in the past and I remember feeling much better than this round. Plus in my last 2 rounds combined, I lost 15lbs (and have since gained it back), but in this past round, I only lost 3-4 lbs. I just feel like something is off and would love your thoughts! Thanks!!
  19. I am currently on Day 23 and have been doing grand! Feeling great as far as energy and spirit and bloatedness go! Two major things I am hoping that I can completely eliminate are my drippy sinuses (allergies) as well as chronic decade long headaches. My ultimate goal is to live mostly W30 for the rest of my days as I am convinced that it is the way I want to live my life as healthily as possible. I am now looking at food to feed my body as well as my spirit! I can start reintroducing foods next Wednesday, September 7th. I am spending the day with my now 21 year old daughter and have decided that the first thing I will have is a glass of wine (only one!) with lunch. I am going away with my husband for our 28th anniversary and will be gone and eating out on Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday mornings so this is going to be a bit tricky. (Unfortunately when I planned this I forgot about the reintro stage!) I have been doing a bit of research and have come to the conclusion that I want to continue to avoid dairy and gluten for a bit longer, but potentially forever if needed. What I am hoping for here is guidance what foods I should best avoid/reintroduce during this celebratory weekend as eating out will be tricky! Or if I do indulge accidentally, how to I handle that? I read somewhere here that sugar and alcohol do not need a 10 day reintro period (I believe!) Any and all suggestions will be gratefull welcomed!
  20. I'm on Day 16 and I'm hoping that all the great health benefits will kick in soon, but so far my digestion has been a little wonky, I've been having a lot of headaches, I haven't really had much extra energy, and the waistline appears to be holding steady (yes, I know, it's not all about losing weight, but...). I've already realized that I might not be eating enough veggies and added fat so I'm trying to increase those and hoping that helps. I didn't eat great over the weekend so I'm not sure if that set me back (ate Whole30 compliant foods but didn't do great with the meal template). I have a question about eating in the morning: most days I eat within an hour of waking, but three days a week I have to be at work pretty early, so it makes more sense to do the commute first and eat when I arrive. This puts me at more like 1.5+ hours after waking. Is this a huge deal?? Here's what I'm eating today: M1: 1 c. broccoli with sunflower seeds, 1 small sweet potato, 2 hard boiled eggs, a few slices of red bell pepper, 1/2 apple, black coffee M2: steak salad (modified from the Whole30 recipe: arugula, watercress, asparagus, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, and steak, topped with about 1/3 cup cilantro lime mayo) - altogether includes about 2-3 cups veggies, 1 large palm of steak M3: hamburger with pile of caramelized onions and mushrooms on a bed of sauteed spinach & garlic with guacamole and sweet potato These meals are making me SO FULL and the good thing is I'm not feeling like I need to snack between meals. Please let me know how this sounds. I'm not used to adding fat to my diet! Is this too much fat? Too little? Any advice is appreciated!
  21. Hello there. This is my first Whole30 and I'm on day 21. I started off strong, noticing significant improvements in headaches, muscle soreness, and eczema on just day 3. About day 14, all of these symptoms came raging back again and haven't subsided. Add to that low energy and going to be by 8:00 most nights. I sleep well and I don't feel that stressed. My husband tells me that I've been extremely cranky on Whole30 from the beginning, but I don't feel that way. I had a bout with extreme dryness in my skin: face, back of hands and lips. This seems to be on the downswing. I mainly just feel tired and hungry. I can't possibly eat more at meals . . . I feel stuffed as it is. I started out having two small snacks a day, but have since weaned off of those on most days. I just need to know whether any of you think that it's just taking me longer to adjust than others or am I doing something wrong. I also haven't noticed a change in the way my clothes are fitting. Breakfast: 3 eggs cooked in ghee, 1/2 an avocado with a handful of grape tomatoes (I eat this every morning and have for the past year. I love this breakfast.) And coffee . . . lots of coffee Lunch: Large piece of salmon, a whole zucchini stir-fried in coconut oil, and a side salad with vinegar and oil dressing Dinner: 6oz of chicken tenders with Whole30 BBQ sauce (so yummy!), sweet potato fries in Whole30 approved fry dipping sauce, and another side salad. I'm drinking lots more water now than I was before Whole30, but probably could use some more. I also usually have a mandarin orange with one of the meals. I've tried really hard to not snack in the past week. BTW: I was still snacking in the morning when all of my symptoms returned. Any advice?
