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Found 6 results

  1. RandiW

    What's for dinner?

    What's everyone having for dinner? I need some food inspiration! Low key meals are my priority for tonight...
  2. molliollioxenfree

    Starting June 28, 2016!

    Hi all! My name is Molly, I'm planning on starting my first Whole30 on June 28th, since I'm currently doing a lot of traveling, and that start date should give me plenty of time to get back home (which is currently located in Vancouver, BC) and do all the prep I need. I'll be doing the Whole30 alone, since my boyfriend (who lives with me) isn't 100% on board and none of my friends in the area seems interested. I will have support from at least one of my friends, but she's vegan, so I don't feel entirely comfortable talking to her about all the (delicious) meat I'm going to be eating! I've read both of the Hartwigs' books, and I'm psyched to start, but I also know that this is going to be a bit of a struggle for me. As a grad student, I'm used to eating whatever I can find that's convenient, cheap, or free. This usually means lots of carby snacks, crappy takeout, and department-subsidized pizza or Timbits. Since I'm doing this over the summer, I should have a lot more freedom to make my own schedule, rather than dashing back and forth from campus to go to classes or teach, but I'm still worried about my research and summer studies driving me to stress-eat, especially with the Tim Hortons right around the corner and a boyfriend whose favorite foods include crap, deep fried crap, and sugar-coated crap. Boyfriend has at least agreed to avoid alcohol with me for 30 days, which will definitely make things easier for me, since alcohol is a big part of grad school socializing and, to be totally honest, there's nothing like a pint to take the edge off a stressful meeting with a professor (a.k.a., any meeting with a professor). I should probably also note that my area of study is meat and DAIRY in the ancient Mediterranean. There will definitely be days during my whole 30 where it will literally be my job to read about non-compliant foods. So, I'm here to look for advice, support, ideas, inspiration, and anyone who might be starting on or around the same day. If you are, please do get in touch. I'd love to have some buddies to share the roller coaster ride that is the Whole30! Molly
  3. I am on week 1 of my second attempt at a Whole30. I tried it about a year ago and gave up after a week. I was so hungry and stressed out about remaining Whole30 compliant that I ended up in the hospital with pulled rib muscles from tensing. That night I ate a whole pizza. I have always had acid reflux and it does get better when I eat better. Lately, I have been traveling a lot so I felt my food intake wasn't as good as it could be. I decided to give Whole30 another try. This time I would just watch my stress level. To me, whole30 seems like a diet. I know every posts says it isn't but in a way it is. I also am completely on the side of Whole30 members who get annoyed when people tell them it is a diet. I obviously think Whole30 is an assume idea. In general I eat well and I exercise regularly. Diets stress me out. I get so nervous that if I slip up I will be dammed. This entire week I have been unusually bitchy to everyone around me. I eat and I feel full but I am not satisfied. I feel myself getting stressed out again. Reading all the comments on instagram and some on this forum, people say 'you'll get past that". Right now I am having trouble figuring out the "why". If at first through this program you are miserable and tired what is the point? I feel bad for my friends and family because I am kind of awful to be around right now. I guess I need some inspiration, because right now all I want to do is eat an entire jar of peanut butter.
  4. Hello! I am part of an amazing group on here called the Dirty30. Some of us have done one and some two W30s together. On our second round, we decided we would make great attempts to eat creatively and challenge ourselves with new ingredients. I posted an ingredient of the day, each day of the Whole30 journey, with links to compliant recipes. I thought these might be helpful to other people, as well as for our group to have in one place, so I am posting the “Ingredient of the Day” posts in their entirety, on this thread. ENJOY! (UPDATE: subsequent to this the Dirty 30 did another W30, and we did 30 more Ingredients of the Day. You can find Part 2 here:
  5. One week in and what a week it has been. Started my whole 30 last Monday, on Wednesday my 21 day old grandson was hospitalized with strep B-a very bad bug esp. in newborns...scared us silly.....leaving me to bring home the older three, ages 7, 5, and 2. Wow, Fear, stress, feeling helpless... But at the core of it all I know real life Will Happen every day, and I stayed committed to the whole 30. Having my sister as companion in my journey helped me stay accountable, too....The baby is doing great but had to suffer through a spinal tap, catheterization, multiple blood draws... Thank God the bacteria had not entered into his blood stream or spinal fluid.. Actually it started as a "weird" diaper rash my daughter did not like the looks of... Mother's intuition... And it is turning into a 10 day hospital stay. So I feel like a champ having nearly succumbed to coming home and cracking open a bottle of wine... And I think that is what So far I have missed this past week- booze! A glass of wine; beer or two on the 4th of July. But since I am being honest with myself, it is never a glass of wine. it is always half the bottle. It is always three pale ales or chocolate stouts. I will miss you beer, now that I am giving up grains ..... I just got the Nom Nom paleo app with tons of whole 30 recipes, have ordered well fed 1 and 2, and liked several paleo sites on facebook for recipes and inspiration. I like to cook but not so great at the clean up part.... I am not much of a grocery shopper either, and this is forcing me to get back to what is important!,,,I thought after raising and cooking for four kids, their buddies, & my husband all those years I could coast... But cooking and feeding yourself is a life-long thing....and I need to rekindle some kind of passion for it.... Hoping the inspiring things ordered will help. Right now, I've got nothing!
  6. TheRealAndra

    What's for Dinner?

    I thought it may be fun and helpful to have a thread to share dinner ideas, recipes and some food porn, if you're so inclined. I'm making pastured pork carnitas, I'm using the Rick Bayless method only my pork chunks are frolicking in a bath of garlic, lime juice, cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper. For serving, lettuce wraps and a crema of avocado, lime and cilantro.