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Found 43 results

  1. MoonKisses


    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has had any success with shrinking fibroids on this program? I am looking to start my fibroid shrinking journey and whole30 seems like a good place to start. Thanks in advance.
  2. Lady Bratface

    Whole 30 with Gout

    So, this is the second week on the program for my husband and I, and he has been struck down with a horrible flair of gout since day 4. It's so bad that he's not able to walk at all. It's the worst flair-up he's ever had. I'm /SO/ disappointed in this program that preached how eating this 'healthy' way was the cure for inflammation and pain conditions. Before I lose my temper completely, I want to reach out and see if anyone else has been struggling with this. My husband is amazingly still eating on program despite the pain he's in and being off work the past three days because he can't walk. I'm not sure this program is worth it if he's going to have this spike in his pain eating this way. The program wasn't supposed to make people worse than they started. Please help! The Brat <3
  3. loser_bride

    Heart Rate During Whole 30

    I am currently on day 16 of my Whole 30 journey and following the program as exact as possible, poor fiance hates that I spend more time reading labels anymore.. I know there is a curve from going from sugar energy to fat adapted and I'm slowly getting my runs longer and faster, however I'm experiencing something new... My resting heart rate has dropped since starting Whole 30 from 65/67 to 59/60 but my running heart rate has jumped through the roof. Example: Resting heart rate today as 59, but my 4 mile run of a 9:35, 9:24, 9:14 and lastly 8:44 had my heart rate well above 155-172 at it's highest. Has anyone else experienced this before? I have done about 20 half marathons and am not new to running in any respect. The above times are significantly slower than I was running pre-Whole 30 but the heart rate has gotten higher. Really trying to get a grasp on this whole thing. Thanks so much for any and all advice!! I feel like I'm some anomaly at the moment.
  4. Michelle V


    My friend and I are just about to start the program. We want to do our planning and research first. I have been reviewing the approved foods, supplements, etc. However I have been taking Isotonix (anti-oxidant, Vit A, B, C, D, K, and calciuma) as a regular part of my health regime and know what the consequences are of not taking them. I have read the labels. I would like to maintain this. Is there anyone else that may have been in the same boat? I searched the site but did not see it.
  5. habitualpurpose

    Starting TODAY 8/18/17

    Hi all Its been a long time since I've done a Whole30...TOO LONG!! I am now in a situation where I've put weight back on, I feel like crud and I'm not as strong as I'd like to be. It's been a tough few years with a son who has spent much time in the hospital and me stress eating and putting my own health on the back burner. Now I have hip arthritis and am looking at hip replacement surgery in mid November. I need to get my $&[email protected] together and get my health in order. My goals: - Slay the sugar dragon - Reduce inflammation - Feel more in control and eliminate the stress eating - Sleep better - Improve overall health - Lose weight (it really does need to happen to help ensure a smooth surgery experience) Glad to have others on the journey with me! Cheers!
  6. Does anybody know the kind I am talking about.....crippling calf/foot/leg cramps waking me up in the middle of the night. I have no idea if there's any truth to this but I used to get these and my doctor told me it had to do with a potassium deficiency and that I should eat bananas. Obviously, I have severely cut down on my banana intake since I started this two weeks ago. Or maybe potassium is not the issue at all. I have no idea.... any advice?
  7. Alice ready to go

    Starting February 1st!

    I'm so excited! I'm preparing myself all January, on the 15th I did an example day, testing how a whole30 day should be feeling like, and it felt great! I think I can do this.
  8. Chastastical

    Veteran Whole30er Living Paleo

    I guess we're supposed to introduce ourselves I am not new to Whole30 or this site and forums, but I am new to actively participating on them. I look forward to reading and posting more often, and hopefully being of service to anyone who is new and has questions. My favorite thing is studying nutrition, and I hope (when I stop having kids, just had my third on the 7th!) to get back to College and get a degree in the health field (nutritionist/dietitian/personal trainer mix?) so I can really help people in the future with getting their health in order and looking at food in a different way. The thing I love about Whole30 is that it's not a diet... it's about transformation. It's helping to guide you into learning that food is a fuel source that we can eat, it can be delicious and enjoyable, but that we're not slaves to it. I still need to read Food Freedom Forever, but I know the premise is along the lines of shaping and molding not just ourselves in the way we think and feel about food, but also what we *can* eat, safely, and that will be the most nutritious for us. It is filled with the information we all need to hear about life after Whole30 Well, thanks for stopping in to read
  9. StrivingToBeSteadfast

