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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all - I've been looking for a "go to" other than Chipotle in my area. I came across True Food Kitchen and was thinking of stopping by the Pasadena location tonight. Has anyone dined there? Or, if you're too far away, what would you recommend from the below menu? I'm scared to eat out anywhere other than my standard Chipotle. I was thinking I would order the roasted brussels sprouts and the organic tuscan kale salad (no grana padano, no breadcrumbs, no dressing, add shrimp).
  2. Anyone have a good place for uncured, no sugar added bacon in the LA area? I know I can order it online but my delivery situation is a little weird so I would rather not. Thanks!!
  3. My egg dilemma

    Hola! Eggs! Probably a very common item in many of your diets, as well as mine! The problem I have come across, as I am sure many of you have as well is locating high quality eggs that are pastured AS WELL as not fed soy. It seems like every time I find a new egg source something goes wrong. I am at a loss and need some advice! Here are the options I have tried/am mulling over: Vital Farms: USDA Organic! Great tasting HUGE eggs, and great quality of life for their hens (Rated 5 eggs on Cornucopia! http://www.cornucopi.../FarmID_21.html) HOWEVER their hens do get some soy in their diet. Quote from the Vital farms site: "In addition to grass and other pasture goodies, our hens get a feed ration made up mainly of organic corn and a small amount of unprocessed organic soybean meal. It's the only way that we can insure that they get enough of the essential amino acid, lysine in their diet, without which, they simply won't lay eggs. There are no GMO's or any other non-organic ingredients in our birds' feed. In speaking with a number of customers over the years with soy allergies, we've been told repeatedly that they've had no adverse reactions from eating our eggs." Link to Vital Farms: Tropical Traditions: USDA Organic! Soy-free fed with cocofeed, mediocre taste, small eggs, very runny for some reason. I would go with these eggs regardless of taste/size/texture but the main issue is the shipping cost. Link: http://www.grassfedt...&__utmk=5454707 Lily's Eggs: Local farmer near me, I am not sure I completely trust them however due to buying a dozen from a man who claimed "No soy" then opening the carton and seeing "FED A VEGETARIAN DIET OF SOYBEAN AND GRAINS" under the lid. Smallish eggs, decent tasting. Healthy Family Farms: Local farm. I didn't even bother to try these eggs after doing a quick search for the farm when I got home I found out the owners have been buying bulk product from other places and selling it as their own. This coupled with all the other charges out on the owners just killed any chance of me trying their eggs. They were the cheapest eggs at the farmers market - and labeled soy-free. Definitely seemed a little too good to be true at the time, should have asked more questions! Chino Valley Ranches: USDA Organic! Certified soy-free eggs, however their layers are not pastured they are cage-free. I have yet to try these eggs so I cannot vouch for the taste/size or any details as such. Link to their site: Is it better to get pastured eggs that are fed a small amount of soy or soy-free eggs that are only cage-free? I plan to continue my search to find a local soy-free egg farmer but unfortunately I live in the Santa Monica area and the farmers market/farms that ship are my only solid local options due to car issues.