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Found 151 results

  1. Hi all, I've reached a point where I'm no longer embarrassed and just want answers. I haven't had a solid BM since I started January Whole30 (I'm on Day 17.) I've just had diarrhea constantly. Am I dehydrated? Do I need to incorporate a probiotic into my diet? More leafy greens? Please help a sister. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone this is my first Whole30 and overall I think it's going really well. Today is the halfway mark and I just can't get this off my mind. I have been a vegetarian/vegan for the past 9 years and am now eating animal protein because I am a firm believer that the soy and grain replacement products for meat have been extremely detrimental to my health. I also can't see a way to get enough protein from just plants themselves. Many vegans out there may disagree with me, but after 9 years of trying to nourish myself I am only left with IBS and other inflammatory problems in my body. On the Whole30 my energy is still leveling out but overall I feel much better. HOWEVER, I can't help but feel like I am eating way too much animal meat! I have reinforced my belief system for so long that humans can live healthy, long, sustainable lives completely from plants and too much meat can ruin your health. The Whole30 is really shaking up this value. I have especially drank the cool-aid when it comes to the negative affects of the meat industry on climate change. On Whole30, the only way I can seem to make meals work is if there is an animal protein on the plate. I suppose it's a bit of an existential crisis for me. Does anyone have any research, reflections, or thoughts on this topic they would like to share with me? I know this is not the majority. Most people go through this epic lifestyle change to become vegetarians/vegans and here I am going in the opposite direction. Thank you in advance for all of your help.
  3. Long story short, I've always had pretty severe anxiety and bouts of depression. It is what it is, and exercise always helps. The first couple days I felt fine and pretty optimistic. As of yesterday and today all that has changed. Yesterday I had two major panic attacks (which I haven't had in years) and without sounding dramatic I fell asleep crying and woke up crying. I haven't felt this miserable in a very very long time. I mean my outlook on life has done a 180 just since starting this, which makes no sense since I know it's only 30 days, and I know so many people have benefitted from it. And the idea of food (of any kind, even non-compliant) makes me sick; I'm nauseous all day long. I don't want to eat a single bite of anything (which I also know isn't good). I know the timeline says it's normal to feel agitated and short-tempered and everything, but my question to you is how do I know if that line is being crossed? I reached out to fellow whole30-er yesterday and she had a good point about hormones being reset and whatnot, encouraging me not to quit and I certainly don't want to quit and I know it could get better if I continue, but is this normal? And worth pushing through? I can honestly say I haven't felt this miserable since I was on medication for severe depression. (Side note: I fell off the workout train last summer and just started consistently running again in conjunction with this whole30, so if anything, I would think the return to exercise would help with my mood?) I am on day 7, I have been forcing myself to get enough starches- at least one sweet potato a day- believe me I have researched this topic endlessly and know the first thing advised is to up your starches. I have done what I can with what I can stomach given the problem. I also am aware of the whole "everything isn't caused by whole30" but to me this is just not a coincidence. It is rooted by whatever is going on in my body because of this diet change, undoubtedly.
  4. Hi. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this thread, but i'm wondering if anyone has experienced less migraines after doing the whole30? I have suffered from migraines since i was 5 years old, and i'm getting kinda desperate to find something natural that can help reduce the severeness of the migraines. I have been taking medication almost my whole life, and my migraines combined with the side effects of the medication is controlling large parts of my life. I'm looking for a lifestyle change, and i just want to see if anyone else has had a positive effect after doing the 30 days before i start to commit to testing this out. Thanks for any replies. xx
  5. On Day 2 and CONSTANTLY Hungry!

    Hi All! I started on 1/3 and I have to say I'm surprised at how HUNGRY I am all the time. I'm staying away from everything off plan and am eating until I feel comfortably full. But it just seems, without fail, that I'm freaking ravenous within 1 to 2 hours. Did anyone else feel like this? I feel like I'm eating more now than I did before. Am I doing something wrong? I want to succeed, but if I'm worried that I will be miserable and hungry the whole 30 days if I'm constantly dealing with nagging hunger. Any advice appreciated!
