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Found 14 results

  1. tamcot68

    Day 7-insomina

    On Day 7, haven't been able to sleep for 2 nights. I don't drink caffeine,, following plan and currently no stress or worries that would keep me up at night.
  2. Hello! I have been repeatedly failing the first days of Whole30 because of what I suspect to be (animal) food opioid PAW (Post Acute Withdrawal) symptoms. Even though I don't drink alcohol, most of what I Googled / YouTubed on alcohol and/or opioid PAW symptoms matched to a T what I experience when I go full Vegan. In short, it's almost like I wake up during the night (after 4-5 hours of quality / dreamtime sleep) to get a food "hit", and can't go to bed until I get said hit. Give me ice cream, and I go back to sleep rather fast. (Sugary stuff works, sometimes, but never as well as dairy). I am posting this in the Vegetarian / Vegan part of the forum because I feel best when *not* taking in meat. My appetite and stomach function best when I leave meat out of my diet. Next to (intermittent) fasting, nothing puts my gut back on track faster than eating vegan. Through repeated trial and error, I have found out I have a real hard time getting dairy - more specifically: caseomorphins - out of my system. Phasing meat out, no problem. Phasing sugar out, not that bad. Phasing caffeine out, almost impossible for me (to function, but I stop my intake at 3PM at the latest). Phasing out dairy ... Help! Side note: In the second half of my forties. Before 40, I could eat/digest pretty much anything at anytime. Now, I'm rarely (if ever) hungry in the morning, and don't feel fully awakened (mentally and metabolically) until 3pm. I just find it really bizarre how the ex earlybird in me is transforming into a takes-forever-to-start locomotive.
  3. yvonne123456

    legumes and insomnia

    Has anyone reintroduced legumes and had insomnia as a side effect? Yesterday was my first reintroduction day, and then I woke up at 3:30 with anxiety and a panic attack. That's not atypical for me, but it hasn't happened in a couple months. Yesterday, I ate: Pre/post workout: apple and peanut butter Breakfast: two eggs and sweet potato hash cooked in olive oil Lunch: three hardboiled eggs and sweet potato hash (I ran out of veggies) Snack: apple Dinner: Chipotle bowl: black beans, barbacoa, peppers/onions, tomato and hot salsas, guac, and lettuce. I know not all the chipotle ingredients are not whole30 compliant (e.g., barbacoa and peppers and onions are cooked in rice bran oil), but from what I've read about reintroduction, it seems okay not to adhere to the super-strict rules. I welcome your thoughts!
  4. It's Day 8 for me and I slept until 8:30 this morning. This almost never happens, and I feel so GOOD. I'm tackling laundry, cleaning out closets. My body is like, "oh, this is is what energy feels like. I almost remember this." The usual pain in my joints and even the soreness from friday's yoga practice have disappeared overnight. I have SIBO - a digestive issue related to IBS - and it affects neurotransmitters that control our circadian rhythms - so this means good things are happening in my gut. Just wanted to share this happy day! I hope yours is going well too.
  5. Hey all. So this is my Round 2 experience. Despite being ill prepared and under researched, I completed my first Whole 30 about a year and a half ago. It was technically compliant, but far from perfect. However, I finished amazed by my new found energy, mental clarity, body awareness and even some weight loss. I’ve been on a meandering downhill path since. Great food choices for the first six months, then less so, so on and so forth. After a terrible food free-for-all holiday season, it was time to reset. So, this time, I’ve researched and food prepped like crazy, and the first 9 days have been great. Not as angry as last time, less GI distress, less cravings, and more mental clarity + energy already; HOWEVER, I’m not sleeping at all. I do not normally suffer from insomnia. In fact, I often sleep 10+ hours and still feel tired. So it’s super weird to be fairly energetic with what feels like zero sleep. My brain will not shut off. I feel like this is not sustainable for long. Pre-round 2, I usually drank/ate a ton of caffeine (lattes, unsweetened iced tea, chocolate, etc) without issue, so I feel like my one cup of coffee with breakfast on this Whole30 can’t be the problem. Getting up in the morning is becoming a nightmare (although, once I start eating and the day gets rolling, I feel good.) By 9:00 p.m., I’m exhausted, fall into bed and then bam! Brain awake!! Anyone else?? Let me know! I’ll be up!
  6. Hello Friends. I started my first Whole30 7 days ago after thirty years of soda binging, fried food gorging, and other horrid eating habits. Like a frenzied shark I would forget how bad I ate, have one or two healthy meals then continue my awful habits. My wife is such an inspiration and she has a much healthier lifestyle. But I was so addicted to bad food that I would actually go eat fast food in a parking lot while she offered to cook me a healthy homemade meal. So here I am now... I don't know what was the catalyst but I had purchased the Whole30 book 6 months ago always planning a change when feeling good on my sugar high but never implementing it. I am not sure what made me finally commit to starting it. Perhaps it was my dad being diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. Maybe it was seeing the glow on my wife's face and how all of her came into focus with healthy habits. Mostly I think I felt the potential I had if I just wanted to make the sacrifice, put my big boy pants on, and try to change my life (at 40) once and for all. So I started 7 days ago. Not one slip up yet. My mood is amazing. My wife is absolutely stunned how I have embraced the kitchen. I have found that eating out on plan is a bit of a challenge so I have been forced to embrace cooking and now am growing a love for it. The only side bad side effect so far is that I have had 4 days now (including last night) of really bad insomnia. My sleeping patterns use to be great but about 3 days in I just couldn't fall asleep at all. The past two nights I only got about 3 hours before my brain would spring to life with waking fever dreams (I laugh as one was a loop of reading labels on some canned goods). I have researched online and think this may do with my body adjusting to the lack of the constant stream of sugar and processed food it was use to. The nights are really rough but waking I start feeling great despite the lack of sleep. I am hoping this passes as I have read it does but am wondering if any of you have experienced similar things, how you may have dealt with it, and how long it lasted. I truly feel there is no going back so I have to make this plan work and find a way to get my sleep. I know this part of my battle and the price to pay for the years of not caring properly for myself. I still think the Whole30 may be the biggest positive move in my life. Time will tell...Thank you in advance for reading this, good luck, and thank you doubly if you have any feedback on the insomnia.
  7. Hi All, I'm on my first Whole30 and talked several friends into joining me but by Day 16 I thought I would be feeling great but it's quite the opposite. I have had anxiety the last four days or so and terrible insomnia. My pants feel tighter and my skin is still breaking out. I can't figure out where I'm going wrong. The lack of sleep is affecting my workouts Breakfast: 2 eggs, procuttio, handful of berries (I have a hard time with veggies in the am) Lunch: Compliant chili with half an avocado, small amount of berries Snack- Rx bar dinner: pork loin and roasted brussel sprouts.
  8. violetta

