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Found 8 results

  1. Hi!! I'm really new to the forum thing, so I hope I'm doing this right. I tried the Whole30 after Easter 2017 & didn't succeed. Summer activities were too tempting. I'm wanting to try again and just got some news that's making me even more motivated. I suffer from gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying - have dietary restrictions) and just found out I have high cholesterol and high glucose. I'm hoping if I stick to the Whole30, it will put me on the right path to lowering those levels and being in a healthy range again (along with exercise). Has anyone else suffered from any of this and had any positive results?? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I'm male, 65 years old, and have always been healthy - no prescription meds, no food allergies or food sensitivities. I bought into the Whole 30 program primarily to start eating better, kick my sugar habit and lower by blood glucose levels. My pre-Whole 30 numbers were: Total Cholesterol = 192, LDL = 118, HDL = 46, CHOL/HDL = 4.2, Triglycerides = 142 and Glucose = 98. I'm 5'9" and weighed in at 172. I just finished my Whole 30 and did some blood work to check results. My post-Whole 30 numbers are: Total Cholesterol = 240, LDL = 168, HDL = 44, CHOL/HDL = 5.5, Triglycerides = 140, and Glucose = 90. The good news is that my glucose went down and I feel better. I have more energy, sleep better, and I lost 5 lbs. The bad news is that my cholesterol went from being in the normal range to high/alert status. WTF? I'm really disappointed. I don't really know what to do at this point. Keep on eating Whole 30? Add back some grains? Give up altogether? I feel a bit lost. Any suggestions?
  3. Primarily I stick to the whole 30 eating plan with the exception of four days a month where I am at work (It's complicated... but I do my best) Anyhow...recently I went to go get some blood test done. I last had my cholesterol tested in 2008 and it all came back "fine". But as of this month... My "good" cholesterol is high. 80 my "bad" cholesterol is high. 254 my total cholesterol is high. 254 and my testosterone level was 0.13 (normally should range 4-50 mg). I run ultra marathons, work out at the gym, and i backpack for a living. I'm a single healthy childless 30 year old woman, I don't get it! I should be in my prime, right? What. The. Heck. I had a feeling my testosterone was off. ie. no sex drive unless I was asleep the week before my period (it peaks then between the hours of 4-8am) That was a big clue. the doctor knows I am on birth control (which I will be switching to another soon) They are suggesting I try a what they have described as "controversial" testosterone cream (5mg testosterone per 1ml per day) ff. Should I have told the endocrinologist about my diet? Does anyone else have this issue? I've done a little internet sleuthing and looked for foods that naturally help boost testosterone. I have added them to my diet (the whole 30 friendly ones anyways). Any suggestions or ideas?
  4. I am on Day 3 of my second Whole 30--the last one was in Feb/March. I asked then whether there was anyone else with dysautonomia, and I want to ask again this go around. Anyone else out there doing this? I'd love to compare experiences. I also have: fibro, migraines, low blood pressure, high HR, TMJ, IBS, allergies, high cholesterol, and lots of other stuff, but dysautonomia/POTS is what really keeps me down the most. I had somewhat helpful results with my first Whole 30, especially in the area of reducing my migraines from near daily to only 4 days of 30, but I got impatient with the reintroduction and gave in about day 45 and ate teriyaki and rice (sugar, soy and grains at once, oh boy). Something made me really sick, but I don't know what. So I'm back again to do it right. Hoping anyone else with dysautonomia might be here to discuss the unique trials that come w/ this rare disease.
  5. High Cholesterol!!!