  6. Hi, I have a rather embarrasing question. I am in my second round of Whole 30, I did my first round last month and plan to do it for 90 days. I know excessive gas is common with high fiber foods, but my gas problem seems to be getting much worse not better. I’ve been avoiding Brussels sprouts and other really high fiber vegetables but the problem seems to be unchanged. The gas is really really really bad. Like every five minutes and it’s loud and smelly. I also feel really bloated. I’ve been doing research and found that gut flora often needs time to adjust. But my question is, after 6 weeks on the whole 30 shouldn’t my flora have adjusted by now?! I’m very concerned that this problem won’t stop and I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I love the diet and feel so much healthier but I can’t keep it up if this awful side effect persists.
  7. Hey all, I've been reading a ton on the forum, but have yet to participate. This is my first Whole30, and I'm on day 27 (planning on attempting 60 days since this isn't THAT different than I usually eat...just way more restrictive, and I haven't seen any good results yet). I should have asked all of this much sooner, and I probably wouldn't be where I am right now. Anyway, I started off great, and felt really good after week 1 (aside from pretty bad "digestive distress", that started right away and "sort of" went away at 3 weeks, by decreasing water intake). Right around week 3 I started getting headaches every day, EVERY DAY. My energy level has gone way down (and I have NEVER had an issue with energy in my life), my workouts and strength are struggling, my clothes are too tight (it's definitely not muscle because I'm not lifting as much as usual) and my face broke out (I haven't had a breakout in probably 15 years). Oh, also, my breath has been HORRENDOUS, and I can taste it, which makes me feel a bit sick at all times (PLEASE HELP ME!)....but, I'm still sticking with it in hopes that this will all blow over. I'm hoping someone can provide a little insight and help a girl out if I'm doing something wrong here. Since everyone's first question is what do you's a breakdown (I pretty much eat the same thing every day); 7am Breakfast: 3 eggs (I tried holding 4 eggs in my hand and it ended with 1 egg on the floor), 1/2 avocado, 1 cup of sauteed spinach and about 1/2 a plantain 11am Pre-Workout meal: 1 egg or 85g can of tuna, 1/2 avocado, carrots Workout 2:30pm Lunch: Sheet pan dinner-type thing with chicken, red potato, sweet potato, carrots and spinach, doused in avocado oil with some cashews thrown in and usually a banana Sometimes another workout here 7pm Dinner: ground turkey with homemade marinara sauce & zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash and whatever veggies are in the fridge Sometimes another workout here I have a tenancy to graze on fruit and nuts (and sometimes medjool dates...yikes!) in the evening, which is not exactly on plan (I know, I'm working on cutting this out). Initially I was eating a lot of dried fruit, and Lara bars, but I cut that out around week 1 after I read that I should. How much fruit is too much fruit? I drink about 3-4 L or water a day...I usually drink a ton of water on the regular. However, I have been extra thirsty. Also, not sure if this is where to ask, but this has bothered me since day 1. In the Meal Template it talks about pre and post workout meals, and it refers to one of them as PWO. Which meal is the PWO? I mean, the acronym is the same for both. Is this just me? Also, what do you do when you workout 2x per day? I usually workout twice a day for about an hour per workout. Does this mean I should eat 2 PWO? Any insight, criticism, comments, etc. is much appreciated!!! I'm a newbie and I would love to get this right! Even if "right" starts on day 27...hoping to continue for another 30 anyway (if I can stop feeling like a pile of crap). Please and thank you...sorry for the long content.
  8. Coconut Aminos

    Hi it’s bad planning but out now looking for coconut aminos im in Canada anyone know where ??
  9. Whole30 App?

    I’m a total newbie to W30. Was looking for an app for quick reference in a store. I couldn’t find an official whole 30 app. Does one exist?
  10. Hi all! So I have yet to actually start a whole 30, but it is on the bucket list. My issue now is that I work at a restaurant 9-5, and there is a time 11:00-2:00 which is our "busy time" and we are not allowed to order from the kitchen, hardly allowed to eat food. By 2:00, I'm starving; our break is simply a quick second to run to the back and scarf food down, in which I tend to make poor decisions later due to the fluctuation in blood sugar and the stress of being hungry/worrying what to eat and when. Any suggestions and tips on how to combat this.. Thanks!
