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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a sugar addict, and one of the reasons I wanted to do a Whole30 was to address this issue. I'm on day 4, and so far it's been going well, except for the massive sugar craving I was hit with on day 3 (it came out of nowhere). I'd read that Lara bars were whole 30-approved, so I ate three on Thursday and three on Friday. I also got some plantain chips (ingredients: plantains, sea salt, palm oil) and ate those two, and I didn't feel like cooking, so i made those my dinner for both thursday and friday nights. I woke up this morning feeling the way I typically do after a binge: guilty! I suspect that you're not supposed to go hog wild with date sugar on the whole 30, or inhale a bag of plantain chips. I don't think I'd particularly mind resetting my day count, as I'm only on the morning of day 4, but I was wondering if someone could tell me more about this. Has anyone else have a similar experience?
  2. Sugar free barista

    Rules vs. recommendations

    So this is my first whole30. I work as a barista and I live with a teenager, so I'm confronted with temptation both at work and at home. Last night my daughter brought home a baguette from the farmers market and I'm happy to say I resisted it but today I found myself eating a chocolate sea salt rxbar, a lemon bar lårabar, a fruits and greens lårabar, a cherry apple chia kind bar and a mango apple chia kind bar. Part of that was due in part to the fact that my dinner is still in the slow cooker because I have too much work and too little time. In fact most of that is because I have too much work to do and too little time to do it. I know fruit and nut bars are not off plan, I noticed I don't binge on rxbars, so I've determined lårabars and pressed by kind bars are not safe for me. I also had an apple, but that's different. Today was a very physical day, I did laundry, walked to the post office, vacuumed my apartment. I think I will bring the remaining bars to work and keep them in my locker. I'm used to not eating dairy, however I've never given up sugar, grains and legumes before. I do miss sugar and grains, but I'm super committed to following the rules.
  3. Melissa Shelly

    Food questions

    Ok…here are my questions…. 1) once ghee is open must it be refrigerated? 2) Are we allowed Vita coco water (pure coconut water and that with added pineapple)? 3) Are we allowed coconut sugar? 4) What is a serving size of sweet potatoes? 5) What kind of coconut milk is compliant and what are you using if for? 6) How many is too many Lara bars? 7) Do you not eat something sweet when you feel you need something sweet? Like you don’t eat a fruit dessert or munch on sweet potatoes as a snack when you need something? If that is considered feeding the “sugar dragon” then what do you do when a craving hit? I’m finding it interesting because I often eat when I’m not hungry but feel dissatisfied. Please help! Thanks, Melissa