    Advice! New Athlete, New to Whole30

    Hey there! I'm starting Whole30 tomorrow, and I really want to start running/working out as well... Just wondering if anyone had any general advice/encouragement for getting fit while on the Whole30. Any input helps! Thanks so much
  10. Last year in December 2015 I completed my first whole 30 and felt amazing! I realised I am sensitive to a lot of things! One of them was milk which I really love so went back to having here and there even though I hated the reaction. All was good until today I accidentally over did the caffeine had around 320mg when I calculated but it was or shall I say IS the scariest thing ever. I don't usually have a lot but today I did and a few hours later I got crazy hives all over my body and felt really really dizzy with a super headache! it's been over 6 hours now and I still don't feel myself, I never realised I was sensitive to caffeine but now I'm very freaked out and it hit me again how the food we feed ourselves play a big role in how our body functions some obviously more than the others but it's just NOT worth it. I know we should prepare for a whole 30 in advance but I just decided I'm starting my second whole30 tomorrow I'll try to wake up early and make sure I have all the groceries because I am really scared and I DON'T want to ever feel this horrible again! I feel like I really need to clear my body of all these toxins! Hello WHOLE 30 2 I'm so ready for you! Yes unprepared and unexpected but feeling this bad made me remember how good I felt halfway through my last whole 30 and I need that right now!
  11. I am 22 year old woman who just graduated from college. I tried the whole 30 about a year ago and only got 3 days in and caved. This time I really need to complete this. My health is the worst it has ever been, and I feel sick after ever meal. Also, I am trying to go into law enforcement and need to pass multiple fitness tests. I am also trying to have a better relationship with food and health. If you have any advice or want to help keep me accountable, it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. So I'm starting tomorrow (August 17). This time it's not for 'feeling better' or 'general heatlh' but for genuine medical reasons, prescribed by my GP. Could the motivation be any better? lol! I say BOO! to yeast infections I say BOO! to Leaky Gut Syndrome I say BOO! to hormonal disruptions leading to period disappearance I say BOO! to toxic bacteria in my gut I say BOO! to chronic migraines I say WOOOOOH! to life ‪#‎whole94‬ (12 weeks, to start out ) In addition to the Whole30, I also have to keep carbs to a bare minimum and really limit nightshade and nut intake. My posts might therefore be a bit on the 'expressively low-carb' side I had my perfect pre-W30 meal out with my boyfriend, and I have zero regrets and looking super forward to healing myself and thriving on life and all it's great aspects.
  13. CozzaWozzaBozza

    Legit general question re Whole30

    Hi there, I am seriously considering doing a family Whole 30 but I have a burning question which I have not seen answered in It Starts with Food or the Whole 30 book. The premise of the book/method is to find a foundation for health, not weight loss or ....., but health. If I was to mimic a diet of a people group who are the most healthy, you would look in the Blue Zones who have a reputation for long life and a lack of disease. My query is, if I look at these people groups, they all eat foods which are not Whole30 compliant, eg. rice, legumes, grains. True health it seems is not linked to specific foods, but a lifestyle of one which involves movement, sunshine, lack of stress, whole foods made from scratch and community/togetherness. My family does not have any health concerns so if my long term intention is to reintroduce some of these foods into our diet, is a Whole30 worth the planning, expense and rules based lifestyle for a month for other reasons? I am a foodie who loves all things food and the thought of cutting out whole food groups, even for a month seems extreme, but I would do it for a challenge, if nothing else. I get why people would do it as a guided elimination diet, but I don't see it as long term or necessary for good health. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Corrie
  14. Hi fellow Whole30ers! I'm doing the Whole30 diet because I need to 1) Get my blood sugar down. It's into diabetic range now, but I'm not taking medication yet, and don't want to; and 2) I'd like to drop 10-20 pounds. I can hopefully kill those two birds with one Whole30 stone. Question: Are any of you dreaming about food on the diet? I am now. The weirdest part is that my wife, who's doing Whole30 with me, had a food dream the exact same night! How strange is that? Any others going through this? I've written it up on my blog, on which I'm chronicling (in depth) every day of my Whole30 experience. What kind of dreams are you having? Mine was pizza. Mmmm, pizza....
  15. hulmerous

    Too much sausage?

