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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone! Just introducing myself. I am very excited to start the program this coming Monday the 14th (letting myself have a big bang birthday party first). Any feedback for a newbie is much appreciated! Good luck to everyone doing the #januarywhole30!!!
  2. Hi everyone, I couldn't find this in the book or in other posts. I know that I'm supposed to only add one food group per day and to not eat legumes again when I test grains, for instance. But should I keep my meals template compliant on the reintroduction days? For instance, I'm thinking of using chana masala (this recipe, one of my favourite dishes) for dinner on my legumes reintroduction day, though without rice, obviously. I'm not sure how much protein the chickpeas contain, but it is undoubtably less than a palm sized piece of meat. So should I eat more protein on the side? (Usually I wouldn't do so when eating this dish.) And should I still pay attention that my meals contain enough fat as well?
  3. pbnJessie

    Brand New- Starting 2/19/18

    Hello! I am so excited to start my first Whole 30 this coming Monday- February 19th. Recently, I got engaged and am in the throws of wedding planning our June wedding. With all the stress of planning the big day, plus working full time at a relatively new job, I have to admit I have let me health get away from me... I am super pumped to hit the reset button with the Whole 30. The only big concern I am having is that I am not much of a meat eater, so acclimating to eating meat every day may be a tough one for me.
  4. ShannonM68

    Very Tired Teacher

    Hello, My name is Shannon and I am a 49 year old mother of 4. I have been experiencing fatigue for years and my doctors have not been helpful. I do have what I presume is Hashimoto's thyroiditis. My doctors have never used those words but from what I have read there are only 3 causes of a hypothyroidism and I definitely don't have 2 of them. Most recently my doctor suggested I needed a psychiatrist. Yikes. Not because he thinks I'm nuts but because I do suffer from some anxiety and depression. I have been on antidepressants but hated them. I would like to treat whatever is going on naturally. I know I already have a few sensitivities to chemical additives so have been avoiding those for years. I do like to cook from scratch at home but mostly dinner. I am not a breakfast person. It looks like I will need to fix that.... I plan to start on Ash Wednesday and make this my lenten discipline. There should be enough time for me to do the reintroduction as well.
  5. My name is Ree' and I will be starting the program 3/1/2018. It was suggested that I say hello to the forum for some added support.
  6. I guess I wasn't sure I could do this! After having nine days under my belt, I feel much better. I actually haven't had any cravings for any noncompliant food. I'm kind of baffled by it, and was even worried about it... Am I in denial? Do I just feel better psychologically on a restricted diet? Etc.. we hosted a party last night. I cooked everything so it was easy to know what I could eat. I also offered trader Joe's chips, Cheetos, and Totititos, white rice that I didn't eat. People brought prosecco and wine, and one brought a beautiful blue and white decorated vanilla cake. I made everyone else teriyaki grilled chicken, but had my husband grill my marinated chicken (no soy or sugar) separately first! Anyway, the amazing thing is that I a great time! Because I wasn't dealing with the sugar dragon, I was able to relax and focus on people rather than just food. Also I didn't overeat. In the past, I'd end up way over eating, especially on the chips. It's hard for me to stop. Also my salsa and guacamole I make is good! I had some with my grilled veggies and raw veggies instead. This morning I didn't have a food hangover. I know I would've, especially if I had the cake, which when the kids kept saying was Soooooo sweet! They all wanted water and milk with it. Also, I know I would have been eating slivers when putting it away and licking it off my fingers etc, late at night before bed when we were cleaning up. So I'm feeling good about staying the course. I hope I don't jinx it! Other than this I haven't noticed any changes... Maybe because before I started reading this forum, I didn't know I shouldn't be indulging in so many nuts and fruit. I stopped several days ago. I noticed I was eating a lot more nuts than usual, and I looked it up here. I was happy to read that I'm not the only one. Anyway, I feel very committed to changing my habits around sugar, food as a reward thoughts, etc. I'm actually a bit nervous about reintroduction, but I realize it's putting the horse before the cart, and also that I need to have faith in myself and just enjoy the present! Ok this is a novel, but Hi! Melissa and happy to be here!
  7. So, after the orgy of Thanksgiving and the afterglow of leftovers, I have decided to reset my eating habits. I'm late 30s recently divorced & way too good at food. Being single for the first time in twelve years really threw my food habits into a tailspin - at first, I lost tons of weight and could barely eat, but then as 2016 progressed I was cooking again - and somehow along the way got super lazy and indulgent. I've always been a bit of a foodie - which is great as I love veggies and healthy foods just as much as I love ... CHEESE. Booze. Crème fraîche, crispy homemade tempura, crab-fried rice, bibimbap, ribs, ramen...MORE CHEESE... you get the picture. Sure, I make my own fermented veggies but pairing that with crispy pork belly and a boatload of toasted rice is not ideal. And I do love my pasta - homemade, store-bought, artisan, you name it! (Have I mentioned I cook? I'm not sure I have.) haven't been exactly slim over my adult life, but I'm not usually so...FAT. It's really undeniable. My emotional eating and cooking skills have combined into the perfect storm - I'm not just husky or sturdy now, I'm totally fat. As a gay man in LA let's just say that personality can only get you so far... (not that I'm dating right now anyways but...) The Whole30 thing is doable for me, I know - although cheese calls to me winsomely, delicately, like the song of a dream. Like sour cream. And the embrace of ramen. So here I go ... "hi" and "nice to meet you all" and waving hello and all that.
  8. NatalieCatalie_


