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Found 3 results

  1. tamcot68

    Day 7-insomina

    On Day 7, haven't been able to sleep for 2 nights. I don't drink caffeine,, following plan and currently no stress or worries that would keep me up at night.
  2. Hello! I have been repeatedly failing the first days of Whole30 because of what I suspect to be (animal) food opioid PAW (Post Acute Withdrawal) symptoms. Even though I don't drink alcohol, most of what I Googled / YouTubed on alcohol and/or opioid PAW symptoms matched to a T what I experience when I go full Vegan. In short, it's almost like I wake up during the night (after 4-5 hours of quality / dreamtime sleep) to get a food "hit", and can't go to bed until I get said hit. Give me ice cream, and I go back to sleep rather fast. (Sugary stuff works, sometimes, but never as well as dairy). I am posting this in the Vegetarian / Vegan part of the forum because I feel best when *not* taking in meat. My appetite and stomach function best when I leave meat out of my diet. Next to (intermittent) fasting, nothing puts my gut back on track faster than eating vegan. Through repeated trial and error, I have found out I have a real hard time getting dairy - more specifically: caseomorphins - out of my system. Phasing meat out, no problem. Phasing sugar out, not that bad. Phasing caffeine out, almost impossible for me (to function, but I stop my intake at 3PM at the latest). Phasing out dairy ... Help! Side note: In the second half of my forties. Before 40, I could eat/digest pretty much anything at anytime. Now, I'm rarely (if ever) hungry in the morning, and don't feel fully awakened (mentally and metabolically) until 3pm. I just find it really bizarre how the ex earlybird in me is transforming into a takes-forever-to-start locomotive.
  3. yvonne123456

    legumes and insomnia

    Has anyone reintroduced legumes and had insomnia as a side effect? Yesterday was my first reintroduction day, and then I woke up at 3:30 with anxiety and a panic attack. That's not atypical for me, but it hasn't happened in a couple months. Yesterday, I ate: Pre/post workout: apple and peanut butter Breakfast: two eggs and sweet potato hash cooked in olive oil Lunch: three hardboiled eggs and sweet potato hash (I ran out of veggies) Snack: apple Dinner: Chipotle bowl: black beans, barbacoa, peppers/onions, tomato and hot salsas, guac, and lettuce. I know not all the chipotle ingredients are not whole30 compliant (e.g., barbacoa and peppers and onions are cooked in rice bran oil), but from what I've read about reintroduction, it seems okay not to adhere to the super-strict rules. I welcome your thoughts!