    Post Whole 30 Successes

    On day 31, I haven't really reflected on the successes and so-so results but some are major: I have mostly halved my restless leg medication which is huge. It ends the nausea from the meds in the morning and sleepiness. I go to sleep at least an hour earlier so i get more sleep which I didn't thing was possible. I fall right asleep most nights within a half hour. I can actually take a nap during the day without my RLS acting up. I halved my Prilosec (taken for many year for reflux) to every other day and my tongue is mostly fine even with vinegar and tomato if I am careful. No reflux cough has returned even with the half dose. I am continuing to try to taper down if possible. I lost 11 pounds without mostly being hungry although the middle of the night was rough sometimes. I stopped eating in the middle of the night, a much better way to lose weight and have less reflux. I was able to up my meat and vegetable consumption mostly without the yuck factor. The cooking and prep got easier as I went along. At my dental checkup, the hygienist said that my gums were significantly healed from the time before with less bleeding and pockets. Even the tooth that aches all the time from a failed root canal is less inflamed. I am able to get up out of my chair with almost no pain in my hips, (myofascial pain syndrome) so there must be less inflammation. I tweaked my back skiing long distances for two days and I was able to recover with a few PT exercises without resorting to the chiropractor. Areas that aren't significantly improved or need more work: I need to figure out why I can't sleep for more than two hours at a time even when the RLS isn't acting up and how to get up to 8 hours of sleep. I still struggle with not eating when I wake up. I still have some indigestion and gas after meals and during the night. I still would like to lose another 5 pounds and get rid of the post-menopausal belly. I would not say that i had an easy time with the Whole 30 but the way of eating is pretty well ingrained ( pun intended) by now. I worked way too hard cooking for the first couple of week . I had some flops that were pretty inedible. I then figured out how to halve the work. I bought a turkey, and then had lots of meat and made soup and also roasted some veggies and potatoes and ate those for the last week. How easy that was after the initial soup making. I will continue to do that, keeping some kind of soup available. I particularly like my acorn squash soup, pureed with lots of vegetables and coconut milk. Pretty easy on the stomach too. And chicken and turkey soups are great too. I cannot make myself eat red meat, haven't liked it my whole life. I also cannot make myself eat meat at breakfast but luckily I love eggs. I ended up putting a little sweet potato in my eggs every morning which made it easier. And I love the mayo and the ranch and avocado dressings. Trying reintroducing dairy today. I have challenged with dairy before in lesser ways so i don't think I will have a problem. Certainly I hope so as this is the one food group that I miss the most.
  9. I'm now halfway through my first 30 and I'm still having major insomnia/trouble staying asleep for the last week. I'm awake anywhere from 1-4 hours each night. I believe it's related to a hormonal imbalance. I posted this earlier this week: Afters speaking with my doctor, they recommenced I try melatonin first before taking magnesium, so that I don't add too many potential factors into the pot at once. The first night the melatonin kicked in within 30 minutes, calmed me down and did help my sleep (I still woke for 1 hour but was able to go back to sleep). Last night it did no good and I was awake for 5 hours. I know the natural calm magnesium supplement is safe but how do I really know if I have a magnesium deficiency? And why would that deficiency pop out now as opposed to before my W30? Does anyone have experience with how long it takes for hormones to balance out? I've never had dietary issues or sleep issues before the W30 and I'm honestly regretting doing the W30 at this point. I'm not sure if quitting would help, as I've read on some paleo sites that too low carb of a diet, especially for lean, high active women, can affect sleep. I do eat starchy veggies at each meal though so I'm super confused. And if I do go off the W30 and start reintroducing certain foods (e.g. a bowl of oatmeal, rice with dinner- not wonder bread and candy), I don't know if hat will further complicate my hormones. I'm so discouraged and frustrated but feel very stuck. Thoughts/suggestions?
  10. gothope77