  22. ShelleySpice

    Can I have Tylenol???

    Wondering if you have a erally bad headache/migraine - can you take a tylenol? Cheers - Shelley
  23. Hello! I decided to start the Whole30 in an effort to discover if there is a food trigger to why I get migraines. Short story on migraines for me: I get them 1-2 times per month since my late teens. I have annoying "normal" headaches 3-5 days per week. Not related at all to my hormonal or menstrual cycle. I drink tons of water, 64-100 ounces per day. I'm 28 years old, 5'5" and 125 pounds, decently active and have a decent sleep schedule. Migraines do not appear to be related to stress. Migraine prescriptions don't work for me, some over the counter meds help. I've seen a neurologist, I've had CAT scans and MRIs done, I've had my thyroid checked, I've had blood work done. I'm completely "healthy and normal." The food journal I kept in the past revealed no food triggers (no, it doesn't seem to be chocolate or MSG or yogurt, or coffee, or any of the typical triggers), so I'm trying the Whole30 to try a more drastic approach. I'm on Day 23 of the Whole30 now and have been eating more "clean" foods for about 8 weeks total, leading up to and including the Whole30. Here is my food log: Whole30 Log_Chrysta.pdf Here's my issue... I have had MORE headaches and migraines since doing the Whole30. I have had almost a constant headache for 3 weeks now, 6 migraines, and only one day where I did not have a headache at all. I'm coming up on when I should start reintroducing foods, BUT if I'm still having these kinds of headaches, how will I be able to tell if any of the non-compliant foods are a trigger? If I already have a headache or migraine, I won't be able to tell if a newly introduced food is causing the headache. How much longer should I keep doing the Whole30 while having these headaches before I introduce other foods again? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks for your thoughts. Let me know if you need any more info.
  24. I am on day 7 of whole 30 and have really struggled since day 5 with light headedness, foggy-ness and hard to focus, some dizziness and fatigue. The first five days I don't believe I ate enough food and still exercised as normal (nearly fainted on day 5 after a hard workout) so day 6 and day 7 I was very conscious about eating MUCH more. I also started adding salt to foods on day 6 because I read on another forum that it could help the fog. I'm adding in more fats too and made sure to buy fattier meats to have this week (ground beef, steak) instead of chicken breast like last week. I'm also eating 2-3 fruits a day. I still do not see improvements and am VERY concerned. Trying to live a normal life while feeling like I'm going to faint is extremely alarming. I have been on my period this past week so I'm wondering if I'm iron deficient (my iron level usually comes back as normal but on the lower end). I have always been a very healthy eater and been very active (with the exception of bingeing over the holidays right before starting whole 30). However, I always started my morning with oatmeal or wheat cereal. I believe that has higher iron contents than the eggs, turkey bacon and potato I have for breakfast now. I'm thinking of seeing a doctor to test my iron and blood sugar because I can't continue like this. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what may be going on? How else can I add iron into my diet? Should I take iron supplements or a women's multivitamin?
