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Found 6 results

  1. i just finished my first Whole 30, and I thought I'd share my experience. If you've already drunk the Kool-Aid, then you can probably skip right over this story, but if you're generally skeptical of fad diets, miracle cures, and the like, then read on for an entirely credible story about an experience I can wholeheartedly recommend. First, the back story. In short, my wife wanted to try the Whole 30, but we've learned from experience that when only one of us embarks on something like this, we rarely succeed. We need to both be committed for it to work. So I said, "sure." After all, the guidelines that I read looked like they were at least based on logic and I was unlikely to do any damage to myself by following them for 30 days. The week before we started, I read a lot more about prep. This was really important, as having the right stuff in the pantry and fridge is key to being able to pull this off. I also read the Whole 30 Timeline. Wow! Horrible headaches, apathy, lethargy, followed by rage, maybe some doubts, and then finally Tiger Blood! I wasn't really sure what Tiger Blood felt like, but it looked like I was in for quite a journey. My timeline was quite different: Day 1: This is totally easy, and that pork belly, roasted potatoes, and fried eggs I had for breakfast was amazing! Days 2-3: Hmm. Still pretty easy. No lethargy, no headaches. I think I feel pretty decent. Days 7-10: Ok, where's my rage and Tiger Blood? I was promised Tiger Blood, wasn't I? I just feel "pretty good." Oh actually, I guess I haven't had heartburn since I started. Wow, I hadn't even really thought of that till now. So yeah, that's great. And come to think of it, I don't feel like I get super hungry any more. Or rather, I don't get SUDDENLY STARVING like I used to. I just slowly start to get hungry and then I eat. And then I feel fine until I slowly start to get hungry again a couple hours later. Huh...not bad. Days 10 - 20: Same old, same old. I have eaten a crap-ton of eggs, though. But I still feel pretty good. And wow, we have built up some amazing habits around cooking and healthy snacks. In fact, that's something I really want to keep up. I was never good at meal planning before, but now I feel like a pro and we always have good healthy options to eat. We also sit down to eat together as a family way more. Ok, so that's a pretty awesome side effect. People have also told me I look thinner...I see it too. Alright, Whole 30, I'm digging this. Except when I see people eating something delicious like doughnuts. Mmmm...they do look tasty. But I don't need them, and I don't feel horribly deprived when I see and smell them. Days 20-30: Still feeling good. For the past 20 days, I've been wondering what I'll eat on day 31. Pizza? Cake? Ice cream? Beer? All of the above times three? Suddenly I realize I'm not really all that excited about day 31. Sure it'll be nice to be able to have a cookie or something if I really want one. And THANK GOD I won't have to stress, wondering if those cashews were roasted with rice bran oil. But I realize I don't really want to eat crap unless there's a good reason for it. In fact, on normal days, I think I'll keep most of the habits I've built up during the Whole 30. And I'll splurge a bit when we go out to dinner with friends, or when we're celebrating a special occasion. Day 31: I pretty much stayed on plan today. In fact, I might have still been compliant. But I did eat that delicious salad at work with the grilled steak and chimichurri dressing. Could the steak have been grilled with a non-compliant oil? Maybe. Did the dressing have any added sugar? Maybe. But who the hell cares? Maybe I'll even have a cookie tomorrow. So as you can see, my Whole30 did not cure cancer, give me a tan, or bestow upon me any other miracles. What it did was get rid of my heartburn, make me feel pretty good, and helped me lose 12 lbs (I started at 180 and finished at 168...and I'm 5'11''). Perhaps even better, though, is that it seems to have changed my food habits in terms of what I want, how often and severely I get hungry, and how I prep and eat food. In my mind, those alone would justify giving Whole30 a shot. Oh, and one final note. I should mention that I did not cheat at all on the Whole30. I stayed 100% compliant for the entire 30 days. No cheats, no exceptions. For me, this was important as once I deviate from something, I'm MUCH more likely to keep making small deviations. Good luck if you wind up giving it a try! Rob
  2. Jordyn B


    Hi I’m jordyn
  3. Hey there, I am a 31 (almost 32) year old female that works a lot, stays fairly active but due to my busy lifestyle I haven't paid as much attention to my diet as I should. My parents both have health issues and I am determined to not go down that path. With that said, I have made the decision to do the Whole30 challenge starting on Monday (10/13/2014)! This is a big step for myself because like many other people on here, I love my coffee (with creamer) and have not paid as much attention to ingredients as I should. I was in the best shape of my life while living in Korea for a year and I base it solely on the food not being processed. I want to be happy with my body, happy with lifestyle and healthy. Thank you for offering this option and I will continue to document my progress. Kind Regards, Heidi
  4. alissafoo

    nervous about starting!

    Hi! I am SO nervous about not being able to sustain this plan and failing at something yet again. I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux, and, in addition to my post nasal drip, allergies, fatigue, obstructive sleep apnea and various other ailments, I feel like it's time to make a change. My doctor simply prescribed prilosec for the reflux, but I do not want to be on yet another medication- I am only 31! I'm hoping this plan can help solve some of my issues and am drawing on all stores of resolve, and hopefully support from you guys, to be able to get through it!
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and this is my first approach at Whole30. I have been reading about the paleo diet for about a month now and attempting to hold to the rules, and doing pretty well. However, I feel I need to actually participate in the Whole30 to overcome some of my more persistent obstacles... which mostly includes chocolate and cheeses! So, here I am! Currently on Day 2 and taking my Whole30 Daily's advice to find some other Whole30er's to form a support team. I definitely would love to have some people to seek encouragement and advice from as my paleo recipe selection is quite slim... So, again, here I am and excited to meet you!
  6. Hello everyone, I am very new to W30, I'm reading ISWF right now - chapter 20. I'm still in the "circling and sniffing" phase, which basically means that I'm excited about the prospect of starting a W30, but I need some more time to plan and think things through. One major concern I'm having actually has nothing to do with me but with my boyfriend, who has agreed to do this with me. Dude is skinny. 6 feet tall and lucky if he can hang on to 150 lbs. He has one of those crazy metabolisms that just burns through food and he can basically eat whatever he wants (weight wise, though his stomach gets upset very easily). He is a very active individual. His day job is extremely active - constantly moving, lifting heavy things, barely ever sitting down. He's also active outside of work, sometimes going straight from work to his sport of choice and playing for three to four hours at a time. So, yeah, he needs lots of calories to maintain what he's got. He's traditionally kept up his caloric intake by adding cheese to everything he eats, dousing everything he eats in condiments, and drinking tons of milk. Plus nightly cookies and ice cream. I've been reading lots of testimonials, and it seems nearly universal that people lose some weight on the program. My BF would be very disappointed to lose weight. I've read the recs in the book for athletes, and I understand the principals of adding the pre- and post-workout meals. I've also read the article by Dallas on clean mass gain, though I'm not really sure that applies. He doesn't need to add mass, just not lose any. I also don't think that basically force-feeding would go over very well. This is a guy who doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about food, and would be just as happy to get all his nutrients in pill form. TL;DR: does anyone have any easy, cheap, compliant ways to add extra calories at every meal? I say cheap because I know someone is going to recommend avocados, but those can get expensive. Thanks!