  11. So I am at the end of my third day. Getting through the day at work is not so bad, other than I miss my coffee with creamer Day 2 and 3 I have wanted to eat a bag of Halloween candy so bad, My mouth waters at the thought of cookies and candy and did I mention I really want some candy??!! I dreamt about donuts and candy last night and that I failed on the first day -- but I didn't! I passed the sweets with pull back today, as I had to make a run for CUPCAKES for a student! I PASSED! I even passed on licking my fingers as the frosting got on them!! #Winning Here is my confusion/questions. Is it normal for said body to ache on day 2 and 3? Is it normal to NOT have a headache? Is it normal to NOT have ANY symptoms? I feel like the worst part for me is, I am super tired in the morning and my boyfriend has to literally push me out of bed and I crave candy and donuts. So, is it normal to NOT feel any symptoms? Does that mean I am doing something wrong?? Thanks for reading! TK2017.
  12. I have suffered from chronic migraines since childhood and I am hoping to have some relief when starting the whole30 on October 1. However, I am concerned because the only medication I have found that helps alleviate my migraines works best when taken with caffeine. I have always done 4 oz of Coca Cola with it, but that is definitely out of the question with the whole30. Coffee upsets my stomach, and the caffeine in tea does not work fast enough. Additionally, I work in an Emergency Department, so I can't just go in my room and shut down for an extended period of time when I do have migraines. Any other recommendations? Thank you!
  13. Hi there, I am on day two of my whole 30 and my stomach has felt empty all day and all day yesterday. I'm eating a lot and making sure I'm getting fat in every meal. I don't even necessarily feel hungry - just this awful annoying empty feeling. Is this normal? Will it go away? Is there anything I can do to make it go away? Any help is appreciated
  14. Help

    Hi All, I am doing my first W30 and my husband has agreed to join me in this venture (this is a VERY big deal). While I am not a hugely healthy eater normally, I've always enjoyed vegetables and actual whole protein sources. My husband, on the other hand, is a man-child in the way he eats. He's a soda addict and prefers boxed/processed foods (his favorite food is mac and cheese and hot dogs) to anything else and hates most vegetables. On top of that he works midnight shift on a 2-3 on 2-3 off basis so his eating is erratic and hard to get on a schedule to say the least. He will not read the book and relies on me to tell him what he can and cannot have and prep food for him, which I'm happy to do. The problem is getting him to eat vegetables or even try something new is literally like fighting a toddler, except I can't give him a timeout. I worry that he is taking more of an Atkins approach to this and only eating proteins and fats. Any suggestions for getting him to actual eat veggies or any W30 veggie juices that anyone could recommend (I know this isn't a preference but I'm desperate)? I don't want to turn to constantly nagging him, which would turn any positive experience this should be into a negative one. I've listed all the items he refuses to try/eat below for reference. Thanks for any advice! No List: Zucchini, squash, onion (of any variety), broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, spinach, asparagus, bok choy, beets, eggplant, kale, okra, radishes Yes List: carrots, green beans, mushrooms, lettuce (only if it's on something) RM
  15. This is my first Whole30...I started on Wednesday, August 2nd. I would love to hear what people are eating and if their tastebuds are as grumpy about the changes as mine are. I am distracting myself with the 30-day guide and forums...if I didn't have kids to watch, I think I would literally feel like laying in bed the entire day. I know all of these negative feelings are only temporary...I am definitely looking forward to a time when my energy and happiness is no longer directly connected to amount of sugar I consume!!!!! Is there anyone else out there whose tastebuds are not "on-board" yet?
