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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I think Whole30/ Melissa needs to outlaw larabars and anything that comes in a small wrapper. I never would have even known what they were or tried them if they weren’t mentioned in the book so much. After looking at this forum I realized a lot of people are having issues with "treating" themselves with a half Larabar. I’m on week two and was doing so well, but then saw Larabars at Trader Joe’s and got one and before you know it, I was back in the store buying five. The Whole30 book talks about the "spirit" of whole30, yet Lara Bars and Epic bars literally the only brand and thing allowed that can be eaten from a wrapper. My guess is Whole30 gets paid to promote these products. But if Whole30 outlawed chips, then why would they allow sweets in a wrapper labeled "cookie." The "Cashew Cookie" larabar messes with my head. I just ate cookies on Whole30. I think that anything sweet and processed should either be homemade or outlawed. Larabars are like candy and I just don't think it's right to put them in the book so many times. I never ever would have even looked in the "bar" section of my grocery store. I get they're for emergencies, but the WHOLE point of WHOLE30 is to do things whole heartily. Wrappers are cheating and i kinda feel like i failed and need to start over again because i ate so many lara bars in two days.
  2. I have two workouts tonight, 4-5, 5:30-6:30ish, is it acceptable to have a larabar in between? I've seen in past forums larabars are almost discouraged because it might be used as a substitute for something worse. Would it be better to just wait till after my last workout and have a big protein filled meal? My first workout is weight training, so I assumed it would be smart for me to eat something. What do I do...?? Thanks everyone!
  3. This may be a bit personal, but just having completed Day 5, I am noticing a tough time using the bathroom. I have been taking a Fiber Supplement for years and just quit it this week, because of the start of the program, cause I do not believe it is compliant. So what do most people use as a supplement to Fiber with this program? I was thinking prunes may be a good alternative to actually taking a supplement and saw plum listed on compliant fruit list, but didn't see prunes. Also, I have a hectic schedule so I need to have a Larabar with me just in case! As I was in the store the other day, looking at the Larabars, I wonder if there is a Larabar that is more or less compliant? I eneded up picking 2 of the "UBER" Larabar, because they had a significant less about of Carbs and Sugars. I believe there is no fruit added to these and they are mainly nut bars. Is there a Larabar more recommended than another? I will be going back to the store tomorrow to make sure I am prepared for the upcoming week and want to know what to pick up!!! Started the whole30 because I having been having stomach issues and had an endoscopy last week, I am still waiting on results, but figured elimiating any "food triggers" would be a productive start. I am also now 5 days off diet coke!!! That is a struggle for me, but I'm feeling much better!!! I am excited to be starting Day 6 tomorrow morning and along with a brand new workout program, I am ready to be healthy, fit and lose some much needed inches. Thanks in advance, Elissa
  4. I didn't see this topic anywhere else... apologies if I missed it. I am on day 13 of my Whole30 and I have been doing very well. I have been eating 1/2 a Larabar here and there as dessert after a meal. I'm starting to think this isn't such a good idea. Today, I was in a rush and quickly ate leftover sausage and asparagus (very little carb) at about 7:30am. At 9:00am, I was still hungry so without thinking I ate an entire Larabar. Shortly after, my vision was blurred and I had foggy brain. I ate leftover salmon and leftover asparagus at 12:30pm. Shortly after, I felt lightheaded and hot... almost as if I would pass out. I ate a clementine at about 1:00pm and started to feel a little better. It is now after 4:00pm and I am feeling weak and lightheaded again. I don't claim to understand completely how my body and the food I put in it works, but I feel like my sugar dragon didn't stay slayed. I don't really have cravings, but I am wondering if the Larabar with 17g sugar is too much sugar for my system at one time. Also, I don't really know how many carbs I should be eating at each meal to hold me over to the next meal. Any thoughts?
  5. bnlauren


    I see some sites saying you can have Larabar on this true? Thanks!