    I finished my Whole 30 a few weeks ago and am trying to maintain the basic guidelines. I have found the 2 easiest (and well-paired) proteins to be sausage and eggs... The sausage I buy is always Whole30 compliant, but most of my life, I've thought sausage was "very unhealthy." Is that an old wives tale? If I'm limiting other damaging foods like grains, sugar, dairy, then am I fine? Or should I be limiting how much I eat sausage as my protein (to 1-2x a week, for example)? Thank you!
  16. Hey everybody! Today my fiance and I started our first ever whole30 (well, technically we started yesterday, but accidentally ate peanuts, so we are starting over today). I bought the book about 4 months ago and wanted to start after the holidays. A few years ago, I went from 200 to 140 lbs pretty quickly with healthy eating and exercise, but in the last couple of years, it has all come back. I am back to my original weight and looking to lose that, but also to ditch the unhealthy habits that have lead me here! I really have been putting so much garbage into my body, I'm so excited to give it this much needed reset! I will be logging here daily and checking in for advice and support! I'm so excited for this journey!
  17. thisTimeWin

    Starting September 9!

    I'm starting my whole 30 September 9. I'm really excited but super nervous. Is anyone else out there starting 9Sep? Let's keep each other honest!
  18. LancerLott

    Whole60 Progress/Update

    I haven't been here in a long time, but I'm about to start another Whole30, so I'll post about my first one, which was in fact, a Whole60. Weight: I ended my Whole60 on March 19th. I lost 18.3 lbs. then, and I felt alot better. I had more energy and I didn't reintroduce everything. I started exercising and kepy on feeling good and I lost even more weight- another 5.8 lbs. (in July), putting me at my lowest weight since my 20's. Foods: Since then, I eventually added back some foods that add unwanted weight onto my body, and I slid down that sugar slope again. I didn't put sugar in my coffee or add any sugar to anything more than twice a month. I dropped fruit out entirely, save for some raisins in curry and some berries on occasion. I did end up having a treat at night, quite regularly, that contains sugar in it, and I've also been drinking more mixed drinks than I'd like to. I believe that these factors, along with reintroducing some grains (gluten-free, non-GMO, but still grains) have contributed to my recent weight gain -8.4 lbs. packed back on since July. Health: I recently had my cholesterol levels checked, and my bad cholesterol went up a bit from December. My triglycerides are steadily coming down, though, and my good cholesterol is up a bit. My bad to good ratio improved a bit as well. Blood sugar, liver, and kidneys all good. All blood cells good. New Goals: I don't want to be put on statins, and also, losing more weight will also help my bad cholesterol, so I'm going to do a Whole30 again; this time, I'm going to try to use only coconut oil, no bacon at all (even the sugar free kind), and to also incorporate more fish. I'll be coming here from time to time to see what others are doing that I might like to do as well. My husband will also be doing this with me, because, he hasn't gained weight at all, but he has had other ill health effects from going off-plan. He feels lethargic, has more aches and pains, and has been breaking out on his face and chest.
  19. I stared the Whole30 on July 6th and I am currently starting my 3rd round. I've decided to keep eating this way because I LOVE it and I feel GREAT! I have yet to have a non-Whole30 compliant meal. My first will be on my wedding anniversary (the last day of my 3rd round). I plan to keep going, one round at a time. One thing I have noticed is that coffee doesn't seem to agree with me anymore. I didn't drink it the first two weeks of my first round (just because) and now anytime I have any, I feel sick in my chest. It's not heartburn, indigestion or anything of the sort. The closest thing I can compare it to is having a smoke after not smoking for a while (I'm an ex-smoker). Anyone else experience this? What causes it?
  20. So I have reached day 6 and I am loving life! I'm eating great and working out better than ever ... However, my urine has changed color to an almost bright orange and every now and then had black oily blobs floating on the top. Slightly concerned, if anyone has had this and shed some light I would appreciate it!
  21. JessRobin88

