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Found 2 results

  1. salsasis14

    Lactose Free dairy?

    Last time I did Whole30, I had some issues with dairy. I didn't give it up completely afterward, but am eating significantly less now, though the issues have mostly subsided. I'm doing W30 again in January and planning a multi-step Dairy reintro. First trying grass fed/organic products, wait a few days, then lactose free products, wait a few days, then "standard" dairy. My question is, is there dairy that's naturally lactose free/super low? Other than stuff branded Lactaid?
  2. Hey... my husband and I finished up our first whole30 about three weeks ago. (we love it. like, marry-me-whole30 love it.) Since it was our first one, we have been gradually introducing foods and testing our limits to see what kind of allergies might show up. Apparently, my husband has a perfect gut, because he is 100% fine with anything. He is much happier and has lost 20 pounds since starting it. It is incredible. I, on the other hand, have apparently become severely allergic to lactose. I believe I can have cheeses (I'm assuming because they are aged, and contain less lactose) but any milk, yogurt, sour cream, or cream has sent me into intense cramps and eventually vomiting. Before Whole30 I had no problem with dairy, unless I drank a ton of milk or ice cream, so I'm surprised by the new sensitivity. After the second round of puking, I have become so tired of being laid up for such a dumb and little amount of dairy. Has anyone else had such a strong reaction to something that used to be completely fine?! On the rare occasions that I would like something creamy, are them probiotics or supplements I could take to help heal the problem? Any advice, or even "yes, me too!" stories would be helpful. Thanks!