    Continued success on day 65!

    I'm 54 years young. I posted my success story on here when I finished the Whole 30. But then I decided I needed to do a Whole 60 and am now on day 65 and going strong. A brief recap….after the first week, a chronic ache/pain that I've had for at least 2 years in my right shoulder was gone and is still gone! This was the biggest surprise…I never expected that to happen. I've also had night sweats and insomnia off and on (more on than off,) for at least 5 or more years, and that has reduced to almost nonexistent (and I'm weaning myself off estrogen now because of doing so well;) I've also dealt with nearly constant constipation for longer than I can remember and that too, is 98% better. (I still need to drink more water.) I was the proverbial carb addict, craving surgery foods and have no "stop" button when eating them. And I was a confirmed "veggie hater." I no longer crave sweets….I don't crave much of anything anymore! And I've learned to like veggies and have tried a few new ones. And fruit is like the sweetest dessert. Truly a miracle! I lost 13.5# the first 30 days and have since lost a total of 19.5# and over 20 inches! (from 161 to 141.5#.) I honestly never felt hungry and am still amazed by the amount and kinds of foods I can eat and still lose weight, and all without having to count a single calorie or point! I have been fat-phobic and avoided red meat, bacon, black olives, etc. for most of my adult life! Then I tried to exercise my weight off, which didn't work. I love the way I feel on most days, and never feeling guilty about my food choices. I never got that "tiger blood" so many people talk about or burst of energy, but my energy levels are so much more steady, and I don't have that afternoon slump I always had before Whole 30. It is a lot of work, especially for someone who doesn't love to cook and who ate out nearly every day in one way or another. I feel like I'm kind of getting in the groove of cooking now but at first I felt like all I did was cook and clean up continuously. But it's worth it. I want to tell everyone I know about this program! If you do it you will never regret it! I'm giving God all the glory but I also am grateful to the Whole 30 and the authors of It Starts With Food. I'm still counting days but this is now a lifestyle change for me. Never going back!
  11. I'm currently on Day 34. Feeling much better than pre-Whole30, but wanted to see if continued compliance will help rid me of my remaining ailments. One issue that has plagued me is insomnia. During the Whole30, the one major improvement was that I was waking earlier and feeling refreshed. Unfortunately, I will still having trouble falling asleep and waking several times a night, so the net effect was several hours of less sleep. (Still, it was fantastic to feel so awake on so little sleep!) So, I decided to try Natural Calm (magnesium supplement), as recommended in ISWF. I concurrently picked up Dr. Carolyn Dean's book on the Magnesium Miracle and submitted for a Magnesium RBC test to see if I had a deficiency, as she recommends. I got the results back today, and I'm at 5.9 mg/dL. This is well within the generally accepted reference interval of 4.2-6.8 mg/dL and even close to Dr. Dean's optimum level of 6.0-6.5 mg/dL. I'm not sure how long I've been at this point, since I started eating more nuts, seaweed, sweet potatoes, and a very tiny dose (1/12 tsp/night) of Natural Calm during the latter half of my Whole30, but does this mean I'm definitely not magnesium deficient? I have so many of the deficiency symptoms (insomnia, anxiety, RLS, muscle spasms, cramping, twitching, vertigo, etc) and my lifestyle would seem to be prone to it (panic attacks, stress, and lack of sleep), that I'm actually shocked at my test result. Prior to the Whole30, I ate a LOT of cheese and ice cream...which I've obviously cut out and replaced with magnesium sources (without even realizing it). So, since my calcium has (relatively) recently decreased while my magnesium levels have increased, does this account for my 5.9 mg/dL result? And, if so, when will I start to feel the benefits of it? Ever since I've been on the Natural Calm, I no longer wake feeling refreshed. I'm very sluggish even when I get more sleep than I did before. I am still at only 1/12 tsp and at this low dose it no longer helps me stay asleep either (I wake 3-4 times/night). I was going to increase the dose when I got my test result back, but now I'm at a loss. Has anyone else had this? Were you still deficient despite a "good" test result? BTW, I've never had diarrhea caused by Natural Calm at the dose I'm on (which is why I didn't think I was overdoing it...).
