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Found 34 results

  1. Hi! Susan had a wonderful idea of having one place where it is all things related to making/brewing Kombucha could be asked and answered. There are several of us that are newbies at this (me) and some real pros out there (Susan, Miss Mary, Nadia...) and thought that one place to keep all things related to making your own kombucha would be helpful for others embarking on this journey. I have begun the process of making my own SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) and if this is an epic failure, will end up getting SCOBY locally. I have heard Craig's List is a great source for people giving away free SCOBY to a good home! My potential source is one from Miss Mary! I am reading up on the process to actually make the kombucha. Just like when I made my own sauerkraut for the first time, I am a little intimidated! This isn't something my mother taught me how to do growing up! We will all learn together!
  2. Hello! Im starting whole 30 today for the month of June with a couple of friends. I did it last year as well, but I’m excited to try it again to feel great especially as the summer is starting. I was so frustrated this morning because on auto pilot this morning I had probably less than half a teaspoon of a sip of coffee with cream. So annoying. I will make sure to do the Whole30 through the morning of July 1st though so It is a complete 30 days. Anyways, on to my questions: Kombucha: a friend of mine is giving me a scoby this weekend so I want to start making my own kombucha. I read the Whole30 article and also a Facebook post with instructions, but just need a clarification: it says to use real sugar. What sugar would you recommend? Just the typical sugar you use to bake with from the grocery store? Also, a question about tea. Is Dunkin Donuts unsweetened black iced tea compliant? How about black Lipton tea? Seeds: I saw under the post of chia and flax seeds it said they were allowed unlike botanical family seeds which are not allowed like legumes. I couldn’t find anything about what those botanical family seeds are online. I thought all seeds were allowed? Thanks for your help!
  3. Lexsolofs

    Canadian Kombucha

    Hi, I was wondering If I could have this homemade kombucha from Green House Juicery that has 6g of sugar, but lists cane sugar as an ingredient. It is in no way sweet. In fact this kombucha is spicy and really helps me when I have an upset stomach. with that being said I know sugar is not allowed, but all kombucha has sugar and GT's Synergy (that doesn't list its sugar) is compliant with 12-14g of sugar. I believe this brand lists it just to be safe, and it is what the probiotic feeds off of. I also believe Canadian label laws are much more strict than the states.
  4. Hello! I have several food allergies and sensitivities I was diagnosed with several years ago. I have done one Whole30 in the past and now I am about to start the 30 day Autoimmune plan from “Practical Paleo”. The only issue is that I am very sensitive to fungus, like can’t even have mold-derived antibiotics or yeasts sensitive! So my question is how do I replace the nutrients and “good bugs” mushrooms and fermented foods? I love the support on here! Thanks!
  5. Is Nash’s kombucha compliant?
  6. BetweenPenandthePins

    Hitting my sweet needs with Kombucha

    I know GT kombucha is compliant which I am so thankful for; however, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t drink it anymore. I was never a candy/sweet eater, but I certainly enjoyed the sweet taste of sugar coffee or the fruits in my diet. If I find that I’m craving something sweet, I drink kombucha or reach for a piece of fruit. I don’t go over board. One drink/piece of fruit is simply enough to kick that craving for the taste of something sweet with a meal. With this in mind, I’m concerned that this habit is only reinforcing my desire for some form of sugar throughout the day (even if it’s compliant, like a piece of fruit). I’m on day 4. Should I eliminate anything “sweet” for a while?
  7. Slightly.wizard

    Super Specific Kombucha Question

    One of my local grocery stores has a brand of kombucha from a very local company on tap. Lots of different flavors, but no labels because you bring your own growler or buy one of theirs. On the website for this kombucha, they list all of the ingredients starting with their base recipe, which includes sugar. None of the other flavors list sugar, and they state plainly on the website that they don't use any added sugar after fermentation. Is this out because of the sugar listed in the base recipe? Or it it compliant?
  8. Rottiegirl2017

    Help! Kombucha - am I overthinking?

