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Found 16 results

  1. Folks, What's the consensus on packaged foods that have the perfectly compliant ingredient list until *dun dun dun!!* you see "Contains less than 2% of the following...." and proceeds to list "cane sugar" "deroxide-foxide-ix" "soy lechitan" etc... Ahem...many Applegate products.
  2. hungrybruno

    What to do with Nutritional Yeast?

    I impulse-bought a container of nutritional yeast at the store last week and I have no idea what to do with it! I know I can't make cashew cheese out of it (and that honestly holds zero appeal, anyway) But I'm kinda stumped! Tell me what you use it for?
  3. Hello, Whole 30 friends! So, quick question -- I don't understand how to use coconut milk on a regular basis. I'm talking about the full fat kind that comes in a can and is more of a solid state than liquid, until you stir it around a bit. I used a can of it in a curry that I made last week, which was a great. But I also see that people incorporate it into their Whole 30 diet pretty frequently.. and I'm just at a loss of how to do that. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone?? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!!
  4. As someone who has struggled with stubborn weight (and some minor health issues as a result) for the last 7 years, I've been hearing about the Whole30 program and its benefits, so a couple of weeks ago I bought the book. I've spent the last two weeks reading the book cover-to-cover, planning, prepping my kitchen, and mentally preparing myself for this lifestyle change. Last night, I cleaned out my cabinets and refrigerator, got rid of ALL foods and condiments that are not Whole30 approved, and I made a grocery list based on the 7-day Meal Plan provided in the book. My official start date is tomorrow (June 2). This morning, though, I went to the store (storeS, actually), to purchase my items for my first week of eating on Whole30. First of all, between the three stores I shopped at (Costco, Trader Joe's, and Publix), I spent about $300...for a WEEK's worth of groceries! Second, I felt really discouraged by how difficult some of the items were to find! Some items I couldn't find at all, and others I would find, but they would inevitably contain an ingredient that is not Whole30 approved (I can't believe how many "healthy" items contain sulfites, honey, or some form of sugar or dairy!). At any rate, I've been so excited to start Whole30, but now I'm discouraged because, as a single Mom of two little girls, I do not have the budget to be spending $300/week in groceries. In fairness, some of the items I purchased are items I won't need to purchase every week. But still, I have serious sticker shock over how expensive some of these products are! Does this get cheaper once you've stocked up on essentials? And does navigating the grocery store ever get easier?
  5. I am on day 21 of my Whole30, but I am really not counting. From day 1 I planned on this being a change in my lifestyle, not just a 30 day trial. Because of this mentality, I have told myself to stay calm and do the best you can. I only had a couple of slip ups, that came with drastic consequences (I'll post about my mood swings separately), but mostly I am feeling great and I have lost almost all my joint pain so there is no stopping me now. There is something that has been bothering me. I have given up my kryptonite of cheese in all formats, and the least healthiest thing I eat right now is nuts. I know nuts are allowed in limited quantities, and I follow that rule. It's the labels on nuts that bug me. Has anyone found nuts that don't have sugar in the nutritional label? There is no sugar in the ingredient list so does that mean there is no added sugar? Do almonds naturally contain sugar? (pic of almond bag below) Information below found on Harvard Nutrition website: By law, The Nutrition Facts Label must list the grams of sugar in each product. But some foods naturally contain sugar, while others get theirs from added sweeteners, and food labeling laws don't require companies to differentiate how much sugar is added sugar. That's why you'll need to scan the ingredients list of a food or drink to find the added sugar.
  6. I almost have my best friend convinced to try a Whole30 with me in August (as much Whole30 as we can do living at home with parents who foot the food bill and think we're crazy), but she absolutely hates her coffee black. She sent me a recipe she found for a homemade hazelnut creamer made with soaked hazelnuts, water, coconut oil, and sweetened with pureed dates and asked me if she could have it on the Whole30. My assessment was that while the ingredients are legit, this creamer would not be Whole30 because it isn't in keeping with the spirit of the program. It is clearly SWYPO for a person who loves their flavored coffees, and its purpose would be propping up the craving for sweetness, having the same effect and satisfying the same brain tantrum as just adding sugar would. To me, it would be tantamount to eating Larabars for dessert (which was my SWYPO during my first W30). In my understanding, sugar is sugar, dessert is dessert, and sweetened creamer is sweetened creamer, but I wanted to present this to the experts as a case study. Am I correct in judging this creamer non-compliant? Thanks!
  7. Hello! I'm new here, starting on January 12th. Looking forward to it! I havne't been able to find a comprehensive list of approved and not approved ingredients, and as I'm going through some of my foods and vitamins etc, I'm running into items that I don't know what they are. Instead of posting a new topic every time we have a question about compliant ingredients, and searching the forums endlessly for each ingredient there must be a list somewhere, right? Please let me know how to find it! The ingredients so far that I have questions about: Potassium Sulfate gum arabic xanthan gum vegetablel glycerin "natural flavors" MCT oil palm kernel oil stearic acid silica safflower oil canola oil Also, the Trader Joe's Ghee I just bought says "contains milk" but otherwise has no questionable ingredients. Is it complaint even though it says it contains milk? (I know it starts out as milk, but once it's clarified, should be fine, right?)
  8. Deli meats ordered by my husband (high quality from our local grocer) don't come home with a list of ingredients, since they're wrapped in butcher paper. Should I assume they have additives like sugar or carrageenan?
  9. Hello! I am part of an amazing group on here called the Dirty30. Some of us have done one and some two W30s together. On our second round, we decided we would make great attempts to eat creatively and challenge ourselves with new ingredients. I posted an ingredient of the day, each day of the Whole30 journey, with links to compliant recipes. I thought these might be helpful to other people, as well as for our group to have in one place, so I am posting the “Ingredient of the Day” posts in their entirety, on this thread. ENJOY! (UPDATE: subsequent to this the Dirty 30 did another W30, and we did 30 more Ingredients of the Day. You can find Part 2 here:
  10. Okay, so I'm looking into transitioning into a paleo lifestyle (and hopefully W30 when I think I've got that down!), but my major issue is with coconut: it's everywhere! Oil, milk, flour, everywhere, and I'm allergic. I can just sub other fats for coconut, right? Thanks!
  11. Vincentparty0f4

