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Found 10 results

  1. My recipe for a tasty low carb celeriac and courgette tortilla. Makes a great warm breakfast and also keeps well for lunch.
  2. I am on Day 28 and have been feeling good. Almost a week ago I decided to start paying attention to how many carbs I am eating and trying to choose low carb veggie and fruit selections. I've adjusted my macros to 10% carb, 30% protein and 70% fat. I've been feeling good! But today I tried to do a long run (20 miles) and felt like I was back at the beginning of the Whole 30 with no energy in my run and I got leg cramps. I only made it 12.5 miles. I had managed to get my runs back and felt good during a 15 mile run two weeks ago but I ate sweet potato the day prior and now I'm avoiding high carb veggies like sweet potato and squash. I've been told that you do not get fat adapted on a whole 30 diet because you still consume a high number of carbs through the starchy veggies and fruit. Is this true??
  3. My daughter (10) has been placed on carb restriction by her doctor. She isn't in need of loosing weight, but changing her eating to prevent (possible) future illnesses. Would the Whole30 plan meet this need? Again, I am not looking for weight loss I am looking for low carb foods and meal ideas.
  4. Hello For 4 months I chose low carb and intermittent fasting as my life stile. Now I decided to test Whole30. The only thing is leaving me confused is why should we need to eat 3 times a day and also pre and pos training? Why Intermittent fasting will impact in Whole30? Should I eat even if I am not hungry? tks Katia
  5. sjenkins1011

    30 day Commitment begins today

    I baffle and amaze myself that I have so much difficulty sticking with a plan to eat right and lose weight. My intentions start out good, my goal set, nothing will get me off track this time. But... any little slip puts me right back where I started. This cycle is getting shorter and shorter - mmm, 2-3 times a week. It's like being an addict. I am fearful of giving it (some foods) up, I want more and more and will do almost anything to get it. It is irrational and ridiculous behavior. My feelings of despair and self-doubt prompt me to search for help-although I already know what to do. This time my search led me to Whole 30. I will commit to the plan for 30 days beginning now.
  6. Today is day 31. I hopped on the scale and my weight is up 2.5 pounds, but my clothes fit as though I've gained even more. I have a closet full of clothes that are too tight and I'm sitting here at work today worried that I may actually burst the clasps of my fat pants. To make matters worse, I have a horse show 9 days from now and the clothes I need to wear for that fit me about 10 pounds ago. I admit I feel panicked, as well as ashamed that I will be waddling out there, seeing my friends, 10 pounds heavier than I was at the last show. Clearly, I didn't gain all 10 pounds on Whole30, but I came to Whole30 because my weight was creeping up on my low carb diet and I was sick of gaining and losing the same pounds over and over again. As I explained in my previous post, I've been following a low carb diet for over 15 years. I found the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet in January of 1999 and managed to lose 50 pounds and keep it off for over a decade. At that time, I experienced many of the benefits people find with W30, like increased energy, a cure to what I had thought was "chronic fatigue", and a cure to years of chronic gastritis. However, I was still always a good 20-30 pounds over my goal weight. In July of 2012 I went very low carb and dropped down to about 10 pounds over my goal weight. I was pretty happy and healthy there, but couldn't seem to maintain it. I'm fairly certain the primary cause of my weight gain on W30 were the times I enjoyed baby carrots and about 5 days ago, a half a sweet potato. I had also been sprinkling a few sliced strawberries and blueberries on my evening salad. (I don't eat nuts because I know they are a problem for me.) In the days following the sweet potato, my energy crashed and I felt I could barely function. The past two days I've limited myself to low carb vegies only and thankfully my energy is back up this morning. At this point, I don't know what to do. I enjoy eating this way, but can't keep gaining weight. Without the horse show, I think what I'd want to do is stick with it and eat only very low carb veggies to see if I can start a downward trend. However, because I am honestly concerned I won't be able to wear or ride properly in my show clothes, I'm considering desperate measures of going back to a meat and egg fast and then try to work vegetables back in later. I just don't know. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Sample menu: Meal 1: Beef patty, 3 eggs, spinach cooked in olive oil with tomatoes and onions Meal 2: leftover pork shoulder from last night and veggies cooked this morning. Meal 3: boneless skinless chicken thighs and a big, organic, spring mix (greens only) salad with oil and vinegar. I eat breakfast like a horse (the amount of food it takes to get me from 7am to noon) and then my meals get progressively smaller throughout the day. I get up between 4:30 and 5am, take my dog for a brisk walk, get showered, eat breakfast, ride my horse, and then go to work. I want so badly for this to work. I want to break up with my scale and just eat a clean healthy diet and maintain a slim, healthy weight.
  7. I'm starting tomorrow and have completed all my shopping. I do have a concern as I have been low carb for 6 months (down 50+) pounds and I'm concerned about adding back in the carbs from all the fruits and some of the vegetables. I am carb resistant and I don't want to put weight back on. Anyone have any insight to help?
  8. Hello, I wanted to share my W30 experience when I complete it, which would be on Tuesday, 18th, but yesterday on my day #25 I've had horrible hypoglycemic experience. I have been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia in 2004 due to hormonal misbalance. I have diabetes in my family and I've been very attentive to what I eat since diagnosis. In 2012 I switched to Paleo and been informing myself on W30 so this is my first W30 round. Due to my hypoglycemic experience I decided to keep carbs low by eating green vegetables, and avoiding fruits and veggies such as sweet potato or squash. It was all good until yesterday, or at least I believed so. I did feel a bit week some days (especially after running-I run 2times a week), but still healthy. I ate proteins and fats and kept carbs up to 10-15% of total daily intake. Somehow, this might have been very bad idea – I haven't had an attack like the one yesterday since 2009! My meals yesterday were (and it's typical- mostly what I had throughout W30) 3 scrambled eggs in the morning (on lard with kale), coffee for lunch: canned tuna in water, green butter lettuce, tomato, half of avocado, hard boiled egg, evoo, lemon juice dinner: chicken breast with handful of almonds snack (before workout that I could not have gone to): handful of cashews Just after pre-wo snack I've had hypoglycemic attack. I wasn't even able to swallow without vomiting and it took me half an hour before I could eat a bite of banana. I measured glucose level then and it was 2.5 mmol/L. I continued measuring today, in the morning it was too low for my Glucometer to show (I think it shows above 1.5). I've had chicken with sweet potato for breakfast and took banana with me. Levels were mostly normal throughout the day (from 5 to 10.2 just after the meal). Something else I realized: when eating proteins and fats with veggies such as leek (I've had chicken with leek- I use lard to grease the pan and ate coconut meat) my glucose levels drop to 1,6 mmol/L after 2 hours! Contrary, after I eat sweet potato instead of leek with the same source of proteins and fats, my glucose level is 5,1. I'll keep measuring my glucose levels and see how the things go for the last days of W30… it did scare me a bit especially since I really believed that by eating fats I avoid sugar cravings that I used to have. Now I am thinking to add starchy vegetables to most of my meals, or see how it goes if I add forest fruits just after the meal (I've read someone's post here on forum who suggested it worked well with them and their hypoglycemia). I'd like to hear other people's experience here as well as professional advice. I will be visiting my practitioner in the coming days but I am not sure that they would advise me continuing on Paleo. A note here: I live in a country where “the usual†nutrition is still advised by medical practitioners, health and nutrition practitioners, fitness trainers and I will be advised to take sugar substitutes and base my diet on carbs. I have to admit here that I am even not sure I would mention to my practitioner that I don't eat grains and processed foodL Therefore, I'd appreciate your support here. Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi All, I'm on day 11 and it's going great (except for one slip up thanks to some life stress). I'm enjoying my meals and feeling super satisfied, etc... I've started doing crossfit and I love the workouts. However, as a triathlete, I also love my cardio - especially running. However, I've found that over the past 2 days, running has felt like total crap! My legs feel like concrete and my mental endurance to "just keep running" is non-exisistant. Is this normal? Will it pass? I love running, but not when I feel like I'm struggling just to jog along. Any suggestions?
  10. Breanna Smith

