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Found 7 results

  1. Any pointers for staying on track when you're invited into someone's home, specifically for a holiday dinner? A member of my family is having everyone over for Easter dinner and is making lasagna. It feels rude to me for my husband and I to bring our own food or to request special accommodations. Has anyone ever done either and found it wasn't a big deal?
  2. Hello All, First off I apologize if this has already been posted, or I'm in the wrong section of the forums.. I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. So my question/predicament is what do you do with the gifts you receive from friends and family when you receive unhealthy candy, crackers, processed food, etc.? I've considered just tossing all the candy and junk food in the trash, but then I felt guilty since I know some of the items were not cheap and hard to find. I've also considered putting it in the break room at work, or giving it to different family/friends, but then I thought I'm doing a disservice to them and their health by offering them these same sweets. What do YOU do when you receive non-whole 30/paleo treats as gifts for special occasions?
  3. Hi, I am on day 3 and seem to have recovered from my headachy, hungover feeling of yesterday. Looking ahead I'm a little concerned about days 5-7. It's a long weekend and weekends are always difficult for me even without the Whole30. I don't want to fail and I don't want to be a hermit and lock myself in the house for the weekend. How do I celebrate responsibly?
  4. Hi All, I did my first whole 30 which ended on May 21st. I didn't go super crazy on day 31, but I probably didn't re-intro as I should have due to 2 consecutive weekends spent at weddings. During the days inbetween I ate predominantely whole30/Paleo, I'd say about 75% of the time. However, this week I have really fallen off the wagon. whilst doing some mild re-intro I found that gluten/grains most definately gave me an unsettled stomach, along with dairy giving me heartburn and making me feel quite sick. This week I have eaten pastry, chocolate, chips, cheese and snacked way too much. I feel hurrendous and am so angry with myself. I worked really hard during the whole30 and was feeling awesome, people were commenting on my energy, skin and my weight loss too. I mostly enjoyed how awake I was feeling when my alarm would go off in the morning, now I'm back to feeling groggy and taking a good hour to feel alive. I'm going on holiday to Spain on Tuesday and I don't know what to do. I really want to get back onto another whole30 because I clearly haven't dealt with my poor relationship with food well enough. At the same time, I know checking labels in spain for sugar, eating out in restaurants and making sure they haven't used bad oils/butter and added extra secret ingredients into things will be really really hard. I'm looking for any kind of advice, I feel so cross and disappointed with myself for falling so far and so fastly off the wagon, I want to feel the way I did in those final few days of whole30, I don't want my hard work to go to waste....
  5. Maybe I'm just super excited because I LOVE Holidays and this is the first Holiday since I was 13 - i'm now 37! - that I am consuming meat other than the seafood variety. Maybe I'm excited because I've got a pork shoulder in my fridge and Red Hawaiian Sea Salt in my cupboard, ready to throw into a crock pot ala Michelle Tam's Kalua Pig recipe. Or maybe I'm just into having a super satisfying, delicious Paleo Easter dinner. So... what is everyone making? Pretty sure I'm roasting Brussel sprouts and we will probably also have some roasted sweet potato and ghee concoction. But what else? I've been pretty fixated on this pig thing that I haven't given the rest of the meal much thought. Until today! I need some inspiration!
