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Found 3 results

  1. STATS: March 1, 2020. Weight, 180. Noticeable pooch on my gut. LDL number, a few weeks ago, was a shocking 199. Percent body fat unknown but it's got to be 22-28%, despite frequent exercise. Goals: Eliminate snacking and emotionally-driven after dinner eating. Eliminate (for 30 days) grains, soft cheeses, sugars, and high-carb extras in my diet. Might allow a cheat day after the 30 days, but it's a slippery slope. Over the next two months, reduce weight to 168-175 range, with gut fat greatly reduced (about 3 extra inches now). Get LDL down at least 40 points to 160. OK, Day 2. Yesterday, starving most of the day. Not enough protein I guess. Sawed off some pieces of cheese to stave off the hunger. Ate celery. Did pretty good. No after dinner snacking. Still not real clear on what's in, and what's out, but have generally followed the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet for 17 years now and it's pretty similar but focused on controlling insulin release. Great bone broth soup for dinner. Lunch, had some dulce which was very good and some smoked salmon. Half an avocado. Didn't really eat a big enough lunch. A little exercise, about 5 k to the store and back on the bici. Grade: B+ DAY 3: Breakfast--3 cups of coffee with coconut oil stirred in with immersion blender. First cup also had zucca oil, squash oil. One zucchini fried in rice oil with two steamed soft-yolk eggs. Three or four glasses of water. Supplements, stays the same about every day. Zinc, lion's mane, D, Niacin, R-Alpha Lipoic acid, Ubiquinol (form of CoQ10), small amount of ginseng powder. Plan--big salad for lunch with turkey. Soup again for dinner, beets (made from whole, fresh organic), maybe broccoli.
  2. Beets

    Whole 21

    Day 1 I’m coming back here to keep myself on track. I can’t do a W30 bc I’m going away w friends where we are all sharing meals but if I can get started I’ll maintain Want to feel healthier, eliminate a bunch of the sugar and fake food that’s taken over my diet. Also of course I have gained weight and I hate it. I feel so much better when I am fit. Not just how I look but how I feel in my body. I am a stranger in my body and I need to feel connected. So. Day 1. Just weighed myself for first time in years. Have been doing a lot of Pilates and feel strong but I don’t think I’m *that strong. I felt so damn good in my strict AIP days. Was a super pain in the ass to eat anywhere but home but I felt so awesome. Food was sustenance not pleasure. Tasted good too but I liked feeling like an ascetic. Found an an old pic from those day where I was taking a bathroom selfie and my little daughter was looking up at me. I want to be a good role model in terms of health not fretting about my weight. But feeding myself good food and feeling good not wringing hands over what I’m eating would be good. Also my kids eat too much sugar. Gonna do it.
  3. cinco_mouser

    cinco_mouser's log Apr29 - May31

    I'm starting this process, but unhappily so. I'm not joyfully walking toward this, but I AM committed to doing this thing. My selected date is 33 days rather than 30, because I like to start on Mondays and stop at the end of a thing (month). Today, drinking black coffee was easier than I expected, but I basically spent the entire day famished.'s 5pm and I've achieved a state of not hungry JUST NOW after eating 12oz of bacon. It's not like I wasn't eating, either, ya'll. It's not the end of the world, but man. I would love to NOT be starting for the next 32 days. Breakfast: poached eggs, fried sweet potatoes, coffee Pre-lunch: poached eggs, friend sweet potatoes Lunch: borscht with chicken OMG SO HUNGRY: borscht with chicken (two bowls!), and bacon. Like...a LOT of bacon. A package of bacon. Y'all. I was so hungry. Dinner: garlic rosemary chicken, sautéd kale