    So, last night I had a glass of Kombucha with my dinner and when I was done, went to pour a little more into the glass (I’m using a wine glass). My sweet 12 year old looks at me and asks me if it’s alcohol. Our conversation goes something like this: HER: Does that have alcohol in it? ME: Well sorta I guess. (I remembered reading the label when I bought it saying you had to be 21 to buy it) HER: What is it? ME: Kombucha. HER: What is that? ME: It was something in my book that is supposed to be good and has probiotics, which are good for your tummy. (I really don't know what it is it just sounded like something cool to try) HER: Can I drink it? ME: No, you can’t drink it. She asks again, “does it have alcohol in it?” ME: (Pulling the bottle out and re-reading the label again) It must have some because you have to be over 21 to buy it. I guess there is alcohol that comes from the fermenting process?? Then I think to myself, "wait, isn’t it the same with wine??". Needless to say, I put the partial glass I just poured into the refrigerator. My next thought, "Hmmm – I wonder if I need to rethink drinking this stuff." Now, I’ve never had Kombucha before, had never even heard of it until I read the book. I decided to try it because I read about it in the W30 and one “If/Then” statement was to put it in a wine glass and I thought, “Cool, I’ll have to try that”. I bought 2 bottles and although the first one smelled horrible, the taste was good, a little sweet, a little bitter – different than water (which aside of coffee - or tea, which I haven’t had in a while because I drink hot tea and I’m not a fan of hot tea in the summer- is about all I drink). I'll pour some in a wine glass and have it with dinner, or while we are hanging out in the evenings. I guess I should note: I do not drink the entire bottle in a sitting, more like over 3 nights (not necessarily every night). I like something other than water once in a while - especially in the evenings. I love a nice glass of wine -- but I don't miss it at all, I thought I might - I don't. And, I don't miss dairy (I thought that would be the hardest). I do enjoy drinking something out of a wine glass with dinner and/or while relaxing at night ..... if not Kombucha, I'd probably put sparkling water with some fruit in it.......before the program, I had even put just plain water in a wine glass. So my question is: Do I need to rethink this stuff or is it ok? Is this a "ritual" (enjoying something out of a wine glass) that I need to rethink? Or am I just overthinking all of this and paranoid?
  9. Dustin.huiting

    Unity kombucha

    Can I have unity kombucha beer. It is made like normal kombucha but fermented to 8% alcohol but the alcohol is the byproduct of fermentation and there is no added sugar.
  10. alexasaurusrex

    High Country Kombucha

    Has anyone ever had this brand? I tried their goji berry yesterday thinking all kombucha was safe, then I read a thread on here that some brands add sugar during the second fermentation process. I took it upon myself to email high country and ask, and they said it was proprietary information and good luck. I'm tempted to never drink the brand again just because of the email lol, but I wasn't sure if anyone else knew anything about it. It's probably the best kombucha I've had...which probably means it has sugar in the second fermentation lol. Also, if it isn't compliant do I have to start my Whole 90 all over again?
  11. JFMW

    Argo Tea Kombucha?

    I can't find this information anywhere... but does anyone know how many grams of sugar are in Argo Tea's Green Ginger Kombucha? Calorie-wise, it seems on par with GT's, but it tastes different so I can't be sure.
  12. I am "attempting" my very first Whole30, being wholly compliant, at least I hope so :-/ Here's my delimma...I'm making my way through my Whole30 book and just read about Kombucha which floored me! I don't know why I thought any Kombucha was okay but...I did. I realized that on both day 1 and day 2, I drank a more "affordable" brand (a Central Market brand) that listed organic cane sugar on the label. I didn't think anything of it until I read my Whole30 book. Here's my question...does this mean I have to start over???? Please say no, Please say no, PALEEEASE say no!!! If you only knew how many attempts I've made to do a whole30 :-(
  13. VictoriaBran