  6. Hello! This is day 31 of my Whole30 that I plan to continue for a while. On Friday after work we took a 7 hour road trip down to southern California to be with my husband's family for his birthday. Before the trip I packed in a cooler: 1 can of Trader Joe's tuna mixed with home-made mayo and celery Deviled eggs made with mayo, spicy mustard, Frank's Red Hot Sauce, and sprinkled with paprika Turri Farms grass-fed beef jerky (no sugar added) Almonds, pecans and pistachios Carrots, jicama, celery, tomatoes Mandarins When my husband stopped at Carl's Jr for two burgers, he remarked how good my food smelled.I devoured the tuna and a few eggs. I was exhausted when we arrived at 3:30 am but I wasn't hungry and stayed compliant. The next day while staying at my in-laws, I made eggs for breakfast, but I forgot my avocado :-( In the middle of the day, after running around with family members, I suddenly got hungry. I told them that I had to eat, NOW. And then I returned to the house and ate my leftover deviled eggs, beef jerky, and veggies. That was enough to keep my full until dinner. My husband's parents wanted to take him out, and I realized that I didn't research a compliant place to eat. They wanted to go to Soup Plantation, but I was pretty sure they don't have any compliant protein I can eat with the veggies. So then I found Reds. I didn't have time to call them to double check, but according to their website, their tri-tip is only seasoned with garlic and pepper. We went there, and it was packed. There were six of us, and my father-in-law was a little frustrated that we had to wait 15 minutes to get a table (he's in his 70's so he is allowed to be cranky) but my husband asked me, if there is anywhere else I could eat at? I told him, no I know I can eat here. Anyway, we got seated, and I informed the server about my dietary restrictions and he was fine with it. He confirmed that there would be only salt and pepper on the tri-tip steak, I ordered it with steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini, and a salad with oil and vinegar on the side. I also ordered the 16 oz size instead of the petit! My sister-in-law commented that the smaller steak would be large enough for me and cost less, but I thought, hey, everyone else is eating garlic parmesan bread rolls, onion rings for appetizers and dessert, so I will get the larger size! It was a little bit hard standing up for myself, but I did it. It also wasn't easy saying no to their onion rings, bread, and home-made dressings, but I did it. So, It was delicious. I ate a good 12 oz or the tri-tip and the veggies. I felt satiated and had enough for leftovers. After eating that big piece of beef I felt MUCH better. I think I didn't eat enough protein earlier in the day. Then they sang happy birthday to my husband and brought this HUGE ice cream sundae with hot fudge and 6 spoons. I thought, this is the last few hours of day 30, I could probably eat a little ice cream, but nope. I didn't succumb! Today is Easter, and my husband's birthday. My sister in law is making a turkey, Mormon funeral potatoes (potatoes with cream, cheese, and corn flake crust), and green bean casserole, and we are having cake and ice cream afterwards. When I told her I can eat meat and vegetables, she thought I can eat what she makes, but they have cream of mushroom soup in them, which has wheat. So, I am bringing a salad and vinaigrette, making sauteed mushrooms and kale, a sweet potato, and some strawberries for when they eat the cake. I am hoping that she doesn't have one of those self-basting turkeys, and will avoid the gravy. I figure that I can eat the turkey and my vegetables and I should be OK It is day 31, I may succumb to the ice cream with my strawberries, but overall I am happy with this road trip.
  7. Check-In / Christiaan (name, not religion); Male; 25; England; Single; No kids; Office Job. So 2012 is quickly approaching it's end. There are (for me in England) all but thirteen and a quarter hours left. There are many things this year that I wanted to accomplish and achieve that I unfortunately haven't done. I have learnt a lot though, all of which I will take in to the New Year. 2013 holds promise already with a new job role. A step in the right direction for some real career progression. A role that I look forward to getting my teeth sunk in to. I guess life is what we make it, so this coming year 0f 2013 also holds some great nutrition for me and continued training in my Martial Arts disciplines, and Crossfit. My main motivation for my W30(45) is fat rid. I call it fat rid because it's not loss. I have no intention of finding the fat that I get rid of. Lol. There is a lot of it that I have to get rid of, so I need to make some real changes in my eating habits. As aforementioned I do a lot of training, it's my nutrition that holds me back. “You can't out train a bad diet!†Instead of waiting to start on the second owing to a hangover of sorts I shall commence my journey as of 01/01/2013. Tonight I shan't be going out and having drinks at a party or in a nightclub, instead I will remain sober so that I can see the New Year in with a fresh start. I've also mentioned that I want to do a W45. Not explicitly, in my title only and once more in the body of text above. The reason being, my father is in Australia on a 3 year business contract, and I'm going out to see him February 16th. So rather aptly there are 46 days from tomorrow before my departure. I shall endeavour to do my utmost as far as W30 is concerned whilst out there. I shall get my 45 under my (soon to be looser) belt first and then if I can continue out there I shall. If not, I'll start a new one when I return March 10th. That is all in the future though let's focus on the now. So today is my Day 0. I'm at work today, and when I return home this evening I shall be clearing my cupboards of poor choices, and I shall have one last blow out meal, a pizza perhaps. I'll set myself some new goals, as per the W30 print outs. Then I shall attack Day 1 with vigour and enthusiasm. I got this! Rather then babble on for fear of loosing you, I shall call it quits here. I don't want to loose you, you see. So please check in with me and let's do this together. We can inspire one another and help out when the times are bad, share good practices and all the like.