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Found 8 results

  1. For my #January Whole30, I will be doing a SIBO Specific Whole30. Basically, Whole30 + Low FODMAP + SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). I have done this once before as part of my treatment plan for SIBO. It's very restrictive and a bit of a battle, but doable. I'm both looking for and willing to offer support to anyone who might be in the same boat. Are there others with SIBO who might be doing this?
  2. CaroleLC3

    low FODMAP & avocado oil

    So I tried searching first for this but it really only gave me topics related to either or, and it seemed like several pages to have to sift through. I am doing the whole 30 and staying within the low FODMAP items. two of the items that I'm not supposed to have are avocados and garlic, but I have seen that it's ok to use garlic-infused olive oil. so I am wondering: does that mean I can also use avocado oil? I'm asking because I want to stay within the parameters, but I noticed that they sell the Primal Kitchen avocado oil mayo at my local grocery store and I thought it might be nice to try it and have one less thing to have to make from scratch. so is avocado oil a hazard for those of us on the low FODMAP? Thank you!
  3. JSCELLISTiswhole30

    OFF track! Help!!

    Dear Whole30 world, I have started my Whole30 journey in Sept 2015, and since then have completed 2 & 1/2 Whole30's and a Whole100 having massive success on every level!! But each time I try and reintroduce anything, I find I am sensitive to it and have a problem with it. So, this brings me to figuring out what the best long-term food freedom plan looks like for me. I am confused thinking I should be able to bring back small amounts of things, but each time I do I'll either set off my sugar dragon, or have a physical reaction. Does anyone else have this? Is this perhaps because of all of my other medical needs? Operating with no thyroid after a thyroidectomy after Graves'. Also, concluded after my first whole30 that I do not tolerate any of the FODMAPs well due to IBS perhaps. So now I'm feeling off rails again, but feeling a bit hopeless about having to be super strict about things long term. Help! Also, I'm going on tour for a year living in hotel rooms (without a fridge or kitchenette) any tips on how to create a light portable kitchen I could put in maybe one of my suitcases? Feeling like even that will be tricky for the seasoned whole30er. Many thanks with any advice! JSCELLIST
  4. Hi everyone, After posting in another topic the other day, I've decided that I am going to do a W30 in March to clean my diet back up and address some new sensitivities that I seem to have developed. My biggest problem is that I seem to be running out of carb sources quickly due to the need to do a low FODMAP protocol this time around and having developed sensitivities to winter squashes. There is conflicting information regarding sweet potatoes and white potatoes on a low FODMAP protocol, but I know that large amounts of sweet potato (more than 1 per day) do not agree with my body. I also cannot tolerate spaghetti squash, butternut squash, or any other winter squash at this time. Anyone have ideas for carb sources? I work out 4-5 (1-3 days of crossfit, 1-2 days of boot camp) days per week and am fairly active on my rest days (I walk my dog 5+ miles on my rest days from the gym) so carbs are a must for me. Thanks! Jen
  5. wholehearted90

    Day 29: is this tiger blood?

