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Found 4 results

  1. Day 26: I am experiencing itchy scalp. I have had itchy scalp problems for years, however removing gluten solved the problem. I'm now experiencing itchy scalp again. I am eating a lot of nuts (cashews and mostly almonds). As per the program, it states that one closed handful of nuts is recommended per-meal. I'm probably eating close to double that amount. I'm also eating eggs, coconut and some almond milk. Any ideas. (and, oh yeah - my spouse has been feeding me an avalanche of sweet potatoes -- my eyes have turned orange). Thanks for the help!!
  2. Angela Blythe


    Hi, I'm on day 2 of my first Whole30. Today has been ITCHY!! Arms, hands, ear canals, mouth, nose, and now I am getting little itchy blisters on my lips that are increasing in number with each meal. They aren't canker sores or cold sores, but more like the reaction I've had from mango skin and pineapple. Nothing I've eaten is unusual or non compliant. I'm 46, and have a history of several autoimmune issues - asthma, allergies, endometriosis, alopecia. Anyone else have this reaction? I wasn't expecting so much discomfort so early in the program.
  3. I'm on day 21 of the Whole 30 and I'm itching all over. I've been trying to take out foods I thought suspect like cashews and new supplements but nothing has worked so far. Going to take out coconut next... No red rash or hives. Just feel like my whole body is one big itchy thing. It makes it hard to sleep! Help. Just itching in my head, arms, legs, back, stomach, and privates. Basically every where. Antihistamines don't help much. Heard there was such a thing as a KETO rash. When you don't eat enough carbs. There are carbs on the Whole 30. I eat cherries, blueberries and sweet potatoes. I know vegetables are low and meat has none. Most of my meals are lots of cooked veggies with meat and a little fruit for dessert. I have pre-diabetes so I try and keep my fruit and sweet potatoe content low. Not sure how high I need to keep my carb content to feel my best yet and not affect my blood sugars. Could it be a mild form of that? or a yeast or hormones? I am in Menopause.
  4. I am on Day 11. My rash started on Day 3 and keeps getting worse and worse. It is all over my body from my neck to my ankles. It very much appears to be hives with one difference being that the goosebump textured rash on my arms seems permanent rather than intermittent. A trip to urgent care two days ago resulted in a steroid shot and a twice daily cocktail of oral antihistamines. Completely ineffective. I have not introduced any new foods, nor have I increased the amounts of the foods that I eat. As an avid CrossFitter, I have been transitioning to a primal eating style for several months now. My goal for the Whole 30 (aside from moral support to my fibromyalgia suffering, grains-dairy-beer-cupcake addicted husband) is to wean myself from Weekly Cheat Day, random snacking, Splenda, and pack-a-day sugarless gum chewing. So this is what I have done and I can't really wrap my head around the idea that I have some condition that the junk food was protecting me from. The ironic thing is that I am doing great otherwise. I experienced tiredness and mental fog for a few days but I have since hit two lifting PR's. I am less stiff and can feel some overuse injuries healing. I haven't been nodding off in the afternoon in spite of the sleep I have lost this week because of the discomfort. Most miraculous is my facial skin. I spent a year in Afghanistan and became afflicted with asphyxiated skin from the sun damage. It took a series of medical grade peels, prescription retinol, and regular deep exfoliation to get it under control. Then last week, my face was suddenly clear, smooth, and dewy. I can actually go without makeup! I wonder how great I would feel if I wasn't a big pile of itch? I have perused the forum and it seems that I am not the only one suffering (and I mean reeeeeally suffering) from a mystery rash. There have been mentions of rash from ketosis. The thing is, I have done intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and full on low carb (albeit with artificial sweeteners and processed reduced carb fare) with no side effects. With my side of fresh berries and my post workout sweet potato or pumpkin each day, the Whole 30 is much less restrictive on carbs than other diets I have tried. People have also mentioned something called candida die off, but that seems far fetched. I have had yeast problems before and they are years in the past, along with yeast-friendly eating. Emotional stress? Life is demanding, but I wouldn't say my stress has gone up. In fact, I'm feeling quite positive. My husband and I are enjoying the time we spend sourcing local foods, preparing our meals, and sharing peaceful suppers. Furthermore, feeding primal foods to our son is really improving his behavior. So far, none of the conventional ideas are making any sense. Is there anyone at all who knows something or can help? I am truly desperate. I have hardly slept in days, I can't focus on anything, and I am constantly clawing at myself. I would seriously consider cutting off a finger if it would make this go away. Please help!