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Found 7 results

  1. gurleen16

    Am I eating enough?

    I am on Day 10 of Whole 30 and I want to know if I am eating the right amount. I know that snacking isn't really compliant but I do need to have some kind of "pre-workout" so my workouts don't suffer. I workout approximately 5-6 times a week and it consists of rigorous HIIT/Lifting. I average losing 900-ish calories at each session. I do give myself one or two rest days per week. Below is a "normal" meal plan: 1. Breakfast: Med size sweet potato (topped with a tablespoon of almond butter) with 1 egg/1 egg white with spinach and four strawberries or 1/4 cup of blueberries 2. Lunch: Caulifower rice with coconut chicken/veggies and 1 small cutie 3. Snack: 5-6 Nuts and a couple of spoons of chia seed pudding 4. Dinner: Large salad plate with tons of veggies, avocado, beef tips and an egg 5. 1 date I guess I'm confused how much I can snack before working out?
  2. Hello everyone! Whole30 enjoyer, first time forum writer. I did the whole30 from January-March. During that time I was introducing my workout routine to heavier weights and, thought feeling great, was struggling. I broke out of the whole30 in April and really enjoyed a lot of progress in my weight lifting. The protein supplements that are not whole30 approved seem to give my body a boost better than the approved. Unfortunately I completely fell off the band wagon and began to eat utter junk again (I stopped going to the local Taco Bell because the cashier new me by my first name). I feel awful and restarted the Whole30 again yesterday (8/1/2017) and want to continue that diet for as long as I'm able (sans the occasional social event), but I love lifting and don't see that great of results when partaking in this diet. Does anyone have any advice? I really want to tighten my (figurative) belt here calorie, carb and jiggly stomach wise. Thanks in advance and looking forward to learning from you! Best, Pat
  3. This is day 4 for my husband and I so far we are feeling pretty normal. We haven't had any cravings or lack of energy. Although, I am waiting for the "hangover" to hit us soon, I am not sure when to expect it. Before Whole30, we focused on eating clean throughout the week then on Sunday or Saturday we would have a treat meal like pizza or ice cream. With Whole30, we have been eating a lot more vegetables which was difficult for us. Has anyone skipped over the "hangover" phase or the moody phase or does it hit you later in the process?
  4. Hi, I'm new to Whole30 and currently on day 6. Loving it so far! Everything's been going well and I've had very few symptoms (though I was super tired and hit Naptown on day 5). I'm a relatively healthy eater and active so I'm assuming that's helped my transition phase. I'm also giving myself some leeway about workouts during the first 2 weeks of my whole30 ie. if my body feels genuinely tired or tanked, I won't force a workout. So far, so good - no leeway needed. I feel a little awkward defining myself as an athlete. I guess I prefer to think of myself as someone who has an athletic attitude - someone who trains with focus, committment and mind/body awareness. For me it's less about the specific quantitative numbers and more about attitude, learning and frankly, fun. But here's my question: I don't do CF but I do weight train 3x week...and also run 2-3x week (60-75 mins each), rock climb 1-2x week (90 mins each) and do yoga/pilates 1x week. I was hoping to start a more intense lifting regime. I've been in maintenance mode with my lifting for several years and want to start pushing a little harder and hopefully set some new PRs...around week 3 of my whole30. Good idea? Terrible idea? Should I just wait until I'm on the other side of whole30? Focus on one movement instead of all of them? I'm in my mid-40s and *hate* to think that my best days are behind me. This is a handful of my current/maintenance loads, 3 sets, 10 reps each. I'd like to crush each one of these. Flat Bench - 105 Decline Bench - 110 Incline Bench - 100 Barbell Squat - 135 Deadlift - 135 Thanks!
  5. I just read It Starts With Food cover to cover and I'm getting ready to start my first Whole30. I'm currently doing 5/3/1 (a weight training program that involves lifting 4 days per week) in the mornings, a boot camp class twice a week in the evenings, and maybe a pickup basketball or soccer game on the weekends. I think I've got the "carb curve" thing figured out for the bootcamp and pickup sports, but I'm not sure about the weight training. Technically, weight training is high intensity - during the set I'll be breathing hard and my heart rate goes up - but then there's rest time between sets and overall I don't get too tired from a cardio standpoint or break a major sweat. The total weight session lasts maybe an hour, but time spent actually working is only about half an hour. So, after weight training, do I refuel with carbs assuming I just did 30 minutes of high intensity work? Or do I have no carbs, since I didn't go all out the way I do in boot camp, getting all tired and pukey and sweaty etc.?
  6. HELLOOOO all! Been checking out this site for pretty much the entire day and I keep finding more and more great stuff!!! Tomorrow will be day one. scared. I am a pretty healthy person. but I can already feel myself getting overwhelmed with the whole paleo thing. The idea of NONE of something freaks me out. I have been looking up tons of recipes which is why I think im overwhelmed. Im horrible at keeping things simple. im thinking for the first week I will just eat very basic meals. A few questions! I am training for a marathon. I read about the PWO meals. So does that mean on days I run 5 to 15 miles and or lift-Have an extra snack before AND after??? are we only supposed to have 3 meals no snacks?? Also- I work in a hospital and my days are LONG 7 am to 7 pm Im very worried about when to eat my meals, the times. and should I have snacks?? I leave my house at 630 am and get home around 8 pm Im sorry if these questions have been asked before. Theres so much info on this site I may not have stumbled upon it yet. But if you have any ANYTHING to tell me, offer me, guide me, its all welcomed!
  7. Hi Everyone! I am looking for some help. I am under fairly extreme stress, not the bad kind, just the 'this is what my life is like for the next year and a half so lets make the best of it' kind. I think it is responsible for a LOT of my issues right now (such as: severe constipation and abdominal pain, bloat, tiredness, skin ailments, etc FYI I have IBS as well, but never this bad). I am on the go all day, all week; during which time I lift weights 3-4x a week, and do the elliptical 2-3x a week. I work full time and go to school full time. I have just purchased a startup company which is demanding a lot of my non-existent free time. I am in a long term relationship (which is joyful, but all relationships need tending to!) and I am doing a 100% compliant Whole(something, but more than 30) which takes a good amount of energy. I feel as though my symptoms and general well-being would benefit greatly by stress reduction, and more time for my parasympathetic nervous system to rest/digest which it is currently not doing AT ALL. Does anyone have any suggestions of things I can do to take some stress off of my body? Activities? Things I should eat/not eat to improve the IBS symptoms? Meditations? A Sample Day: Breakfast: 1/2 a sweet potato, Several Handfuls of Baby Spinach, 6 Mushrooms, 1/2 onion, and a compliant Turkey Sausage all sauteed in Coconut Oil Lunch: A load of Baby Spinach, 1 Tin of Sardines in Oil, Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette Post Workout (if I lift): 1 tin of Tuna and *maybe* a kiwi or a half a sweet potato Dinner: Salmon Filet with 1/2 bunch of kale sauteed with garlic and ~1 cup of roasted butternut squash Thanks Everyone! Much Appreciated!