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Found 5 results

  1. GeminiAmbivert

    Starting in December

    I purchased the Whole30 book some months back. This past Friday, I purchased the planner which got me looking for my book. After discussing it with my husband I decided to plan and prepare now and start in December. I have have so many sensitivities, I don’t really know what’s causing them. I heard many good things about Whole30 and we’re hoping it will help when we start trying for a baby again.
  2. Murika12

    Infertility and Whole30

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half. We're both young and healthy and my cycles are very regular.Today we went to the chiropractor to try to get some answers and the first thing she told us is that we needed to "clean up our diet". We've always been "healthy"-not eating out, having at least a few veggies a day, not eating tons of junk food, etc; but definitely have some processed food in our lives. Her words were encouraging to me, because I had just purchased the Whole30 book a week ago and was wanting to try it! But I've also looked online and a lot of foods that some suggest I should be consuming, are in the Whole30 rules under "do not eat". (Such as beans and dairy). So now I'm not sure what to do! Any advice? Has anyone had infertility problems and seen improvement while on Whole30? Thank you!
  3. Well then, I finished my 3rd Whole30 one week ago and last Friday, I took a test and there she was, the second solid pink line on the pregnancy test! After about 5 preggo tests later I'm still trying to manage my shock. Good shock! This is our third baby. We thought we'd give it one last go, thinking because I have endometriosis, it may take some time. Well, it happened with our second child that we got pregnant doing a Whole30, and now again the month after I'm off birth control and we start trying. This, after my first baby was IVF because I was told I'd have less than a 5% chance of ever concieving on my own. We are convinced it is really all about what you eat! Now, on to more practical matters, the last time I finished the Whole30 when I became pregnant, my morning sickness and food aversions kicked in pretty quick and I pretty much fell face first back into bagels and cream cheese, etc. This time I'm more aware but I'm a bit anxious of these aversions rearing their ugly little heads and pulling me off the paleo/whole30 track. Any other mothers out there have good suggestions/advice at getting around these aversions and staying mostly compliant? I'm not doing a Whole30 at the moment, just trying to maintain the goodness and eating well ~85% of the time.
  4. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years now (even gave IVF a shot), so I'm hoping the Whole 30 can help! Has anyone had success? If so, please share your story! It would be inspiring and motivational. Thanks!
  5. When I started my Whole30 journey, I had many goals in mind...specifically, losing weight (per my doctor) in order to conceive, carry and have a child. Since I've always struggled with my weight, this was an impossible feat in my the point where I would just sit and cry. I have a life long medical history that has screwed up not only my body but my hormones as well as resulting in allergies, infertility, inflammation, weight gain, thyroid issues, etc. A ray of hope shone down on me when a friend of mine at work (and the doctor) suggested visiting the Whole30 website. Cutting out all of the crap in my life for at least 30 days would help me better understand my body and the foods it doesn't like while also helping with weightloss and becoming a more balanced individual. My whole life I've been a fad dieter, a yo-yo dieter...I've wanted the quick fix and magical transformation instantly. But, that's not realistic and if I want long standing results, I needed to do it the RIGHT way. The doctor gave me a magic number of 20lbs to lose being we're trying to get pregnant and I figured a baby was motivation in itself to actually commit and complete something for myself, something I have never done before in my life. Long story short, my Whole30 was complete as of yesterday...with anticipation, I knew I was going to step on the scale and do my measurements to see how far I have come. Before I did this, I reminded myself of the non-scale victories....I'm less bloated and inflamed, no abdominal discomfort or cramping, even tempered and have a better mood overall, no more headaches, I'm sleeping better at night, my clothes are fitting so much better and I'm more comfortable in my skin! While these NSV's are great, the numbers are as follows....almost down 10 pounds and I have lost a total of 14.25" overall. Specifically 9 inches between my waist/abdomen/buttocks! Although everything listed is amazing, I honestly didn't believe it until I saw my before and after "selfie's"... Wow - Success...after this amazing accomplishment, I went out and bought myself my Anchor necklace...representing STRENGTH and not letting yourself SINK regardless of the situation or the trials you have to deal with on a daily basis. Being that I'm not yet where my doctor wants me to be, I'm going to keep on keeping on...we'll see what happens at Day 45! I'm spreading the word and hoping others will get on this miraculous band wagon of HEALTH!