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Found 2 results

  1. Super excited to start my first whole 30!I read the whole30 book and have 4 main questions before my start in January: I decided to also restrict FODMAPS, as I've got IBS and my first follow-up with my GI Dr since a lot of underwhelming test results last year is directly after I'll wrap up my program. I haven't had success with cutting FODMAP foods out before, and a lot of the recipes in the book and the Fast&Easy book have a lot of things I'm supposed to be avoiding. 1. Any recommendations for resources with replacements for certain Hi FODMAP foods so I don't have to totally scr
  2. Hi, my husband and I are on day 11 of Whole30 - we started it to see if it makes any difference to his IBS symptoms. We have followed the basic Whole30 rules (not including elimination of high FODMAP foods) and have kept the rules by the book with absolutely no cheats. However, since starting, his typical symptoms of abdominal cramps and loose stools have significantly worsened. He is now having full-on diarrhea, not just loose stools and consistent cramping. He is really demotivated and demoralized, and considering giving up. We decided to give the Whole30 a go before seeking out a functional