  25. Hey, Me and my girlfriend are doing whole30 together. It's her first whole30. We are writing this post together. She has diarrhea since day 3 of the whole30. She always has headaches. This has worsened since she is on the whole30. She feels a bit more tired during the whole30. She has chronic hepatitis B. We are trying to clean up her diet. We hope to prevent her to need to take medicin. Why she is doing the whole30: * feeling more healthy * exploring what kind of foods better suit her body * improving her hepatitis B blood markers (lowering liver enzymes) * feeling less tired * having less headaches * wanting to have more energy We are doing a normal whole30 but we are trying to eat more foods which are good for the liver including red beets, tumeric, artichokes, shiitakes, coffee, eggs and dandelion tea. Important chronological facts and dates: * We met on june 20th. She hasn't done paleo before. She eats paleo/primal meals when she eats at my place. During the whole30 I often cook dinner for her. * She took a morning after pill on june 23th. She is often tired and/or ill since she used the morning after pill. This continues until this day. * She started using anti conception pill on june 29th. * She did a blood test for hepatitis B markers on september 11th. * We spoke to her liver doctor september 30th. Her blood markers were worse then before. * She started the whole30 on october 2nd. * She started having diarrhea on october 4th. * She was having a UTI infection and has taken antibiotics from october 8th until october 13th. * We made a mistake on october 12th. We didn't check the ingredients of some licorice tea. It contained a little bit of germinated barley. * She stopped eating processed salt and switched to sea salt from october 13th. * We started whole30 day one again on october 13th. * She started using the following supplements on october 16th: ** Now foods - Liver detoxifier & regenerator (whole30 compliant) : ** Source Naturals - Mushroom immune defense (whole30 compliant) : * She has a blood test scheduled for next week (around october 30th) for blood markers related to hepatitis B. We hope to see some improvements. Typical breakfast options: * shake with vegetables(spinach/kale/beets)/1 raw egg/1-2 pieces of fruit/coconut milk or coconut water * 3 eggs baked in coconut oil with tomato and spinach * 3 eggs and a (pork) sausage baked in coconut oil with tomato and spinach Typical lunch options: * sweet potatoes baked in coconut oil. With ghee and sea salt. Sometimes she bakes 1-2 eggs in coconut oil to go with that. Sometimes no protein at all. * sometimes leftovers from dinner. * sometimes she combines breakfast and lunch into one meal Typical dinner: * sweet potatoes, vegetables, eggs/salmon/chicken/beef (liver/hear/meatloaf), herbs/spices, ghee/coconut oil/red palm oil. ** Sometimes mayonnaise made from organic refined olive oil/egg/lemon juice. ** Often a glass with some fruit and a bit of coconut water and/or kombucha as a dessert. Typical snacks include: * nuts * dates * prunes Other possible important facts: * She doubled her nut intake from about 250 grams to about 500 grams a week (compared to before the whole30). She eats different kind of nuts including cashew/brazil nuts/hazelnuts/walnuts/pecan nuts. * She eats more eggs and therefor more protein than before the whole30 * She eats less carbs than before the whole30 * She doesn't eat probiotics except for kombucha. She doesn't want to eat sauerkraut. We can't find whole30 compliant kimchi. * She hasn't eaten ghee, coconut oil, red palm oil before she met me (june 20th). * Coconut oil is not a likely suspect because she has eaten it at my place before the whole30. * She eats 2-3 pieces of fruit a day. * She stopped eating processed salt and switched to sea salt from october 13th. She doesn't eat seaweed often. I'm going to feed her kombu About her headaches: * She has a continuous headache through the day. It's a permanent thing. Sometimes it's less. * Headaches are worst when waking up and before going to sleep and when having sex. This week we are going to focus hard on sleep quality. Trying not to look into blue light before sleeping. She is going to switch to a hormonal based IUD to get less hormones into her body compared to the anti conception pill. My rough guesses of causes of her feeling so crappy are a combination of the following: * impact from hormones (morning after pill / anti conception pill) * impact from anti-biotics * hepatitis B * change of her food patterns but this should be a temporary thing * eating less carbs than usual (she was eating rice and bread before) * she has started drinking coffee often during the whole30. Before the whole30 she almost never drank coffee. Coffee drinking was recommended by her liver doctor. Any recommendations ? Should we put her on probiotics supplements? Any probiotic foods you can recommend ? Should we put her on predigestive enzymes ? Should we reduce nut intake ?