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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! I've got a good Whole30 story, I believe. I'm on Day 26 of my second Whole30. I felt great at about Day 11 and then starting feeling worse and worse. Headaches came back and bloating/constipation and itching and slight hives, nausea, insomnia, all not so fun stuff. Anyhow, the headache got so awful this week that I wound up in the ER yesterday. They gave me a drug cocktail of Benadryl, Tordal (for pain), and Phenergan (for nausea). I felt weird at first and slightly anxious and then it made me really out of it and I got discharged and sent home and slept last night for 13 hours, which I really needed after the insomnia nights recently. On one of those insomnia nights, I did some research online and suspected (now confirmed because my headache is gone) that I am one of the 1% that is histamine intolerant. I had been eating copious amounts of spinach, avocado, leftovers with meat, tomato, among bananas and coconut. I believe the extreme headache (a migraine - which I've never had before this), was caused by eating all these foods and a stressful lifestyle as I have four young children and am on call 24/7 as a birth doula and am starting an online business. I am now going to change my Whole30 to the low histamine version and stay on it for awhile longer to feel better. I am a bit perplexed as to what to eat, but I will continue to look for recipes that are low histamine Whole30 compliant. This histamine intolerance explains SO much about past issues I've had such as allergies, constipation, upset stomach, itching, hives, insomnia, anxiety, etc. I hope this post helps someone out there! Here is the article that helped me.
  2. It's incredible to me the effects your diet has on your body. Last night, I wanted to try eating black bean nachos from Gringos. Not surprisingly, I went to bed extremely full and with indigestion. However, I was surprised to wake up with a stuffy/itchy nose, super tired, and foggy feeling. After a little research to refresh my memory, beans are high in histamine. This is great insight into my allergies. Histamine reactions can be caused by many things. It's interesting to now know that specific foods I eat can really affect different systems in the body. Bye bye black beans. Also note, the cheese made me feel super swollen all over, including my knuckles (which I knew dairy did to me even before I started Whole30).
  3. Hi, Today is the 8th day of my Whole30 program and I already got my first compliment that I am looking younger :-)) However it is also accompanied by severe skin rash and itching. Especially on the arms and neck. Maybe I am allergic to something? Or is it becasue the Whole30 diet in general is a High Histamine diet? Can someone advice if taking OTC pills like Allegra is OK duering this program? Or should I be seeing a Doc? OR just wait out for some more days and the program will make it alright?
  4. Hi all! I have googled and searched these forums for a lot of help throughout my first Whole 30 but haven't quite found the answer to this one. Starting Day 7 up until today, Day 14, I have had a horrible cough which has turned into what feels like a sinus infection. Since it just started with sore throat, I did search for that and found that a few people have had some silent reflux issues. So, I started taking some Prilosec. It seemed to work a bit but obviously wasn't the source of the problem since it's been about a week that's probably not it. I also searched and found quite a lot of people saying that the sore throat and stuffy nose aren't part of the carb flu. So that was out. So, to continue with the rambling, yesterday I went for a run. I run with a ton of people who have done Whole 30s. One of them is an ENT and suggested, after I told her I itched like crazy up until day 5, that this ickiness I am having could just be a heightened histamine reaction. I do love bananas and eggs and have had at least one of each since day 1. What do you think? Could this be a rough histamine reaction to my diet change or am I just sick (The weather was cold and rainy after lots of heat where I live this past week as well). Thanks for any help!
  5. AmberAIPLowHist

    Low Histamine Shopping List

    Tomorrow I start day 10 of the Low-Histamine, Auto-immune protocol. Question: I've read on a few different websites that avocados, mushrooms and pumpkin trigger histamine response, yet they are allowed on the low histamine shopping list. Are you sure they are all allowed? I've been eating plenty of them and will want to stop if I need to. Here's one of those websites: Thanks!
  6. I was wondering if anyone had experience with a histamine reaction early on. I've developed a wheezy productive cough since day 2 that feels a bit like asthma, and some intermittent sneezing and post-nasal drip that seems to be worse after eating then resolves (congested bronchi feeling stays though). I've had very mild seasonal allergies in the distant past, and have a slight mold allergy. I've never had any kind of noticeable reaction to anything I've eaten before, and at first I thought it was possibly a "healing crisis" carb flu type reaction to not eating dairy or grains. (I've done low carb before but always with full fat dairy and a little whole grain (like Kavli crackers). The is the first time I've ever been dairy and grain free.) Has anyone ever heard of a histamine reaction to foods like almonds or coconut? I'll list my four days below in case anyone has any ideas. Other than some nausea, which resolved, I've been feeling pretty great except for the allergy symptoms. I'm coming off of a really terrible carb, sugar and PUFA laden diet. This seems to be getting worse, so I'm not sure if I should let it run it's course (if it's more of a detox symptom) or medicate (benadryl) or try to lay off the nuts and coconut (which would really be depressing). I guess I'm leaning towards wait and see, watch and wait, but after my last meal, I'm getting some swelling in the roof of my mouth, so I don't want to aggravate any possible developing allergy by keeping on with the food. Anyone have any thoughts about differentiating allergies from detox symptoms? Thanks for the expert advice folks! I love this forum.... Day One 1. coffee with coconut oil 2. Baby greens and tuna 3. Baked salmon with turmeric, ghee and steamed asparagus, coconut oil baked sweet potato cubes, mango with lime, fresh mint and blueberries 4. Handful of macadamia nuts Day Two 1. black coffee 2. scrambled eggs with ghee and dry salami, salad with avocado, tomato and chopped snap peas with an avocado cilantro shallot dressing, melon slice SNACK - young coconut water 3. 2 tablespoons of pecan cashew butter and some strawberries Day Three 1. black coffee 2. baked snapper with cardamom and limes crusted with sliced almonds and coconut meal, asian pear slaw with cilantro, grated carrot, snap peas and scallion dressed with coconut oil and lime juice. Sliced peach. 3. sliced pot roast with avocado chimichurri, baked sweet potato cubes, and garlic kale, strawberries Day Four 1. black coffee, strawberries and 1 tablespoon of pecan cashew butter 2. Baked chicken tenders with baby greens, leftover asian pear slaw, melon and creamy cashew vinagrette 4:30 SNACK - strawberries and a small handful of cashews 3. Almond meal baked chicken tenders with coconut cream mustard dipping sauce, brussels sprouts, melon slice with blueberry compote.