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Found 5 results

  1. Hi friends! Currently on Round 2 and am feeling so great, but am wondering how to incorporate what I've learned into loooooong-distance training and racing. I'm registered for my 5th Ironman in September, and will ramp up training after a March full marathon. In my past training, I have relied on an all-in-one product for my bike nutrition, since biking is the bulk of my time in training and in the race. It's a powder mixed with water, so easy to carry in bike bottles and concentrate so you're not carrying 5-6 bottles on the course. It's worked fabulously for me in the past in terms of energy levels, digestion, hunger, no adverse effects, etc., I am perfectly fine doing distances like a half marathon or even full marathon with items like dates, bananas and boiled potatoes. But when it comes to an Ironman, the sheer length of time I will be on the course presents a logistical issue that is not there in other shorter races (I have been a 15-hour Ironman in the past, but could be up to 17 hours if I have a bad day). It's simply not feasible to carry a lunch box with all of the nutrition and calories I would need for a 15+ hour endurance race. What have others done in this situation? Do you consider a product with sugar "worth it" for something like this, or have you found another solution? For reference, here are the ingredients of the all-in-one product I have used in the past: MaltodextrinDextroseNatural cane sugarCitric AcidNatural Grape FlavorsSea saltPotassium chlorideMagnesium gluconateCalcium lactate gluconateWhey protein isolateL-IsoleucineL-ValineL-LeucineCaffeine
  2. Ironman and Whole30 do go together. I had the race of my life today, on day 12 of Whole 30. My fuel during the race was not compliant, but before and after have been, as well as the entire lead up in the 11 days prior. I had a breakthrough performance, was able to be the fastest amateur woman across the line, got a Kona slot, and had a personal best by 15 minutes (Went 9:35). A huge day for me! I'm over the moon thrilled. When I get some time I will post my thoughts here on how I think Whole30 helped. until then, let me say, this was a marriage made in heaven.
  3. goSonja

    6 days until Ironman!

    In two days I leave for Phoenix and in 6 days I race Ironman #11. I'm on day 7 and that's after a restart after day 4 (so kinda 11 days with one big Halloween candy snafu in the middle...hahhaha). My energy is good and my headaches are gone! This is super exciting for me. The idea of traveling to the race and eating Whole30 has gone from "scares me to death" to "I'm so going to rock this". My energy has actually been much better than expected during my training sessions. The slumps were mostly in the first 4 days, not the 4 days after the restart, those have actually been quite strong. I'm starting to feel really solid in my sessions, Ironman ready. One thing I think that has really helped is to EAT!!!! LOTS!!!! I have kept it Whole30, but I have EATEN LOTS OF FOOD. I go back for seconds on almost everything so I'm eating more than a plateful of food. Just an FYI on my experience for any other athletes out there trying to start this during a marathon or triathlon build. Ya gots to EAT!
  4. I have a week until I leave for Ironman Arizona. No kitchen, so I'm in need of some ideas. What are some examples of things I should definitely travel with along with way to keep going with this. I ordered some PaleoPaks from Steves Paleo Goods. Just hoping to order stuff online today so I'm not going to whole foods and reading labels all day the day before I leave. Any suggestions of what you travel with would be awesome!! Thanks!
  5. I'm a Crossfitter and triathlete who was in the full swing of preparing for my first Ironman, when a serious accident abruptly put a halt to my training. I am due for major shoulder surgery this Wednesday. My physical activity will be limited for quite some time and I won't be able to train for a significant amount of time. Until then my top priority in life is a full and healthy recovery. My normal eating habits are essentially built around the Whole30, so I'm eating fairly clean now. However, I'm looking for foods/supplements to increase or add into my diet that promote healing and recovery. I'm not talking about healing and easing soreness from a difficult workout, I'm talking about foods that will accelerate my body repairing and healing itself after trauma and surgery. Any tips or suggestions to share? As a professional musician and an ironman triathlete, my entire being is built around my body being healthy and functional. I've accepted that the next months will be the most challenging time of my life and will be patient. However, I am looking to do everything in my power to increase my chances of success and rate of healing. This includes tinkering with my nutrtion. Any help is ,uch appreciated!