  16. I have tried to start the whole 30 quite a few times in the past few months. I either make it half a day, a few days, or my longest attempt-9 days. I am in the middle of reading It Starts With Food, and completely love it and how much sense it makes! I have grown to have some allergies/ intolerance to dairy and I think gluten, and know my body runs best while either paleo or on the whole 30. And yet, can't seem to do it! Any tips, accountability buddies, or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  17. Hello, I'm looking for some help with my Whole30. I am a 27 year old female trying the program out for the first time after hearing excellent reviews from co-workers. I bought the book and was really excited and motivated to get my Whole30 started. I was aiming at losing some weight (I probably had ~5 pounds to lose), to improve sleep, to improve mood (specifically, to be less fatigues and unmotivated by 2pm in the work day), and to help with swelling in my lower legs (called panniculitis). I had pretty high hopes after hearing about the program and reading the first few chapters of the book. I'm currently on day 22 and I'd go as far to say that it's pretty much a disaster. I'll back up and provide some more detail. The first week was great! I felt excited, motivated, energized, and my pants were less tight! Around week 2 I started noticing some undesirable side effects. My acne (which isn't really acne... I usually get 2-3 pimples per month) was TERRIBLE. My skin was extremely oily and broken out all over. They ranged from small, hard pimples on my cheeks and forehead, to under the skin painful welts on my chin. I read on this forum that nuts could be doing this. So I decreased my nuts. I will mention that I am a pescitarian, so I don't eat poultry/beef/pork. I do eat fish, seafood, eggs, and dairy [when not on the Whole30]. So I cut out nuts and stuck with my other protein sources. I also started noticing my mood getting worse (sad, angry for no reason, unmotivated). So for this, I read on here to increase my fruit and starchy food...I ate more starches and fruit daily. My side effects from week 3 up to now is what motivated to seek help here. I am depressed, unmotivated, and a completely different person for the worse. I am SO agitated all the time (when people talk to me, I was to cry and/or scream), I'm tired beyond belief, the acne has not changed at all, I have a hard time staying asleep all night, and I haven't seen any improvements in my lower leg swelling. Oh and to top it off, I'm now experience bloating, constipation, and terrible gas (sorry, TMI) that I never experienced before my Whole30. Again, I've looked up most of these symptoms on here and I got info on the depression side; eat more starchy foods and fat...but I already am. As for the gastrointestinal issues, I'm at a loss; seems like the Whole30 foods are causing me issues that other people eliminate during their Whole30. With only 8 days left to go, I'm seriously considering blowing it off. For whatever reason, the Whole30 isn't working with my body.Here is a sample meal plan to help guide any advise that you may have. I really appreciate it. Breakfast - 2 eggs fried in EVOO, homemade hash browns with onions, and half an avocado with S&P (I'll throw in some fresh berries if I still feel hungry) Lunch - baked sweet potato, sautéed kale, and a fruit (usually an apple or banana) Dinner - grilled salmon, lemon garlic grilled shrimp, and roasted veggies with EVOO & balsamic Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any help
  18. Sudden Rash

    Hi Guys, I have a quick question. Today is day 14 of my Whole30. I originally started with a rash that I had assumed was due to a food allergy/intolerance. After 4 days of Whole30, it went away! I woke up this morning, and its back, and such a pain in the butt. I am going to list out what I have eaten over the last few days, and see what you all recommend. Nothing I have eaten has been off plan. Friday - Missed Breakfast, lunch was salad from Freshii (romaine, tomato, cucumber, kalmata olives, red onion, balsamic vinegrette, chicken breast, dinner was leftovers, one chicken thigh, some left over grilled pork, and a handful of grapes. Saturday - Breakfast - Shakshuka - compliant sauce, peppers, spinach, eggs , snack of cherries, dinner was salmon and asparagus Sunday - Breakfast was three strips of compliant bacon, white baby potatoes, 2 eggs, and a plum, lunch was two eggs, spinach, a bell pepper, and a banana, dinner was zucchini noodles, compliant sauce and a cup of ground beef. The only thing new in this list of foods is the chicken from freshii or the plum. Could there have been an additive in the chicken I am not aware of? Does anyone have any advice? Thank you, Steph