    Introduction - Day 1

    Hello I am excited to start this new chapter just a month before my 27th birthday! I want to feel fantastic as I enter my new year and set a precedent of overall wellness. I decided that sticking to this program would be the best gift to myself. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (an autoimmune condition of the thyroid) 1.5 years ago. Even with a fantastic doctor on my team, it has been challenging, sometimes isolating, and sometimes overwhelming navigating the sea of information and my personal experiences of trial and error. I am certain that lifestyle and diet are the most controllable and crucial factors in living vibrantly with this condition and in general. The Whole 30 program perfectly parallels the lifestyle changes that I seek, so I am excited to be embarking upon this journey with all of you. Have a beautiful day!
  22. Hey there! I have dabbled with Paleo in the past and have found it really effective. I'm a dancer and when I was in full time training, I adopted a paleo based diet and found it very beneficial. I am getting ready to go on tour in December and really need to get my strength, fitness and body back in order. As well as regular training, I need to get serious about my food again and this seems like the best way to go about it all! I'm excited and looking forward to feeling healthy and happy about my body. i will be starting on the 3rd of August as I can't go without coffee this week, extremely late working hours at the minute, 4 am hello! Any other athletes or dancers starting around this time, so we can help and encourage eachother?? Cheers!! Dee
  23. Someone suggested me to use nutrition supplement for bodybuilding. Is there is any side effect of it? I am confused that use it or not. Please help me to clear my doubt.
  24. lisawms16

    Here I go again...

    OK, here I am trying yet another plan to help me lose weight and get healthy. I've just started reading the recommended books for Whole30, and it looks promising. However, all the other plans have looked promising as well... I've been able to stick to Atkins, Weight Watchers, vegetarian, etc. regimes, have taken doctor-prescribed weight loss pills, added exercise, and all have been quite successful -- FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. This is one of my issues, I think: I am only 5'2" tall, and all through my growing up and well into my 20's, I was tiny. I weight 97 pounds when I graduated from high school, and entered my 30's weighing only about 125 pounds. Because I never had a problem with weight, I could eat everything I wanted, in any quantity, and never learned any moderation or healthy habits. I LOVE all kinds of food: the wonderful foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, etc., BUT I also LOVE fried foods, bacon cheeseburgers, potato chips, chocolate, cakes, and pies! Nothing really is off limits to my palate (except peas -- I HATE PEAS!). Anyway, because I never had to watch what, how, or how much I ate, decades later I now enter my 50's weighing about 180 pounds. I am down from 200, thanks to the weight loss pills from my doctor, but up from the 158 that I had lost while on those pills. Of course, once I went off the pills, I slowly went back to my old bad habits. This is so distressing to me, because I had believed that I was really changing my eating habits and my addiction to food, and I had added daily exercise, and I was feeling great. SO, as I said before, here I go again down yet one more "get healthy" plan. I must admit that I am skeptical -- not about the plan -- but about my ability to stick to it. I AM WEAK! And I like the instant gratification that get through food. It's my drug of choice, my comforter, my reward, and hobby. I love to cook, love to read recipes, love to watch cooking shows.... so I need support and encouragement! I work with a woman who just finished her first Whole30, and she said it did wonders for her -- she lost over 12 pounds, is sleeping better, and is feeling much better. As I am reading your books, you said to announce your goals for Whole30. SO, my goals are this: other than the side benefit of losing weight (I hope), I am hoping this will help my chronic allergies (I was addicted to nasal spray for about 40 years and broke the habit last year -- now I just really can't breathe very well), help my acid reflux (take medication every day), help me lower my blood pressure and cholesterol (I have minor issues), and help me sleep better. So, off I go! Fingers crossed!
  25. majormary


    My husband has had tics and twitches over the years. He's never been officially diagnosed with Gilles dela Tourette Syndrome. He shares that he had some seemingly normal twitches and arm movements when he was a small child. Over the years none of these tics or twitches have ever been very noticeable and most often brought on by being over tired. Since he started Whole30 (April 17th ... and he's 68) he has developed a left eye twitch and symptoms of neck and shoulder twitches/tics that he feels are very conspicuous and obviously he's self conscious about them, but not enough to give up Whle30. None of this is hindering our life style or is debilitating, just annoying, but obvious. He's really very excited about the Whole30 program and has been doing more cooking than ever in our marriage ... and I'm loving it too. The obvious question here is: has anyone else on this forum experienced such a condition since starting Whole30? or feel the Whole30 program contributes to such a condition? ... and/or ... has anyone experienced a healing effect of such condition giving tribute to the Whole30 program? Thanks.