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Found 2 results

  1. countrygirl

    High Cholesterol!!!

    It's been a while since I've been on the forum and I've been doing great, or so I though, with sticking to the whole30. For me, I am taking this as a lifestyle change, not just something I'm doing for 30 days, because I really think that this is the best way to eat. However, I had blood work done two weeks ago and found out that I have high cholesterol! I was shocked because I have eaten healthy my whole life, lots of lean meats and vegetables, small amounts of oatmeal and rice, but all whole foods, and I have been sticking to the whole30 guidlines for the most part for the last 4 months. This was the first time I've ever had my cholesterol tested, but now I'm worried that all of the fatty meats, eggs, and clarified butter I've been enjoying are negatively affceting my health. I have been eating all organic, grassfed/free range beef and chicken, no shell fish, occasional tuna, and whole free range eggs. I don't eat any bacon or sausage, even the "compliant" ones. There is no way for me to know if my cholesterol was high before switching to whole30, but I can't help but wonder if it has caused this. I am really worried because my level is so high that the doctor mentioned medication, but I'm only 20! I still want to stick to the whole 30, because it makes me feel better and all of the reading makes sense to me, but I am really worried about the cholesterol. I went ahead and switched to extra lean beef, chicken breast, more fish, and replaced some of my whole eggs with whites. I added in more avocados and a little almond butter to replace the fats. I know it is discouraged while on whole30, but I have been making green smoothies in the morning with loads of green vegetables and just a half of a small green banana so that I can squeeze in some extra veggies, since they are hard for me to eat in the morning. I am also adding psylium husks to my smoothies, which I know is also discouraged, but I've heard/read about it lowering cholesterol. Has anyone else experienced hightened cholesterol after starting whole30? Any advice on lowering cholesterol while sticking to whole30? I should add that my HDL cholestoral was on the higher side at least, but I am still very concerned about the total. I have exercised with weights since I was old enough to do so and I have always been very active and I do plenty of cardiovascular activity. I have always eaten very well, so this diagnoses is really shocking. Any help/advise is appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I would really appreciate some feedback. I have been type one diabetic for 40 years, since I was three, I generally eat well and exercise (running and yoga) but injured my hamstring tendon a year ago, I have continued to do yoga but have not been able to run as it is still not right. I was excited about doing the Whole30, read the Whole30 book and It Starts with Food and started the program. Sadly, and this is very discouraging after 30 days of throwing myself into it, I have not seen good results This Is really discouraging as there are so many people on here, and on the Facebook groups I joined, that have seen all sorts of benefits. A check up with my endocrinologist coincided with day 31 (today) - I was hopeful my blood results would be good ( even though I knew I hadn’t lost weight as my clothes are tighter, if anything), but it turns out that after 30 days of Whole30: - my ‘bad LDL’ cholesterol has gone up from 3.1 to 3.8. Total cholesterol is 6.3, up from 5.8. My endo says this is very serious and has prescribed me to go on statins, which I’m not happy about it all! - I’ve gained one kilo. I’m not overweight, per se, 166 cm and now 64 kg (I was 63 kg at the start of the Whole30), but I generally feel that my best at around 57 kg, I was hoping this program would knock off a few kilograms. I have kept a record of everything I’ve eaten in a diabetes app to help me manage my blood sugar and insulin levels while on the Whole30. My endo looked at it and said it was inevitable I would put on weight given I am consuming so much fat, despite the fact it is a low carb approach. She is in favour of the low carb approach, but not high fat, especially not coconut fat. Very discouraging On the plus side, my HbA1c has gone down from 8.9 to 8.2 but I have been doing 10+ blood tests a day and altering insulin levels accordingly, so I would expect improvement with this increased level of attention whatever I was eating. I was planning to continue with the program until the end of September, but as my endocrinologist stated categorically that it has not been beneficial and there’s no way I should be eating that much fat, coupled with the increase in cholesterol, I am reluctant to continue and put my health at (more) risk, please advise. I can provide food plans of everything I’ve eaten. This is all so disappointing given all the effort and commitment it’s taken and the fact there are so many other people who say they’ve had great results