    Can I have "Rise Kombucha"

    Hi All, Now I know we can have Kombucha provided there is no added sugar. I am in a press and was looking to have some Kombucha to calm my stomach. Our only brand near me is "Rise Kombucha". In the ingredients it lists cane sugar but I am assuming this is not added in. Could someone confirm. Thanks, Victoria
  14. I know that we can only have kombucha that has been sweetened with fruit juice. I found Safeway's O Organics Kombucha that's sweetened with fruit puree and fruit juice concentrate. Is the fruit juice concentrate okay for whole30? It specifically says there are no artificial preservatives or additives but I've been reading a lot of mixed opinions on concentrate. I understand that fruit juice shouldn't be a "go-to beverage" because of the added sugars and won't be drinking this often but want to make sure I'm not sabotaging myself.
  15. This is Day #1 for me!! The guidelines say to eat your meals (protein + veges+ fat + fruit (opt)) and to have three big meals with no snacking in between. Kombucha (GT's specifically) is Whole30 compliant because it has fruit juice instead of added sugar. If I wanted to drink kombucha, when do I do this? Would it be instead of having some fruit during meals? The same would apply to coconut water.
  16. Christina Cowell

    Too Much Kombucha?!

    I bought two SCOBY and a pack of water kefir grains a few months ago and have a continuous brewer going with my SCOBY and am continually changing over my water kefir so I have kombucha and water kefir available most of the time.... I think I'm addicted to the kombucha! Is there such a thing as overconsuming kombucha? I've notice having diahrrea the last few days so I'm assuming it's the increased booch as I've been having about an 18oz cup twice a day this week. Will my tummy adjust to the probiotics or is there a limit to how much kombucha and water kefir an adult should have a day???
  17. I brew kombucha and keep reading that the booch is acceptable on the Whole30, despite the loads of sugar that are dumped into it before the fermentation process. I’m wondering if it will still be compliant if I add a ginger juice that has honey in it right before the second fermentation second cycle. (Carbonated versions of the beverage generally have a second fermentation cycle where another sugar ingredient is added, like juice or fruit.) Anyone? P.S. My husband and I start tomorrow!
  18. bailey.derby

    Alcohol in Kombucha?

    So I have a question... I read that vanilla extract is non compliant because of its alcohol content. But Kombucha contains alcohol, right? From the fermentations process? So why is Kombucha compliant but vanilla extract is not? Just curious!
  19. I'm looking at making my fluids a little bit more interesting than water & sparkling water (& adding a bit of fruit to them). I'm about to take delivery of a Kombucha brewing kit so I'm excited about that. The website I've bought it off also sells kefir 'grains' (which don't appear to be grains at all) but I'm not sure whether they'd be compliant or not. I'd make it with water too. They even have natural ginger infused ones. They also have a ginger beer making kit but I'm emailing them about ingredients in their 'paste' but I believe this is another fermentation process that eats any sugars prior to drinking too. If anyone has any advice, it would be gratefully received. P.S. I already cold brew various teas & I tried coconut water (very expensive stuff!) & let's just say it's not for me.....
  20. I've been prepping and planning to start whole30 within a week and have read that Kombucha is allowed in Whole30 as long as there is no added sugar. I'm currently living in Switzerland and the only Kombucha brand available is Carpe Diem brand. I like the brand but am not sure if it is compliant for Whole30. The ingredient is listed as follow : infusion of herbal tea ( water and herbal mixture) , Beet sugar, Carbonic acid, Kombucha cultures and lactobacilli, concentrated juice of acerola. This is the listed of ingredient on the bottle after I translated it from German. I'm just not sure if how the beet sugar was listed make it compliant or not.
  21. Belgium forbids any medicine based on kombucha as it might cause serious damage to the liver. Dangerous fungi (aspergillus) have been found in kombucha. How is this compliant with whole30? Currently I'm finishing day 8 of my 1st whole30 - feel great - minimal side effects so far - fingers crossed
  22. I saw one post where someone asked what there was to drink other than water, but I couldn't find it again, so I thought I'd post what I drink during the day. (organic decaf) coffee with (homemade) coconut milk - in the morning decaf tea (plain or with coconut milk - I really miss sugar in my tea!) water sparkling water - I love the slim cans of Perrier with grapefruit or lime flavor (no sweeteners), almost feels like soda kombucha - only a little occasionally when I am missing my pre-dinner glass of wine (yes, I checked the label for added sugar) broth ginger tea - I make it with fresh ginger: slice it and boil for 30 minutes or so in a pot of water. Good hot or cold! Very refreshing and good for a troubled tummy.
  23. Kerith

