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Found 9 results

  1. awheeler14


    So I was reading and article about dairy-free ice creams and became intrigued if any where Whole30 approved. Cashewtopia looked like it'd be the closest one, but looking at the ingredients I can't really tell if it's okay or not. The attached is the ingredients to their vanilla bean flavor, can anyone cast some guidance over this?
  2. AmyLynne

    Day 8, Day 8.

    Okay so I'm officially at that "want to sleep all day" phase. I am so the worst timing. I have finals starting in a couple days. Yup, sounds about right. Why can't that "tiger blood" come right about now? I'm also having that "am I really going to make it 30 days?" mindset. I'm only/already on day 8 but I feel like 22 more days is crazy long. I feel like I've been doing this FOREVER already and I'm only a third of the way through. Not the best feeling. I'm still on track and have been creating new food items. I'm enjoying that aspect but man do I want some ice cream right about now. Day 8, not the best.
  3. Hi, I am doing my dairy reintro day in 2 days. The book recommends eating ice cream on this day. How will I know if my potential negative side effects are from the dairy or the sugar? Has anyone else thought about this? Thanks!
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm a 25 year old female - I've been following the Paleo diet for 8 months now and do power/barre yoga 5x per week. During these past 8 months, I have been eating very strict paleo - no dairy, no gluten, no added sugar, etc. (I recently cut out nuts and fruit in efforts of weight loss). I would slip off the wagon 1-2 nights per week and just binge on whatever non-paleo foods and junk I could find. PROBLEM #1 -- I've always had a sweet tooth so it's not easy for me to stay whole30, 7 days per week. I start to feel deprived and miserable. In efforts of trying to lose 10-15 lbs and STILL be happy - I've decided to stick to whole30 guidelines Sunday-Friday and for a 16 hour window on Saturdays, I'm allowed to have a few of my favorite cheat meals - ice cream, pancakes, cookies, etc. Do you think doing this will affect my weight loss goals at all? PROBLEM #2 -- I quit drinking (sort of) 8 months ago when I started Paleo. I have probably had a total of 5 drinks during this 8 month period. However, I'm really starting to miss it. I enjoy having a few drinks with friends on the weekends when going out. I was thinking about allowing myself 3-5 drinks (low calorie) on each Saturday night (cheat day). Do you think doing this will affect my weight loss goals at all? Like I said, I'm very strict throughout the week for 6 days straight. If I can still do the two things listed above AND stay strict on these 6 days - I'm wondering if I will still be able to shed some pounds? Thank You!!!
  5. Haagen Dazs' Belgian chocolate variety has soy lecithin as an ingredient. Does this mean a NO for dairy reintroduction?
  6. Sharona104

    Ice Cream?

    I'm trying to decide if Ice cream (or frozen yogurt) would be acceptable to re-introduce dairy on day 31? I found posts that said sugar does not warrant it's own day, but I want to make sure that this would be ok.
  7. If I choose a little dairy or just a sorbet even off-plan, is there such a thing without all the awful extras? I looked at TCBY, Pinkberry, which I love, Orange Leaf and Coldstone Creamery. My favorite Pinkberry seems to be the least sinful, but they still throw in rice starch at the end. Why on earth do any of these treats need all that crap in them? Just for filler and save money? Regardless, has anyone found a good option - even if it's in the frozen section at the store? Thanks!!!
  8. bnlauren

    Dessert? do I figure out what to add first? I would like a piece of cake....but do I need to just add dairy milk first? Or if I DO add dairy can I add not just milk but ice cream as well? Also, when can I start 80/20? After I've finished re-introducing stuff? I would like 3 cheat meals a day because I'm doing Primal 80/20. I'm just not sure when I can start me cheat!
  9. DavisFamAK


    Best Christmas present ever. Turns fruit into soft serve almost like sorbet. The texture is so much like real ice cream I almost didn't believe its all fruit. Delicious!