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Found 2 results

  1. My wife and I did the Whole30 in September with no issues, but started to get bad eczema within 48 of finishing. She's 40 years old and the eczema started on one eyelid as a red rash and has progressively gotten worse, with both eyes lids red, puffy and itchy (as well as the areas around her eyes). She's tried eliminating gluten, alcohol and dairy and things seem to get marginally better (the redness turns to almost flaky, dry skin), but it continues to come back and has become a real issue. I've seen some posts about similar issues related to the Whole30, and would love to know if anyone else has been able to pinpoint causes or solutions. The fact that this was triggered for the first time in her life immediately following the Whole30 is hard to understand. We're trying to figure out if the shift for 30 days triggered a food allergy, or some sort of bacterial change in her stomach that we need to reset. She did have more fermented foods on the Whole 30 (sugar free Kombucha, Kimchi; curious if you can have some type of probiotic overload). She has started a food journal but we haven't gotten close to pinpointing the cause. It does seem that red wine and sugary foods trigger it more quickly than others. She has also had less frequent bowel movements during and after the Whole30. She's currently trying to eat gluten free with lots of fruits, chicken/fish, veggies, eggs, nuts, etc (although we saw that eggs and nuts could be triggers). Some things we read seemed to point to the Whole30 triggering a Histamine intolerance but that would involve severe and debilitating diet changes so we are hoping to identify someone who has solved this and reverted it. Thank you for any help or pointers!
  2. Hi all! I've got a good Whole30 story, I believe. I'm on Day 26 of my second Whole30. I felt great at about Day 11 and then starting feeling worse and worse. Headaches came back and bloating/constipation and itching and slight hives, nausea, insomnia, all not so fun stuff. Anyhow, the headache got so awful this week that I wound up in the ER yesterday. They gave me a drug cocktail of Benadryl, Tordal (for pain), and Phenergan (for nausea). I felt weird at first and slightly anxious and then it made me really out of it and I got discharged and sent home and slept last night for 13 hours, which I really needed after the insomnia nights recently. On one of those insomnia nights, I did some research online and suspected (now confirmed because my headache is gone) that I am one of the 1% that is histamine intolerant. I had been eating copious amounts of spinach, avocado, leftovers with meat, tomato, among bananas and coconut. I believe the extreme headache (a migraine - which I've never had before this), was caused by eating all these foods and a stressful lifestyle as I have four young children and am on call 24/7 as a birth doula and am starting an online business. I am now going to change my Whole30 to the low histamine version and stay on it for awhile longer to feel better. I am a bit perplexed as to what to eat, but I will continue to look for recipes that are low histamine Whole30 compliant. This histamine intolerance explains SO much about past issues I've had such as allergies, constipation, upset stomach, itching, hives, insomnia, anxiety, etc. I hope this post helps someone out there! Here is the article that helped me.