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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have been scouring the message boards, looking at the approved/compliant vendors, review recommended products on partner sites (via the whole30 site) and my question is pretty simple. Yes, I know that the program is about getting everything you need from whole food - but I would like to add fiber supplementation and I don't see any recommendations - Do you have any? Are the following supplements allowed? Maca, Pine Pollen, Kava Kava? The Kombucha has about 20 different threads. Is it allowed and if so, do you have a recommended brand? (I travel 80% of the time and have no desire to make my own) Can I also recommend that you offer a "search" option on the message boards? I think many of your members/commentators would appreciate it. Thanks Happy whole30
  2. Hi! Susan had a wonderful idea of having one place where it is all things related to making/brewing Kombucha could be asked and answered. There are several of us that are newbies at this (me) and some real pros out there (Susan, Miss Mary, Nadia...) and thought that one place to keep all things related to making your own kombucha would be helpful for others embarking on this journey. I have begun the process of making my own SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) and if this is an epic failure, will end up getting SCOBY locally. I have heard Craig's List is a great source for people giving away free SCOBY to a good home! My potential source is one from Miss Mary! I am reading up on the process to actually make the kombucha. Just like when I made my own sauerkraut for the first time, I am a little intimidated! This isn't something my mother taught me how to do growing up! We will all learn together!
  3. Hello! Im starting whole 30 today for the month of June with a couple of friends. I did it last year as well, but I’m excited to try it again to feel great especially as the summer is starting. I was so frustrated this morning because on auto pilot this morning I had probably less than half a teaspoon of a sip of coffee with cream. So annoying. I will make sure to do the Whole30 through the morning of July 1st though so It is a complete 30 days. Anyways, on to my questions: Kombucha: a friend of mine is giving me a scoby this weekend so I want to start making my own kombucha. I read the Whole30 article and also a Facebook post with instructions, but just need a clarification: it says to use real sugar. What sugar would you recommend? Just the typical sugar you use to bake with from the grocery store? Also, a question about tea. Is Dunkin Donuts unsweetened black iced tea compliant? How about black Lipton tea? Seeds: I saw under the post of chia and flax seeds it said they were allowed unlike botanical family seeds which are not allowed like legumes. I couldn’t find anything about what those botanical family seeds are online. I thought all seeds were allowed? Thanks for your help!