  19. Hi everyone, About a year ago I used to be a very active gym-goer, but last summer I got sick and then fell off the wagon completely, so I haven't been to the gym consistently since Aug '16. I completed my W30 at the beginning of February '17 and am now getting back into a gym routine again. I still follow W30 90% of time. I'm happily "riding my bike," sometimes more strictly W30 compliant and other times less. I primarily keep up with the W30 meal template to structure my meals and I'm struggling with the pre and post workout meals. Firstly, I have the kindle version of ISWF and the carb curve is damn near impossible to read - and then my real question is: what qualifies as a high intensity work out? I'm concerned about adding in too many carby vegetables and either moving out of fat burning or defeating myself but carb-loading. Right now I eat one carb heavy veg a day whether I've worked out or not - either a yukon gold potato, a sweet potato or a plantain. Today for instance I had M1: Half a potato frittata (2.5 eggs) and an arugula salad with homemade mayo. Small handful of blackberries. PreWO: 1 egg, handful of nuts PoWO (also counted as M2 - which I know is not what you're supposed to do): coconut chicken tenders, pan fried plantain, small salad. M3 (will be): Posole from W30 cookbook. Large salad, Roasted broccoli So I will have had a potato with M1 and then the plantain with PoWO/M2. I can't tell if this is too much? I work out fairly hard at the gym - I'll do 20-30 min of elliptical where I'm pushing hard and fast with some resistance for about 30-60 seconds for every 2-3 minutes. Then I tend to do some treadmill - usually fast walking for about half a mile, then I'll run all out for a quarter mile and then walk to cool down for the last quarter mile. Then I'll do some weights type exercise - either free weights or machines or things like crunches/planking. But I'm not sure this qualifies as "high intensity" because I'm doing high intensity bursts for short periods of time - I'm still working when it's not the bursts - sweating the whole time, but it's not like I'm taking a burn class or doing HI internal training. Help? TIA
  20. Start date July 1st

    Hi, all! My name is Crystal and my husband and I are starting the Whole30 on July 1st. Just in time for those Fourth of July cookouts, right? I am not very computer-literate, so I'm hoping to be able to learn how to navigate this website with as much ease as I do when browsing social media outlets. That being said, I am really nervous about my Whole30 journey and can really use all the support I can get; therefore, I will probably be here a lot. Hopefully I'll get to know this website fairly quickly. My husband bought me It Starts with Food for Mother's Day (my request), and I've read through it several times already. I am ready to start this journey,but I know I'm going to need a lot of emotional support. A few years ago my husband and I started CrossFit and the Paleo diet at the same time, and we both had success and amazing results with it; however, we ended up quitting CrossFit because of a number of different reasons and stopped doing Paleo shortly thereafter. So I KNOW that I am capable of success with the Whole30, but it's more of an emotional journey for me. Here are some of my biggest concerns: I was recently officially diagnosed with body dysmorphia, and I'm now realizing it's something I've struggled with since I was a child. I can't seem to get over the number on the scale, so not weighing myself is definitely going to be a challenge. I do not like to cook, mainly because I'm impatient. Cooking is something I've tried to pick up since my husband requested I at least TRY, and I have made some improvements, but I can honestly say I do not enjoy cooking. I am hoping this journey will change that for me. I work in public safety and my shifts are at LEAST 12 hours long, but a lot of times I end up working 15-18 hours/day. This is the biggest concern I have because I snack A LOT during my shifts, and I read in the book that they want to try to eliminate snacking. Any tips on the above bullets would be really helpful! Especially on the last one. My husband is my biggest supporter and I feel like he can help me the most with the first 2 bullets, but any support/advice on them will be great also. WHEW! That was a lot. Thanks for reading!
  21. Hello! I want to start this monday and I have some meal delivery options I was thinking of. The thing is, I don't know how to cook. Anything, really. I want to learn but have a 6month old and need to start really slow. Can I do this? I don't eat pork, I barely eat meat, and I don't know how I'm going to get protein in except for fish and eggs. (How do you even cook the eggs without butter in the pan? Help! I'm scared I won't eat enough and I'm breastfeeding. What other protein can I eat? What's the easiest to cook? Is this a terrible idea?
