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Found 13 results

  1. I am on day 17 of the Whole30 and I accidentally had a small probiotic pill with fructose and dectrose!! Do I have to begin all over again?!! I am intending to do this for 40 days, anyway, but still. I can't believe that happened. I should have spit it out but didn't realize until it was too late. This is awful; I was trying to be so scrupulous.
  2. I am going to a graduation party/ BBQ in June. I am looking for easy, unique ideas to bring.
  3. HELP!!!! 6 Days to go!

    I have 6 days left to go. I have followed EVERY single rule. I have been incredibly committed. I am starting to see some NSV, my night leg cramps started disappearing and I was sleeping better. My sugar dragon is still raging and that is hard. BUT -2 nights ago my leg cramps came back with a vengence and I could not sleep and this has happened for 2 nights in a row and I am wondering if this is normal. I also want to know what I do to tame the sugar dragon because that is still raging. Do people do a whole 60 or a whole 90. I don't think I have lost a single pound. Stayed away from scale completely but don't look any thinner. But at least I do not feel bloated......ever. I am just wondering at this point in time what is normal. Can things that you thought were going away just all of the sudden magically appear again? Is there something wrong that I don't understand or know about. I do know that I am incredibly addicted to sugar and have been for a long time, so does it take longer to get that under control when you are 60 as opposed to 40? Also can you develop a nut allergy in the program which you may not have ever had before?
  4. I'm on Day 20 and feeling a little frustrated -- I have been eating following template (mostly -- I'm sure I'm not exactly perfect with the amount of fat and/or vegetables at every meal) but reading labels and not having any "off plan" food -- even while celebrating not one, but TWO Thanksgivings. I am not exactly hungry between meals (which I think is a good sign that I am eating the right amounts of food) but I do find myself craving sweets and I still want off plan food like cheese and bread. Does this feeling ever go away?? When I read "It Starts With Food" they talked about food freedom and it sounded absolutely wonderful! I have struggled with my weight and mindless eating my entire life - so finding a program that talked about this freedom seemed like the perfect thing for me. I am just worried that even after 30 days, I am still going to be a captive of my cravings and bad habits that I had prior to the program. I guess my main question is when did everyone get that sense of control during their Whole 30? Did you experience it? I know that everyone's timeline is different but I am worried that I am going through this program and not going to reap the main benefit that I was hoping for. I know I could always expand the program to 60 or 90 days, but I would still be nervous to restrict SO much for that long without the knowledge that it would be beneficial. I also am feeling quite run down and maybe a little emotional today, so this could be where all of this is coming from... I guess I just need reassurance that this is worth it...
  5. I was reading the W30 blog post on Oct 7, which led me to the Well Fed website. Browsing thorough it, I found a recipe for "Fried Apples" - which is labeled as Whole30 Compliant. The ingredients are W30 cool, but I just want to check and see if y'all think this recipe stays within the spirit of W30. I thought this may be a way to slip some fruit into my husband's diet (who is joining me on this great quest and not a fan of fresh fruit), thoughts?????