  12. I just finished my Whole 30 and this is my story… I LOST 13.5# !! I lost a bunch of inches too! My husband lost 12.5#! I'm 54 and a physical therapist assistant in home health. I have not felt bloated or "miserable" after a meal since starting this. Cravings for "something else" after meals are gone; Chronic throat clearing and 2 year old ache in right shoulder gone; no more night sweats, restless legs, insomnia or constipation; And I never counted a single calorie, Points Plus value or fat gram. I just ate good food! And I'm actually becoming a pretty good cook and being much more creative in the kitchen. Heck, I've spent more time in the kitchen in the last 30 days than I have in the last 6 months! MIRACULOUS! But so worth it! Prior to doing the Whole 30 I felt defeated, miserable, hopeless, and and like a phony. I have always been interested in and promoted healthy living and was not living it at all. I was a closet food addict. For most of my adult life I was able to exercise enough and eat healthy enough to maintain a decent weight fluctuating 10 pounds up-and-down. But I would drive through McDonald's every morning for breakfast and be embarrassed because the people at the drive-through knew me. I would eat fast food for lunch and then need "something else" before I got home (usually a candy bar...or 2.) I would vow every evening that I would not do it the next day only to do it the next day, and the cycle continued. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis the week I found a post about the Whole 30 on my Facebook feed. It was truly a God thing! It came at exactly the right time because I had hit an all-time high on my weight and an all-time low emotionally. And I felt like crap! I have learned to love trying new recipes and even tweaking some of my old recipes. I'm typically a "veggie hater" and have tried several new veggies and liked them. And even if I don't love them I've found ways to sneak them into my food so I don't really notice them. Fruit tastes so good to me now. Although the first week was hard (getting organized and learning to shop for the week,) I felt like a new person was living inside me by the 2nd week. I never got a lot more energy but I'm definitely not as tired mid-afternoon and evening as I was before Whole 30. I can't encourage you enough to try it. It's truly a lifestyle change for me, and the best thing I've ever done for myself.
  13. So I had committed to doing at least a Whole45, and now it looks like its going to be even longer GC I struggled to feel full, have energy and genrally just feel better fornthenfirst 3+ weeks.. After finally sitting down and evaluating my food journal I came to the hard realization that I just hadn't been eating enough. Perhaps my caloric intake would have been more than enough but my volume was lacking... I love to cook and made lots of fun, tasty meals. Unfortunately like fine dining restaurants, they were small... Anywhoo after the initial sadnesswore off (30 days down the drain!) then frustration crept for needing to start all over, I began to wonder if I was the only one? Anyone else struggle withy the meal template? Its a really large amount of food if you are used to eating more regularly through the day. Also the prep and grocery shopping for 2 people in one household doing this plan takes some adjusting... It's sort of shocking to go through 4-5 dozen eggs in a week! I am a fairly intelligent woman and I grossly underestimated the reality of the meal template..
  14. Hello All I am on day 13 of my Whole30 and so far would classify it as a success. There are parts I love and parts I am struggling with. I have been good about preparing foods and following the meal template. I have increased the fat in my diet and have therefore been more satisfied than I expected. I suffered some nasty insomnia and weird heart racing palpitations at bedtime.. it was so odd because I have never had anything like that before. I have also had amazing nights sleep, 10 hours solid. There are days I am not hungry in between meals and can go to bed feeling content and there are days where I could eat all day long and still feel hungry. I will eat some nuts or coconut to stave of hunger, or try a piece of fruit with nut butter but I fear I am relying too much on nuts, coconut and nut butter in between meals. I am also trying to vary my meals so I don't get bored AND I don't create some sort of inflammation or intolerance by eating avocado, potatoes, eggs, ect every day. I would fight through the hunger but unfortunately I suffer from migraines and hunger and sleep deprivation are huge triggers. I have had to take my prescription meds 3-4 times in the past 2 weeks and that is a lot. I do feel well over all, bowels are doing great! mood and energy are up for sure! HELP! How can I stay full and what is going on with my roller coaster sleep and eating patterns?? I want to feel amazing and try and drop some pounds while I am eating all these veggies but my nut, dried fruit, and coconut binges are really hindering that.