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Found 8 results

  1. Does anybody know the kind I am talking about.....crippling calf/foot/leg cramps waking me up in the middle of the night. I have no idea if there's any truth to this but I used to get these and my doctor told me it had to do with a potassium deficiency and that I should eat bananas. Obviously, I have severely cut down on my banana intake since I started this two weeks ago. Or maybe potassium is not the issue at all. I have no idea.... any advice?
  2. I'm on Day 7 and feel great, except for one thing. The last two days I've had leg and toe cramps that are pretty painful. I swim most days and two days ago had both thigh and toe cramps. I hopped on my bike yesterday and the same thing happened. Any suggestions? I don't eat beef or pork, but do eat fish, eggs and chicken and so far have followed the plan exactly. Thanks in advance.
  3. Day 10 and my energy is up, my mood is lifted...but I am having leg cramps in the middle of the night and my neck has been cramped all week, giving me horrible migraines (a chronic problem for me that I am hoping to help with Whole30, but they are getting worse instead of better). I was reading the forums for advice on leg cramps and I saw magnesium recommended, which I already take, and possibly potassium (I eat an avocado every day, and I am also adding in a banana), and also sodium, which I already salt my food very heavily. Thinking of starting to take a multivitamin and also maybe getting some electrolyte water (not sure if it's compliant, need to research). Here's what I ate yesterday: Breakfast: half banana, three egg "muffins" with mushrooms and onions Lunch: ground beef and compliant spaghetti sauce, spaghetti squash, roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli Snack (I need to eat in the afternoon or I get a terrible headache): sunflower seeds, half banana Dinner: Crockpot carnitas, compliant salsa, guacamole Looking at this I can see that I was very short on veggies. It's hard for me to get them in in the morning but I do usually have them with dinner. Any thoughts? I'm so discouraged by my headache right now.
  4. Hi, everybody! I'm a newbie, reading all I can and looking for others with similar health issues who either are just starting out or who have had some successes already! I am also (almost) a 3-year breast cancer survivor with PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) and wicked nightly/early morning leg cramps. I've done Paleo before, but it was hard to stick with (SWYPOs got me, I think!). Anyhow, I'm on Day 5 and my joints feel a little better, I think, but the extreme leg cramps are still going--and I'm still a little tired and headachey. I'm having fun finding recipes and being creative in the kitchen. If anyone else has any experience with any of the above health issues and Whole30, or if you have favorite recipes, please let me know. I'm optimistic and looking forward to getting to know other Whole30ers! Thanks, Susan
  5. I started the Whole30 because I felt tired and run-down all the time. I had a physical with extensive testing, and there's nothing medically wrong with me. I am a healthy weight and was eating a mostly gluten-free, mostly dairy-free, mostly sugar-free diet. I thought the Whole30 would help. I'm on Day 19 without knowingly deviating from the plan, and I don't feel well at all. I'm moody and having trouble concentrating. My skin broke out (it was blemish-free before) and looks sallow. I'm sleeping terribly with random waking and leg cramps. I've been eating wonderful meals but I feel worse than I did before. I also read the trouble shooting section of the book and tried the protein snack an hour before bed with no change. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I'm on Day 10 of Whole 30, and about Day 7, I started experiencing really painful leg and ankle cramps in the night. Once I "clear" the cramp (or cramps), my muscles continually twitch. Particularly with my ankles, my foot starts to bend involuntarily in the direction of the cramp and within minutes I am hit with another ankle cramp. Ergo, I spend most of my "sleep" time fighting my muscles that want to cramp! I have never before experienced cramps in my lower legs and ankles. I've always had problems sleeping (and I'm on anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds), but usually can get 5-6 hours straight without trouble. Not so with Whole 30! FYI, I drink water all day long and take Calcium +D3 supplement (recommended by my Dr for bone density). No sodas, no caffeine etc. After the first terrible night/wee hours of the morning, I added a potassium and a magnesium supplement to no avail. However, I used to drink maybe six ounces of milk about an hour before going to bed each evening and of course that's a no-no on Whole 30! I didn't start Whole 30 because I was having digestive issues, I started because I wanted to eat more "cleanly." After battling the lower leg/ankle cramps from about 3 a.m. until I got out of bed at 7:30 a.m. today, my legs felt incredibly weak, as if they could barely support my weight. I've never had anything like this happen before re the morning muscle weakness. I am fairly active and the only time I've ever suffered night leg cramps has been when I've worked outside in the terrible heat and humidity of the South, and obviously didn't compensate with enough water. It's pretty obvious there's a critical component missing from my diet on this Whole 30 program, and I don't know how many more nights of cramping and muscle spasms I can take. Anybody else suffering these problems? Anybody able to recommend a solution?
  7. Not sure why I'm getting killer charley horses, but I had two last night. I'm well hydrated and I don't get them often at all, I cant remember the last time Ive had one. Anyone else experience this? Thoughts? W30 related?
  8. Hello. Day 19. For the last week, I have experienced painful, tired leg muscles that quiver on the edge of cramping for much of the day and especially at night. I do take 250mg. of magnesium and have for several years. I am not dehydrated. I eat a banana every day. Whole30 has been good for me in some ways because I have ramped down the sugar cravings and my overall food insanity is under control but no sign of tiger energy or better fitting clothes or clearer skin (in fact, my skin is worse) or these other touted magical benefits. And I am NOT cheating for perhaps the first time ever on any eating plan. What gives? I will endure this for the last 11 days but I am miserable. Pilates today will be an exhausting stop and start effort while I periodically massage out the leg cramps. Maybe I need a real doctor?