  6. To start here's my background...I'm 26, female, 5'6" and 98 pounds (have been that weight since high of those people who can "eat whatever they want and never gain weight!"....and have always been underweight, since I was a newborn). I started a whole30 to try to get my sugar cravings under control, see if it would help my acne which is terrible, help my bloating and gas issues, and see if it would help my energy which is constantly slumping. I haven't seen differences in the acne or the energy at all and I'm on day 24. I think a lot of the acne issues are hormonal - it wasn't a problem when I was on birth control, but then I had insurance issues and had to stop taking it a year ago, and a few months later it was like I had the face of a teenager..and hasn't changed. I have had bloating and gas issues for as long as I can remember - I remember being embarrassed daily from as young as kindergarten from how much I passed gas, but I never knew how to talk to anyone about it so I didn't... Energy has been an issue for me for my entire life, trouble falling asleep, getting out of bed, and staying awake during the day. I will say I haven't had any "3 oclock slumps" (for me a 9pm slump, because I work 3p-11p) but outside of that? Nothing really positive to say. I don't know if this makes a difference, but I ate pretty much nothing but junk food, sugar, soda (which made up at least half my calories, I'd guess), pasta, and the occasional chicken thrown in - not opposed to meat, just didn't want to cook it. I never went through a sugar withdrawal phase, which I thought was really weird, because I tried to go paleo in college and got super sick around day 5 with the low-carb flu.... I am also under a fair amount of stress - I am a supervisor for a psychiatric crisis unit, which frequently involves getting yelled at by patients or their families, and the occasional running after patients to stop them from doing things to hurt themselves/others. I also have a decent amount of financial difficulties from trying to pay $1000/month in student loans on a salary that isn't meant for that. I don't know if maybe it's the kind of situation where diet won't help anything, but I'm really surprised that such a drastic change in diet hasn't really made changes. Here's what I ate today so you can see what a typical day looks like: Meal 1: 1.5 palm-sized portion ground beef, half a spaghetti squash, 1 zucchini "spiralized", 3 tbsp ghee, spices, and a banana Meal 2: 1.5 palm-sized portion ground beef, 1 cup sliced peppers, 1 cup cauliflower "rice", 3 tbsp sesame oil, coconut aminos, spices, and an apple Meal 3: 2 palm-sized portions chicken, 1 cup kale with 4 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 cup baby carrots, "sunshine sauce" for the chicken and carrots I had three and a half bottles of water today and have been averaging that (~50 oz., which I think is about right given my body weight). I also don't really exercise. I did start some minimal bodyweight exercises last week (like, ten wall-pushups) and ate some sweet potato after that. So I'm not totally sure what I'm doing wrong....I feel like I'm eating at least the recommended amount of protein, vegetables, and fats for each meal. I am trying to exceed that when I can because I know I need to gain weight (I'm not opposed to gaining weight, but I'm also aware that this isn't a program designed for that and that I'm 20 pounds underweight) but my stomach can only hold so much. I don't have any chronic diseases if that counts for anything. I've also been getting the occasional headache at night, although this is only on nights I work, so that may be a cause. I also had a *really* bad first day of my period last week - it used to be really bad, got better on birth control, and was manageable afterwards until last weekend when I couldn't get off the couch because of the pain. I'm also still craving a decent amount of sugar....I know taking out the fruit would help but I'm also afraid if I do that, I might end up losing weight, which terrifies me - I'm already super thin. I don't think I've lost weight but I'm also confident I haven't gained any which would be nice... So I guess I'm looking for: motivation to keep going - it's hard when the only thing I think will change is maybe my sugar cravings; if there's any stories about people in similar situations (underweight and trying to change health problems - all of the other ones are "hooray I lost weight!" which doesn't help me) i'd love to hear them; ideas if I'm doing something wrong and just not noticing....anything would be appreciated. Edited to add: I did stop smoking at the beginning of the program - was smoking about 1/2 pack a day. I also recently started some supplements to see if they would help - 2000 IU D3 in the morning, 175mg magnesium at night, I don't know how much those are helping because I just started yesterday, and am taking a digestive enzyme (all ingredients compliant) with each meal and have been since week 2.
  7. I am on Day 9 and have had a headache every day! Every day! I was already a black coffee drinker and really didn't have any caffeine other than that. I've maintained my black coffee drinking so I don't think the headaches are a result of caffeine withdrawl. When will the headaches stop????? You gotta give me something, here, Whole 30 folks. Thank you! Holly
  8. So I need some advice with timing my pre/post workout meals around work and the normal meals. A typical meal timetable (as I work shift patterns it does change slightly week by week) is like this: 08:30 - Meal 1 09:30 - Start work 13:30 - Work lunch break/Meal 2 18:00 - Finish work 18:45 - Pre-workout meal 20:00 - Workout 21:30 - Post-workout meal With this structure it seems that I'm replacing my meal 3 with a combination of pre and post workout meals, which makes me worried that I am not getting the right hormonal balance/calories to sustain the exercise. Any tips/advice? I do have a ten minute break at around 16:10, should I be trying to eat a full meal 3 here and keep the pre/post-workout meals.