    Hello Whole30 Folks! I am Natalie. I'm 27 years old and I'm from Fresno CA. Today is my first day ever on Whole30. I'm excited but also a little nervous. In April of 2013 ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and started taking medication (an SSRI) to treat it. Fast forward to now, after being on and off several SSRIs, my weight and health have declined. I went from weighing a healthy 140 lbs to 209 lbs. I have developed prediabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, and just feel generally "blah." Some of the weight gain is due to a change in lifestyle - going from walking 4 miles a day in college to sitting in a cubicle 40 hours a week - but I think most of the weight gain has been because of the medications. I am still taking an antidepressant because the anxiety and depression are still there, and it only gets worse as I feel physically worse and worse. I have tried so many ways to lose weight in the past with little to no results. In each case, I have gained back what I lost and put on even more. I am at my heaviest weight ever. It's disheartening, to say the least. As hard as it is for me to admit, I know that I have an unhealthy emotional relationship with food. My goal is to heal that relationship and find other ways to soothe myself when I'm sad or lonely or bored. I am hoping and praying that Whole30 is the answer to my problems. I have faith that if I stick with it and focus on the long-term benefits, then I will be successful. I'm looking forward to meeting others on this journey with me! xoxo
  9. Day One- Already feeling urge to quite. Don't worry I'm not going to, but wow does food have a hold on me. I come from a family of large overeaters. I think I've been overweight since birth, and am now at an all-time high of 338lbs at 32 years old. When I first went away to college I actually lost weight while everyone else gained the freshman 15 and was at my healthiest adult weight ever when I was 21. The secret back then was eating on my own schedule instead of that of my family, eating mostly salads because it was easy and I didn't want to take the time to cook. Mostly though, I think it was that about 4 nights a week we would slam back a bunch of shots and then go dance at the bar for about 4 hours straight. My body had never experienced that level of fitness! Of course then I got a boyfriend, became more serious about studying, gained it all back and haven't really stopped gaining since. I am a fairly logical person, so the idea of a diet never made sense to me because they usually don't actually sound very healthy (nothing but grapefruit for how many days?) or just plain stupid (I'm not going to eat something because cavemen didn't? Well maybe if they had fire they would have!), and what happens when you stop dieting anyways? So instead, I would read tons of nutritional information in books and online, and then make non-committal proclamations about how I would "try" to eat less of certain foods, or I would "reduce" the frequency of eating out, or "limit" by heavy carbs. Of course this never worked because if you don't set specific boundaries, it's really easy to break them. Before long I was once again putting whatever tastes good in my mouth without giving it too much thought, and eating until it hurt. Now I am at a point where I weight twice as much as a healthy person, I am tired all the time, have limited focus and motivation, plantar fasciitis, chronic ear aches and allergies, low-back pain, and lymphedema (severe swelling in the legs and feet due to circulation issues). My husband and I are talking about starting a family soon, so I know that now is the time to take action to improve my health and habits. I am 100% committed to this nutrition plan, unlike any other attempt at change I've ever made, and yet... like I said, it's 9:30pm on day 1 and I'm dreading having to go in the kitchen in a minute to prep food for tomorrow. All I want to do is eat ice cream in front of the TV and stop for a bagel on the way to work in the morning instead of prepping a stir fry and eggs tonight like I planned. It really shouldn't be hard, but I've had to admit to myself that I really am addicted to sugar, to pastries, to grains, and to coffee. So like any addiction, the only real way to beat it is to go cold turkey. (I wonder where that saying came from) Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a food addict. I'm hoping that if I keep reminding myself, that it will help keep me on course. Day 1 is almost over. I can do this.
  10. SkiBlue

