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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! First post on here, but I've been lurking since I started my Whole30. Today is day 9. I haven't been tempted by non-compliant foods, I've been dutifully cooking ahead of time so I have food to eat at work, I've been blowing through coconut oil, my acne's disappearing, my figure's probably benefiting. But I'm not hungry. On days 1 and 2, I had a decent amount to eat, and really enjoyed what I was eating. On day 3, I had a hard time eating dinner, even though it tasted fine. On day 4 I struggled to eat breakfast and lunch, but scarfed down sweet potato hash browns and eggs for dinner. From day 5 to today, I've barely wanted to eat, and it feels like I barely CAN eat. For instance, I made it through breakfast fine today (meatballs with sauce and roasted delicata squash), and started lunch eagerly (roasted chicken drumstick and thigh and roasted veggies), but halfway through hit a wall and it wound up taking me about an hour total to get through most of it. It worries me because I know I'm not getting enough to eat. (Not tracking calories, since it's against the Whole30 way, but I've got a good feeling.) I don't want to keep going through this, where I know in my head that I have to eat, but my body doesn't want to and feels almost sick halfway through meals. I did feel that the sweet potato hash browns bumped up my appetite and allowed me to eat a good amount of food in one sitting (also they were delicious). The same occurred with a batch of sweet potato fries I made and had with burgers. Should I sweet potatoes constantly? That would be tasty, but I feel like there's more to this issue...
  2. Long story short, I've always had pretty severe anxiety and bouts of depression. It is what it is, and exercise always helps. The first couple days I felt fine and pretty optimistic. As of yesterday and today all that has changed. Yesterday I had two major panic attacks (which I haven't had in years) and without sounding dramatic I fell asleep crying and woke up crying. I haven't felt this miserable in a very very long time. I mean my outlook on life has done a 180 just since starting this, which makes no sense since I know it's only 30 days, and I know so many people have benefitted from it. And the idea of food (of any kind, even non-compliant) makes me sick; I'm nauseous all day long. I don't want to eat a single bite of anything (which I also know isn't good). I know the timeline says it's normal to feel agitated and short-tempered and everything, but my question to you is how do I know if that line is being crossed? I reached out to fellow whole30-er yesterday and she had a good point about hormones being reset and whatnot, encouraging me not to quit and I certainly don't want to quit and I know it could get better if I continue, but is this normal? And worth pushing through? I can honestly say I haven't felt this miserable since I was on medication for severe depression. (Side note: I fell off the workout train last summer and just started consistently running again in conjunction with this whole30, so if anything, I would think the return to exercise would help with my mood?) I am on day 7, I have been forcing myself to get enough starches- at least one sweet potato a day- believe me I have researched this topic endlessly and know the first thing advised is to up your starches. I have done what I can with what I can stomach given the problem. I also am aware of the whole "everything isn't caused by whole30" but to me this is just not a coincidence. It is rooted by whatever is going on in my body because of this diet change, undoubtedly.