  9. Ok. So 3 weeks ago I completed my very 1st Whole30 experience. It was amazing! I literally breezed through the program with a few very minor hiccups as far as feeling the "hangover" or slaying the sugar dragon, etc. I stuck to it religiously and even inspired coworkers and family members to join me on my path to wellness. I dropped 15 lbs in my 30 days and my clothes were beginning to fit better and as a firefighter, I had ever increasing amounts of energy. I felt amazing! I had a whole plan set out for when I reached my 30th day and I knew in my mind how I was going to re-enter the real world so to speak. I was going to remain paleo and knew that I never wanted to feel the way I had before I started the Whole30. Now, let's bring it on back to the real world. None of which I had planned afterwards has happened. I have completely gone out of control, worse than I was before I started the Whole30!! I have been eating a ton of fast food, drinking SODA????!! (GASP!!!) going out with friends constantly for happy hour where I find myself over indulging on everything and anything from cheesy artichoke dip and chips to fried tidbits of... stuff. Oh and the alcohol? Don't even go there. I have developed a new, closer relationship with red wine. And vodka. And BEER!! (Another GASP!) I feel horrible. Not just physically but mentally. I have occasional bouts of depression, nothing I would really call abnormal but it does happen. During my 1st Whole30, I felt such mental clarity and focus, I realized when my whole30 was complete that my depression had lifted. I wasn't spending 2 entire days on the couch with the blinds closed watching TV, doing absolutely nothing. I had energy. I felt full of life and I had the drive to get things done. To MAKE things happen and to progress. Now that I have just completely derailed, I feel heavy again. I feel bloated (hence the "not so light as a feather!) I really do. I feel slow and lethargic and HEAVY! I can't even begin to describe the intestinal mess my stomach has returned to. Absolutely uncomfortable!! Last night as I was sitting on the couch eating leftover bbq chicken and BOXED parmesan angel hair pasta, I was thinking how tired I was from one, ONE intense fire call I had run earlier in the day, (one damn call and I was spent! How reliable of a firefighter am I being??) I realized I am slowly (but surely) driving my health and well being into the ground and I had to put a stop to it right then and there. SO I DID! I immediately got up, I purged my cupboards and fridge once again and bagged the few unapproved items I had gathered over the past few weeks and got them ready to bring to work today. I got onto the Whole30 website and made a new grocery list and went right to the store and stocked up for my 1st week back into the program. Although I am only 9hrs40mins into Day 1, I already feel like I'm back in control. It's such a darn mental game! Without the structure I was failing miserably. With this structure, I feel completely in control and I have super high hopes for the next 29 days that follow... and maybe more. I KNOW for a fact that I do NOT want to feel the way I felt over the last few weeks EVER AGAIN!! I have never meant it more. Maybe I was just testing myself? I knew I wanted to do a 2nd Whole30, I just didn't know when I wanted to start. Well my friends, turns out today is the day! It is a tried and true fact that what we put into our bodies DIRECTLY effects the way we feel, not that this is anything new to anyone, but I mean, what more proof do I need? What more does my body need to tell me? I mean get a grip Jen!!! Although the In N Out Double Doubles and the BBQ chicken and massive amounts of pasta were quite delicious, it just isn't worth the mental and physical pain that follows... I am in a much happier place now. OK.. venting complete!! Thank you for reading!!
  10. Ok, so here I am, Day 14 of my 1st Whole30. Up until about 2 days ago, my energy levels were sky rocketing and I was feeling on top of the world, waking up feeling rested and ready for the day. Until yesterday. I woke up feeling hungover!!! I mean, I know the Whole30 timeline is a general idea of what to expect and maybe I am a few days behind the norm but really??? I woke up feeling the same way today. I feel lethargic and lazy and not as "light" as I was during the days leading up to this point. I haven't changed anything in my program, I am eating the same things and am living life the same way since day 1 so I don't get it. The urge to give up is there, I'm not going to lie. But it's not as strong as the urge to keep going because I realize how far I have come and I'm not willing to move backwards. Even though I have felt generally crappy the last 2 days, I know I am treating my body WAAAAAY better than before. I'm just confused about what's going on with my body. Any suggestions??
