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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I've been searching all over the site and in the forums for the Whole30 Low Histamine shopping list. Does this still exist? I've recently been diagnosed with a Mast Cell Disorder and told that I need to follow the Low Histamine diet for at least a year. Prior to all this hullabaloo, a few years back, I did a Whole30 and felt fantastic. My immunologist is currently discussing effectively carpet bombing my immune system with low level chemotherapy - which is something I obviously want to avoid! I think doing a Whole 30 now, in tandem with the Low Histamine Diet could give me a fighting chance to stabilise any inflammation before they consider throwing chemo at me. I also have to follow a low FODMAP diet for IBS, so am trying to find the Low Histamine approved Whole 30 list for some proper guidance. I understand it's different for different people but some of the histamine lists out there are so conflicting! Thanks in advance for any pointers in the right direction x
  2. Well, I've avoided the boards for the most part this week. This is going to be a major brain dump, confession, mess of a post. If you are up to sticking through it, bless you! Maybe just putting this in writing even if no one reads it will help. I started what was supposed to be a Whole30 on April 1st. I had been slowly moving to healthier eating, and the movement to Whole30 was awesome. I felt great. I had more energy. I didn't go through carb flu. A week or so into the Whole30, I found out that my girlfriends were planning a baby shower/girls' night for me. This was to celebrate our 6th baby, and also to give me time with my friends before we leave our ex-pat community for 3 months. I decided then that I would complete a Whole21, and just enjoy the girls night, planning to go right back into Whole30 eating after that. We leave PNG to go to Australia for the birth of our baby only 21 days after the girls night, so I knew I wouldn't have time for a full Whole30 before we got to the first world, abnd the opportunity to eat out and enjoy foods I haven't seen in almost 2 years. But I decided I would just do my best every day, and not worry about getting perfect reintroductions. My girls night was a ton of fun. I was able to say "no" to things that weren't worth it, but did enjoy sugar, dairy, peanut butter, and some gluten. I felt SO SICK by the about 4am. I had no desire to go off thr rails more, I just wanted to stay curled up and wait for the stomach pain to pass. But Mon and Tuesday passed, and I still felt awful. In addition, I found myself more discouraged and isolated than I expected by losing my Whole30 "group" on the boards, along with that sense of accomplishment that I was really "doing" Whole30. Wednesday we had to leave unexpectedly to go to a town about 2 hours away. We had limited shopping options beforehand. I brought meat and eggs, but wasn't able to bring enough veggies to make template meals. I continued to feel awful. Wednesday night I caved and had a candy bar, because why not?! I already felt awful. (Not that this is good logic). Thursday we ate out. I had a steak and veggies, but eating out in this country is already enough of an adventure, trying to explain that you want them to avoid seasonings, oils, or butter on your food is not going to happen. Friday we also ended up needing to eat out on our way home. I continued to feel terrible, with major stomach issues. Last night, I caved again and had some non-ice cream "ice cream" that we get in country here with the kids, which has absolutely nothing resembling dairy or real cream... Basically just a chemical mess that loosely resembles ice cream. By the middle of the night, my stomach issues were out of control. I am feeling discouraged and so sick it's hard to want to eat anything, and particularly hard to imagine cooking. Compared to how I was eating before my Whole21, this week has been a great victory. I ate one candy bar. I ate steak and veggies. I didn't cave into soda, despite the huge emotional and psychological connection I have to it.... If I feel neauseated, my body thinks soda will help. If I have a headache, my body thinks soda will help. If I am sad, my body thinks soda will help. But I know that I know that I know that this is a lie, and so far I've been able to stay strong. But apparently my Whole21 was enough time for my body to recognize that it is sensitive to something i ate previously, which has triggered this week of awfulness. I did a full Whole30 a few years ago, with no proper reintro (although I was not as good about eating to template), and this didn't happen. Right now I am plannning to go back to strict Whole30 eating tomorrow (I can't get any more veggies until then). But we also only have 2 weeks until we leave the country, and I know they are going to be a whirlwind, and that we will be eating at others homes on several occasions. I have no idea how long it will take to feel like myself again with how much of a mess I've made of my body this week. I'm also concerned about how to stomach and cook compliant food over the next few days. If anyone has suggestions for easy to prep, extremely kind to your tummy foods, I am all ears. No tomatoes, as I did discover during my Whole21 that I am sensitive to those - the only time my stomach bothered me during my Whole21 was after high-tomato meals, like chili or "spaghetti". I know everyone is different, but if you could only choose a few things to religiously avoid, even at others homes, what would they be, in light of stomach issues? Gluten? Dairy? Sugar? I want to kindly accept my friend's hospitality. But I also don't want to keep feeling like this, and would like to also enjoy my friend's company, not want to spend my last 2 weeks curled up on the couch, near a bathroom. I'd also love to hear from those who do best with the black and white of Whole30, but struggle in this grey "off road" area, like me. I do great with rules, and also with causes... So knowing I am doing "Whole30" gives me a sense of accomplishment that makes it easy to say no to banned foods. But I'm not doing a Whole30, so what am I doing??? This is some of what I'm wrestling through right now.
  3. So after completing my first Whole30 in August I was so happy with my overall fitness and weight and the fact that I stuck it out for a month. Everything was just wonderful! Fast forward to now January and since then I totally went haywire. I have gained 7kgs, cant stop eating gluten, dairy and absolutely CRAVE sugar especially at night, im a serial binge eater and have no motivation whatsoever. Im only 22, I should be active and full of life but working a desk job makes me super lazy (8 hours of sitting down everyday.) I need some motivation again and I need serious help. Thinking if any legends out there wants to join in with me and help each other we could start asap?