    Start Date: April 26th

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to take some time to introduce myself on these forums before I start my 2nd Whole30. I completed my 1st Whole30 recently in January and make the mistake of not trying it for longer to help with bad habits and skipping the entire reintroduction protocol. So it ended like every other time I tried to make a permanent change. I'm here this time around because I'd really like to make a conscious effort to change my food habits along the way this time, like it's really meant to be done. I'm also here because I tried to restart after January and have been struggling to stick to it the 2nd time around. I was hoping to keep myself accountable here, really analyze what's going on with me and my thoughts throughout this one, and hopefully get some tips and encouragement along the way. I'm not entirely overweight for my height or anything, but I am really tired of being sick and tired from the food that I eat, and I do not want to be controlled by my appetite anymore. I overeat the wrong foods constantly; it's been hard for me to let go of fast food and sugar, especially sugar. After the 1st Whole30, I really learned that the all or nothing approach worked wonders for me, so I'd like to stick to it again. And I'm done ranting.
  11. ashleysauce

    STARTING MARCH 1!!!!!!!!

    hey everybody! i'm starting march 1st, is anyone with me??
  12. Hello! The time has come to go Whole30. My nutrition has slowly deteriorated over the past months, and I need a kick up the backside to get back on track. Nervous but excited about this new venture!
  13. Hi everyone, My story is a bit long and likely not completely typical, but here are the basics: - I am 48 years old - I need to lose over 100 pounds - I used to be relatively athletic and would like to be again I am committing to the Whole 30. It will prove whether or not I am truly ready to change the rest of my life.
  14. Hi Everyone! I decided late last week that it was time for me to start the Whole 30. I read 'It Starts With Food' a few years ago, and although I liked the concept, I really couldn't wrap my head around giving up dairy. And, in all honesty, I think I was in serious denial about my sugar addiction. After some lousy luck with my health over the past few years (fertility related), I gained 20 lbs after my fourth (and final) failed pregnancy last year. The stress led to many bad food choices, and although I exercise regularly and at a high intensity, I have not been able to shift the weight. Although the weight gain is awful, it it not why I want to do the Whole 30 program. I want to feel better, full stop. I have had IBS for years, and have found that eating in a more paleo fashion makes my gut feel much, much better. I really want to get my sugar addiction under control. At 31 years old, I have arthritis in both of my knees, and I want that to stop hurting as much as it does lately. I want to feel in control of my life again, and I want to accept the body I have and all it's amazing abilities! I do not want to be a slave to sugar any more! I hope that joining this forum will give me some much needed support (and a swift kick in the @ss when necessary), as well as great recipes and other helpful hints. Thanks for reading Lara