  22. I'm prefacing this with the note that I've decided to quit Whole30 unless I can find serious help navigating my current situation. Why I’ve decided to quit the whole30 diet. Because it is, for all intents and purposes just that, a diet. A change in the way I consume food, to a different way of consuming food, a change in diet. I made it to day 11, and that entire time was a struggle. Not the struggle laid out in the book however. I didn’t have sugar withdrawals, because I already do not consume that much sugar. I did have ‘the hangover’ because my body wasn’t detoxing, it was starving. I went from eating comfortably and rather health to eating in a very structured and not safe fashion. I have been consumer massive amounts of food at meal times, and will still find myself hungry after eating. I spend most of the day pretending not to hear my stomach gurgling and churning as I pine for something to eat. I do snack, I snack all the time because it is the only thing I can do to keep myself from fainting. I have spent the last three days feeling like I could fall over at any moment. I have had customers at my job ask me if I’m ill because I “don’t look so good.” My Fiancé, who was the one who decided we take on this task has had allllllll the whole30 symptoms. Before starting she had a high dependency on sugar, she had the hangover, and now she feels fantastic! I am BEYOND envious of her current situation, because I literally feel like I might faint as I sit at my computer typing this out. I went into this thing, slightly skeptical, but willing and ready. I have gone from having some faith in this program to none, because I have experience none of the normal symptoms and the amount of hunger I’m experiencing is beyond anything that seems healthy or appropriate. I am a runner, but since starting Whole30 even getting out of bed seems like too much of a grueling task. I can hardly stand for more than two hours because of how hungry and exhausted I am. Obviously, this exhaustion is caused by my hunger. I have always considered myself a fairly healthy eater, yes of course I eat pizza and burgers, but I also eat a massive amount of fruits and veggies. I was a vegetarian for six years, but started eating meat again about five years ago. I am very weird about eating meat, and tend to choose other sources of protein, but I have consumed more meat since starting Whole30 than I have in the year 2017 leading up to this diet. I am not a massive consumer of meat, and that is probably part of this issue with all of this. We found a compliant Shepherds pie recipe last week, we made two pies. I ate an entire pie by myself in one day (for two different meals, but still). My fiancé has one quarter of the other pie, and I finished the rest (in two separate meals). This doesn’t seem appropriate. Did I mention my fiancé and I are both graduate students? She’s finishing her thesis and I’m smack in the middle of finals of my second semester. I also have an astonishingly horrible job where no microwave can be found, so I can’t take anything but salads to act as entire meals to work.
  23. I am so hangry right now.. I'm curious to see what everyone's daily meal plans looks like. Right now mine is something like this (but again, this is day 1): 1: 6 prunes and a hand full of almonds 2: 2 clementines 3: Salad with 2 hand fulls of spinach/arugula, 1 hand full of cabbage, 1/2 avocado, splash of balsamic vinegar & EVOO 4: 2 hand fulls of carrots and a hand full of almonds 5: 1 sweet potato with whole mustard I also consume a gallon+ of water a day and have the occasional cup of black coffee. I don't think I am consuming enough of anything but I didn't get hungry until now (5:00pm). So maybe this is normal? I didn't do enough planning so I am worried about staying on track and using a sustainable meal plan. Any help is greatly appreciated. Friendly reminder: I need VEGAN suggestions and examples, not vegetarian. Thank you so much in advance! All the best, Stephanie
  24. Hi y'all. So here I am, on day 17, and I'm feeling pretty much the same as I did before I started. I can report that my energy levels have improved slightly, but not enough to say that this result can be wholly attributed to Whole30. Just to give a bit of a background on myself, I am a curvy 5'11", well-proportioned (i.e. excess weight gained doesn't all go to just one place, it's pretty evenly dispersed), Manhattanite (I walk at least 2.5-3 mi. a day, just living in the city), gym member (I try to go at least 3 times a week, but have been slacking a bit lately), and have tried other weight loss/eating plans (specifically Weight Watchers and other low carb, high protein/veggie-heavy, no drinking eating plans). I am no stranger to following and sticking to an eating plan. My intention for Whole30 was for it to act as a "reset," in hopes of shedding excess pounds and inches for spring/summer. I have NO clue what I'm doing wrong because I am just NOT seeing any results!! I'm following the plan as instructed with NO results and am becoming more and more defeated. I'm still trying to remain positive, but I can't believe that by day 17, I have not lost any inches, nor have I seen any difference in how clothes are fitting me. I even tried on several pairs of pants this AM that fit me exactly the same as before I started. I am desperate to hear from anyone who can help shed some light because as of now, I am at a complete loss and not feeling good about all the time and money spent on following this plan. I can provide a daily eating log if anyone wants to see it, but don't want to add to an already lengthy post. HELP ME PLEASE!
  25. Hello!!! I am new here to Whole30... my boyfriend and I started our first round on Monday. We're on day 3! Besides an awful headache yesterday, a not so bad headache today, and a few cravings.... we don't feel half bad! I was expecting to feel a lot worse! HELP! Am I doing something wrong here?!? Is anyone else expietencing this?! Thank you so much!