  11. In digging in deeper to all of the resources to figure why I feel and look bigger on this day 7 of my whole30, I realize that I am probably eating too much meat and fat and not enough vegetables. I am cmpliant, and making other sorts of progress, but feel sluggish and unmotivated to exercise. Do I need to restart, or is a course correction okay?
  12. I'll start by saying this is my first post here on the forums. I am currently on Day 9, and things have been going great so far, and have even starting seeing some of the benefits. Looking ahead, I am concerned about a trip I have planned starting on Day 23. I have a very long travel day, followed by four days at a deer camp in West Texas. The travel day shouldn't be an issue, as there are many topics here that discuss eating compliant on days like that. The issue I'm seeing is while we're in camp. The place we're going provides all food. Fortunately they're all home cooked meals served buffet style; this is both good and bad, as I will have some options, however it will not be possible to ask them to prepare anything specific for me. My Whole 30 Daily newsletter this morning specifically mentioned making a choice to stay compliant or not during a vacation, and making the decision ahead of time. At this point, I really WANT to keep going and finish, however I can already foresee many issues with the meals; non-compliant cooking oils, rice, beans, ect. So I'm really hoping people have a few tips for staying compliant during this time. Or... would the suggestion be to keep eating healthy, not worry about Whole 30, and start over once I get back? Thanks in advance for everyone's input!!!
  13. Hello, W30ers! Since so many of you have had health issues in the past (which is why you're doing a Whole30, I assume), I thought you'd be good people to get input from. And there could be some doctors out there. I'm in the home stretch of my second Whole30 and have been having some GI issues since Sunday/Monday. The doc said it's a stomach virus, but it most certainly is not. Here's a brief rundown: I started feeling kind of nauseous on Sunday but didn't think much of it. On Monday at work, I started having abdominal pains that got progressively worse over the course of the day (started at maybe a 4, went up to a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10). When I got home, I had a low fever that got progressively higher over the course of the evening. My muscles and joints were aching, especially my shoulders and lower back, and I was extremely tired. I even skipped CrossFit-- that's how serious I felt! I couldn't belive how bad my muscles and joints hurt. It was an 8 for sure. Only upside: took the focus away from my gut pain. Eventually, my husband and I made our way to the ER where they took blood and gave me a CT, but they didn't find anything. At all. Just extra fluid in my intestines (or so the nurse at my PCP's office tells me). I stayed home sick Tuesday and Wednesday, fever subsided. My muscles were still achy Tuesday. The abdominal pain never subsided. Tuesday night I started feeling a little better, but it was short lived. Yesterday was a bit better, still lots of cramping and pain, fatigue, but I made it to CrossFit and performed the WOD slowly and with lighter weight. Today I went back to work, still with abdominal pain. It's been stead at about a 4-5 on a pain scale, sometimes better, sometimes worse. It feels like a lot of gas buildup and it moves around my abdomen: behind my belly button, lower, to the right, to the left. Never really my stomach though. This afternoon, after speaking with my doctor's office (she's out of the office all week-- of course she is!), I decided if it's still bugging me tomorrow that I'll go to urgent care after work. For now, I just grabbed some Gas-X and tried to push the pain away. Also, the lymph nodes above my collar bone have felt a little swollen all day today. I haven't had any vomiting, only some bad BM's twice in four days (is that TMI? Whatever, you CHOSE to read this). I've been on W30, so you know what my diet is like (the nurse told me to stay away from dairy.. errmm, no prob). Since Sunday, I've been eating soft scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas and some zucchini. Today I added some broccoli and almond butter, no changes in the way I've felt. My pain was pretty high all day today until this afternoon probably. Went to CF tonight, just felt a little nauseous after. Sipping on some seltzer now! What's wrong with me? Just bad gas? Is it a virus like the ER doc thought? Or is it more serious, like Crohn's disease? Anyone have any similar experiences?? HELP!