    GT's Kombucha

    Hi Everyone! I saw on the master listing that we *could* have GT's Kombucha, but looking at the flavors that I used to have such as the passionberry, guava, etc. I wasn't sure if it was allowed, seeing that it has residual sugar in it and being unsure of whether this was added after the fact. So, I emailed GT's Kombucha and here is the response I got: Hello, Kerith :-) Thanks for your reaching out with your inquiry! As you may already know, the main ingredient in all of our products is made with organic black tea, organic green tea, organic evaporated cane juice and a Kombucha culture (also known as a "mushroom" or SCOBY = symbiotic colony of beneficial bacteria and yeast). The living organism breaks down and converts the sugar and caffeine for 30 days (which is essentially a fermentation process), cultivating an elixir naturally rich in probiotics, organic acids, essential enzymes and other nutrients. The finished product is tangy, tart, slightly effervescent, low in residual sugar (2 grams per 8-ounce serving) and residual caffeine (between 8 milligrams and 14 milligrams per serving). We never add more sugar or any other sweetener after cultivation for flavor, only organic unsweetened ingredients. Hope this information helps! Peace & blessings, Karla First, what a sweet response. Second, can I get a heck yes it's allowed for Whole30, or a no, no, no steer clear? I wasn't sure because an initial ingredient is evaporated cane sugar. I'm hoping it would help with some, um, GI stuff! Thanks, friends.
  24. Pre-Whole 30, I would drink wine a few days per week. I really enjoy wine- trying new varietals, visiting local wineries, etc. Of course, I also enjoyed the feeling of relaxation that came along with a couple of glasses, especially after a hard day at work. I noticed that my emotional pull towards wine was getting stronger, so that was one of the catalysts for me to do a Whole30- I want to break that cycle and go back to being more of a connoisseur than someone who will just have a glass, just because. I'm now 15 days in to my Whole30, and have only had a couple of days where I really, really missed wine. I've turned to kombucha as my nightly beverage when I feel like I need something other than water (maybe once or twice per week). At social gatherings over the holiday weekend, I drank kombucha out of a wine glass and didn't feel deprived at all. But yesterday, I noticed something. I was setting up my very first kombucha home-brew system, when something went wrong and I got stressed out. My immediate response was "I need a glass of kombucha!" just like in my pre-Whole30 days I would have reached for a glass of wine. After drinking my kombucha, I also got a case of the munchies...just like wine used to do to me! My emotional dependence on wine seems to have transferred over to kombucha. Has anyone had that happen before? I know reaching for kombucha is healthier than reaching for wine, but I don't want my emotional eating to transfer along for the ride.
  25. organiclover

    Synergy Kombucha Cranberry

    Is Synergy Kombucha Cranberry allowed? The ingredients state 95% G.T.'s Organic Raw Kombucha (Organically Produced) and Pure Unsweetened Cranberry Juice (Organically Produced). Probiotic Content: Lactobacillus Bacterium: 1 Billion Organisms, S. Boulardii: 1 Billion Organisms. There are 2 g of sugar listed. The other one is the Strawberry Serenity and it says made with strawberry puree. Is puree considered sugar? Please advise. Thanks!