    It's been a while since I've been on the forum and I've been doing great, or so I though, with sticking to the whole30. For me, I am taking this as a lifestyle change, not just something I'm doing for 30 days, because I really think that this is the best way to eat. However, I had blood work done two weeks ago and found out that I have high cholesterol! I was shocked because I have eaten healthy my whole life, lots of lean meats and vegetables, small amounts of oatmeal and rice, but all whole foods, and I have been sticking to the whole30 guidlines for the most part for the last 4 months. This was the first time I've ever had my cholesterol tested, but now I'm worried that all of the fatty meats, eggs, and clarified butter I've been enjoying are negatively affceting my health. I have been eating all organic, grassfed/free range beef and chicken, no shell fish, occasional tuna, and whole free range eggs. I don't eat any bacon or sausage, even the "compliant" ones. There is no way for me to know if my cholesterol was high before switching to whole30, but I can't help but wonder if it has caused this. I am really worried because my level is so high that the doctor mentioned medication, but I'm only 20! I still want to stick to the whole 30, because it makes me feel better and all of the reading makes sense to me, but I am really worried about the cholesterol. I went ahead and switched to extra lean beef, chicken breast, more fish, and replaced some of my whole eggs with whites. I added in more avocados and a little almond butter to replace the fats. I know it is discouraged while on whole30, but I have been making green smoothies in the morning with loads of green vegetables and just a half of a small green banana so that I can squeeze in some extra veggies, since they are hard for me to eat in the morning. I am also adding psylium husks to my smoothies, which I know is also discouraged, but I've heard/read about it lowering cholesterol. Has anyone else experienced hightened cholesterol after starting whole30? Any advice on lowering cholesterol while sticking to whole30? I should add that my HDL cholestoral was on the higher side at least, but I am still very concerned about the total. I have exercised with weights since I was old enough to do so and I have always been very active and I do plenty of cardiovascular activity. I have always eaten very well, so this diagnoses is really shocking. Any help/advise is appreciated.
  6. I started whole 30 in early Jan 2013 and have remained 99% compliant since then (occassional homemade cake and icecream being the 1%!). I started doing regular exercise with weights and light cardio in April, then realised I could do more so started Insanity training in May (something I never thought remotely possible!). I feel like a different person since discovering the Whole30 I've lost over 20 kgs so far and am really happy with the way its going. However, I've just had my cholesterol levels checked (for the first time in 10 yrs - last time total cholesterol was 4.1) and my LDL levels are really high. My results were LDL 5.2 mmol/l HDL 1.54 mmol/l Triglycerides 0.6 mmol/L Total cholesterol 7 This was a 12 hours fasting blood test (sent away to the labs rather than an instant test) My Dr recommended I change my diet to cut out red meat, increase the amount of corn, rape seed or olive oil and choose low fat varieties of food. One of the reasons for me going whole 30 was to improve chronically high inflammation markers in my blood tests so I explained to him why I wouldnt be following his advice. We (more me than him) agreed I would stick to my plan and get re-tested in 6 months time. Does anyone know if I should I be worried about my results? Is there anything I could be doing and stay Whole30 friendly? I've seen Marks Daily apple blog about how loosing weight can increase LDL - has anyone else experienced something similar? Did it stabilise and if so how long did it take?
  7. The cholesterol fight

    Hi guys! I've been paleo since January and on day 21 of my second Whole30. I just got my blood results back and I was shocked to find out that my already high cholesterol (241 in November 2012) went up to 310. Now I have to defend myself in front of my husband who is telling me to stop eating eggs (I eat 2, max 3 per day) and coconut butter (I'd have 2-3 tsp after dinner). I'm strict with my diet, do crossfit 4-5times a week, bike to work (total of 45-50mins each day). Any ideas why the numbers could be so high? Any advice is appreciated Desperate here! Thank you!
  8. This concern is not so much Whole30 related as it is Paleo related. I am just on day 4 of Whole30 and feeling great! I have been eating paleo 98% of the time for about a year now. I exercise/workout almost daily and I don't have an excessive amount of weight to lose. My cholesterol has always been around 215. Since I have been eating Paleo, it has jumped to 286! (I just had blood work done a week ago) My HDL is good, my triglycerides are good but the LDL is not. This really worries me as I feel better than I ever have, my weight is stable (no more yo-yoing) and I'm looking forward to the other benefits from the Whole30. I haven't talked to the Dr. yet about the results but I'm so afraid he is going to try to make me eat differently and/or take meds. Am I doing something wrong? This forum is such a great resource. I really appreciated all of the support that I get from here! Thanks!