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Found 2 results

  1. CathyN0325

    Day 8 new member - Stuck!

    Hi all! Yay, I finally figured out that I needed to create an account in here! I’m glad I’ve found you guys! I’m on day 8 and I still feel like I’m on the 3rd day. I’ve got the brain fog, headache, and hanger. There are 2 main things contributing to this, I believe. First, I’m not eating enough protein or enough in general. Second, which also leads back to 1, is I have major menu and cooking fatigue. I’m picky so my protein choices are limited. I think I’ve had eggs 7 out of 8 days and I’m sooo sick of them, it’s hard to get the whole meal down. Same with chicken. And the leftovers get all dry and hard to swallow, too. Making meals that aren’t delicious makes me lose my motivation to cook. I need sweet potatoes to have something bulky, but I can barely eat them now too. I am definitely feeling the positives though too. I’m less moody and irritable. Despite the brain fog at times, I’m also able to think more clearly. I know this is good for me, and I’m not going to give up. I’d love help with ideas for more on the go stuff (no jerky or compliant cold cut please!) I’m even sick of my beautiful veggie and garlic aioli bento box! I do home visits so I don’t have access to a microwave midday. Thanks for reading and for any tips or words of encouragement you can give! Cathy
  2. I was able to go the Whole 30 without intentionally adding any off plan foods, so I am very proud of myself. I later figured out that some of the food I had eaten contained trace amounts of off plan foods (white wine in the dijon mustard, sugar in pickled vinegar at the sushi restaurant, soy oil in my salmon patties) but I think the amounts were so small that I don't worry about them. In any event, I'd like to post here about my reintro since I don't think the ISWF goes into as much detail as I'd like about this segment of the program. I originally began the program to figure out what was causing me daily headaches. I removed nuts from my diet in addition to the Whole 30 list due to allergies that run in my family. My other issues are disordered eating - I have always had trouble with a "sugar dragon" & binging on sweets. I had wanted my skin to be a little clearer, although it wasn't bad to begin with. I had hoped to lose some weight. After the Whole 30 I did lose some weight and inches but not as much as I had hoped. Also, my fruit consumption had been way above the 1-2 servings as suggested & realized that at least this point I can't control myself. So in this next phase I have decided to count carbs & calories based on the keto calculator as I reintroduce things, testing grains and gluten only after I am at a happy weight. I have also decided to split up dairy into 3 testing days: 1 for whey protein, 1 for casein protein, 1 for lactose. I have also decided to test soy separately from other legumes.