    Whole 30 on a TIGHT Budget

    I am on a pretty tight budget. What are the most cost friendly things you recommend to use as staples during the Whole 30? Thanks!
  12. notkevinmyrick


    I want to try this Indonesian dish that offers a unique blend of lemongrass, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, all kinds of seasonal vegetables too, I want to throw in chicken or salmon but the dish also includes Quinoa, whichi thought is a grain, but now hearing online its a part of the beet family and it's a common misconception. So what is this stuff?
  13. notkevinmyrick

    apple butter spread?

    Thought it be ok to pick up some apple butter spread it says no sugar added the ingredients are just apple's, and apple cider this ok?
  14. Help! My husband and I are on day 5 and we are majorly struggling when buying groceries and making diverse meals. We are both somewhat picky eaters as far as veggies are concerned and have had some form of onions, peppers and chicken or onions, peppers and beef all week. Every time we go to the store I get completely overwhelmed with the ingredients on the back. The book and tools always refer to reading the ingredients, but there are so many that I am not able to identify whether it's okay or not. I get the concept of little to no ingredients, but need to know how/when to make exceptions. For example, last night at Trader Joe's he picked up some bacon and it had dextrose in there. So I looked it up on my phone and it's from grape sugar - that's not okay right? Also, we've been eating PERDUE® Hot Italian Chicken Sausage in the morning with eggs - it says it has less than 2% of a few things, one being sugar- is this acceptable? My main question is - what IS okay to be in sausage, bacon, beef broth, sauces, spices etc.? I wish I had a list of all these ingredients and if they're okay or not. We want to follow this program we are getting burnt out fast because I seem to be eliminating almost everything I see in the stores. We have a Trader Joe's and Kroger local here. We have a couple small farmer markets that sell select fruits and vegetables. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  15. notkevinmyrick

    Bolthouse farms

    I purchased and tried the the Strawberry Banana drink from Bolthouse farms. For the majority of the whole30 I've been staying away from fruit juice and smoothies. The ingredients are as follows: Strawberry puree, banana puree, pear juice from concentrate, apple juice from concentrate , apple puree, Pectin, Vitamin C, Natural flavors. I am about done with my first whole30 although I have reset a few times. Is this drink whole30 compliant? Best, Kevin
  16. Are these okay while remaining whole30 compliant? I've had to reset due to sneaky ingredients and sugar.