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Found 4 results

  1. ashtynb89

    Larabars - When to eat?

    So I'm trying to figure out when to incorporate larabars. Being as they are higher in calories and natural occurring sugars, I'm thinking earlier in the day. But how do you guys eat them? How do you make them a meal? I'm on day 1 of Whole30 and still sorting things out. I got these as a source for my sweet tooth, and saw many blogs that recommend them. I workout at 5 am, so maybe as pre workout? Post workout? Breakfast? I'm not sure, what do you guys do?
  2. Ok, so this may be a really silly question...but I'll be traveling to England this summer and though I am post-Whole30, I would like to eat as close to compliant as possible. With all of the moving around and day trips, I know there will be days when I need an emergency stash. I was planning to pack a box of RxBars and a box of Epic Bars in my luggage for this very reason (I will always chose *real* food and real meals over these options...which I prefer anyways...but just in case!). I am concerned about Epic Bars though because they are meat...will I have any trouble getting them into the country? Also for those of you in England, is there anything similar to Epic Bars widely available there? I've been to England many times but this will be my first attempt at Whole30-style eating while I am there so I am not as knowledgeable about healthy eating in the UK!
  3. I'm about to wrap up my first whole 30. During the program, I had a few Larabars on emergency basis while traveling. I've read that sugar is sugar is sugar, and I know that a goal in the program is to break food addictions. I feel I've done this and will continue to avoid sugar post whole 30. Still, on the RARE occasion that I want to eat a treat simply for the sake of taste (let's say once a month), I'm stuck on what would be best in the short and long term for my mental and physical health. Should I just go for what I really want (i.e. a few bites of Ben & Jerry's or a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup...OMG!), or stick with the healthiest versions of these treats (i.e. buy or make my own which contain all natural, organic ingredients with lower sugar content in the form of fruit juice and/or raw sugars)? If sugar is sugar, does it really matter? Thanks for any input!
  4. Hello, I am currently on Day 8 of my Whole30. I decided to do the Whole30 because I have a sugar addiction and unhealthy past relationships with food (emotional eating/binge eating). Tonight I was really stressed and upset and the next thing I knew I had eaten 3 Larabars. I KNOW that I should not have eaten them, that they are loaded with sugar and to be used in emergencies only (which is what they were intended for) and I deeply regret eating them. I know the cause of this mini larabar "binge" was connected with my issues with emotional eating, which is something I constantly am fighting to overcome. I am wondering if I should start over due to this slip up? Or if I should just make sure Larabars are out of sight for the next 22 days. I obviously would prefer not to start over, but am willing to do so if necessary; other than this issue I have been following the guidelines with great care, eating 3-4 meals a day with protein, healthy fats and lots of veggies. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!!