    Someone please assuage my fears.

    Hello all. I've been in and out of the Whole30 community for ~ a year now, and have yet to successfully complete one. I made it to day 13 with aid of The Whole30 Daily (faaaabulous tool, btw!), but then suffered a break in at my house, during which my computer, purse, camera, and other things of sentimental and monetary value were stolen. I promptly stress ate. Big time. I acted like I was okay to my family, but nope. My feeling of security has been shattered since. I've been trying to get back on the wagon since then (about 3 weeks ago), and today is Day 1 of the Whole30 Daily all over again, and I'm more than willing to give this a shot, but I have another niggling issue. I am a recovered vegan, during which I was pretty lean. I also felt great after eliminating wheat from my diet. Then I did ketogenc low carb (with meat) after I discovered yet more food sensitivities (eggs, cow's milk, wheat, soy, peanuts, cashews, bananas). I became the leanest I've ever been, and really enjoyed the huge salads with beef I would eat. I have now been "brain washed" so to speak by the perils of carbohydrate, even whole foods carbs like sweet potato, carrots (and yes, I have read the Carrot Train to crazy town, though maybe I should revisit it), and winter squashes. I have about 15-20 lbs I could afford to lose, and I am terrified (thank you disordered eating!) that re-incorporating these carby, albeit delicious foods in my diet again. When I was a vegan, I would eat a sweet potato a day, easily. Perhaps the high carb content was why I felt so fantastic, but I'm scared nonetheless. Someone please tell me eating sweet potatoes won't go "straight to my hips" so to speak. I can't afford to buy bigger jeans! (poor college student) Or, can I safely avoid starches during this time, or would that be against the spirit of the program? I have such a history of disordered eating (IF, veganism, low carb, bulimia) that I'm really not sure what is propaganda, truth, and distortion anymore. I need a clear headed person to help me sort this out. Thanks so much.