    It's day 29 for me today, and I'm feeling so proud! When I started this whole30, I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to do this for 30 days, and I'm pinching myself that tomorrow is day30. Reading up before I started, I suspected I might have a problem with fodmaps, so I eliminated those too, plus nightshades and eggs. That didn't leave a lot to eat, and I've been away from home for 20 of these 30 days. But because of that I've eliminated almost every previous excuse I used to tell myself about why I couldn't stick to a healthy eating plan. It IS possible when you plan ahead. Lots of NSVs: my skin has improved a lot, although I still have some rosacea on my cheeks but it has improved a lot. Sleep has been the biggest benefit. I'm astounded that i can put my head on my pillow and be asleep almost straight away. This is from someone who got a prescription for sleeping pills from my doctor 18 months ago because I found it so difficult to get to sleep. And 11pm is now a late night for this former night owl. So i'm waking up early every morning, without an alarm and feeling refreshed. I'd have done whole30 years ago if I knew that the payoff could be this. My clothes are looser, but I won't be weighing myself on day31, because I've realised the number on the scale isn't that important. That in itself is a NSV. I've proved that I can make a commitment to myself and see it through. I'm eating 3 solid meals a day, no more snacking, no more 'recreational eating'. I eat within 30 mins of getting up and I have my last meal at least 3 hours before bed. Those are routines I will keep. I didn't exercise much during the whole30, although I did take up pilates and then this week saw a 10k coming up in my hometown in 5-6 weeks time and thought 'I'm going to do that' (i ran a couple of 10ks last year but haven't done much running over the past 6-8 months. So today i went for a walk/run - and I LOVED it. I was out for over an hour, and it felt so good, to move my body, just to move my body, and because I had energy to burn. Not to slog for punishment or trying to attain some goal, just for pleasure. Yesterday I had been thinking 'well tiger blood never really kicked in for me' but then this evening it occurred to me that feeling that way on a run is indeed tiger blood! For the first time in years I am able to really listen to my body. I haven't been that active in the forum, asked a couple of questions and thanks for the help I received. I think I'll be a lot more active during the reintroduction period! P.S The $15 I spent on the 30 day email support was worth every penny. I loved being able to click 'I did it! Another whole30 day in the bank' at the end of every day.
  6. Hello I am new here.. I have read the whole 30 Book and planned to start on Jan 4th but soon became over whelmed with all the extra that I need to cut out due to my health issues.. I know that I won't be successful if I am not properly prepared as I have a major sugar addiction. I'm looking for resources for recipes that incorporate the egg and nightshades free plus the IBS low FODMAP restrictions.. The book is great but most of the recipes seem to have something that I cant have. I have a 3 year old and an 11 month old.. so dinners need to be something that they will also eat and isn't too time consuming to prepare.Leftovers for me for lunch would also be a huge bonus. I need something for breakfast that I can perhaps make a head of time and eat on the go (while feeding them and getting out the door lol) I hope to start on Monday Jan 11th. Some of my staples for cooking like tomato sauces, garlic and bell peppers I'm no longer supposed to eat Please help as I don't really know where to go to get started... thanks
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but let me sum up my Whole30 experience. Pre-whole30: I ate fairly healthy, but with the odd sweets but little to no gluten grains. When I would eat Apples, Peaches, Nectarines, Cherries, Snow Peas, I would get a really itchy mouth. And I noticed I would get bloated from things like Apples, Cauliflower, Broccoli etc, so I was taking probiotics regularly to help with this. But I never paid any attention to FODMAPs because it was never all of them that bugged me. Week1-2 of Whole30: I stopped the probiotics, and my first week consisted of a mega carb flu, it lasted longer than it was supposed to, I assumed this was from the lack of sugar. And I was never hungry, always insanely full and bloated. Someone on the forum raised the attention that I might need the low FODMAP diet, but that for now I should try cutting avocado, onion garlic and eating more starchy veggies. So I did...sort of? Week3-Week5 of Whole30: Energy levels were better, all is good, except I kept accidentally eating ingredients high in FODMAPs, or I was really stubborn and just ate it anyways, dealing with the consequences of severe bloating, leaky gut, diarrhea, and severe stomach cramps. I also had bouts of migraines and heartburn. Now: I don't want to go anywhere near any FODMAP foods, even if I eat the tiniest amount my stomach gets itchy, bloated and, it literally will instantly come out the other end. I'm on Day31, ready to start my reintroduction, but I'm worried about reintroducing beans and dairy and everything. I'm so over being sick. I have a strong feeling digestive enzymes or probiotics will help me a lot, I just don't know if I can wait another 10-14 days before being able to resolve these digestive issues. Being this sick is causing a lot of stress on my body, including the now never-ending heartburn. Help! Is taking enzymes a bad idea? I just want a happy tummy!
  8. I'm starting my second challenge on the first. My first challenge was last Spring and I have remained paleo since then. Part of the reason for that was that I felt so much better on whole30 so it wasn't much of a surprise that I discovered problems with nearly everything during the testing phase. Some issues have remained with a few subsets of foods like onions and cauliflower types and I'm doing the low fodmap protocol for this whole30 to see what else I can do to further heal and improve. I'm committed to at least 30 days but it's possible I will go longer as needed. Anyone else low fodmap?