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Found 12 results

  1. So I'm on day 23 of my first Whole30. The process has generally been pretty smooth for me. At first, I struggled with hunger and dizziness, but adding more fats to my diet helped a lot. One of the main reasons for me doing the Whole30 was to improve my sleep. I don't have a problem falling asleep, but I struggle with tossing and turning and waking up too early. I was hoping some of that would be resolved by now, based on testimonials I read. I've cut down my caffeine consumption to one 1/2 decaf cup a day and that's it. I usually go to bed at the same time- I actually struggle to stay away past 1030p. I've tried reading before bed, cutting out electronics, etc. But like I said, the problem isn't falling asleep, it's staying asleep. I'm pretty sure I'm eating enough. I eat more than what the template recommends due to previously being constantly hungry and dizzy. I work out a lot so if I get hungry in between meals, I eat a protein or fat source. I listen to my body first before following the snacking rules to the T. Due to lack of quality sleep, I struggle with energy most days. I have enough energy to get me through a workout and a 4-5 hour shift at work. After that, I take it easy because my body is physically tired. I recently had blood work done and everything came back normal, so it's not a hormone thing. Does anyone have any experience with the sleep issue? It's a bit frustrating and if I wasn't so close to finishing, I'd consider throwing in the towel.
  2. Aheath4

    Day 1 repeat

    I started the whole 30 about 3 weeks ago. I have to constantly go back to day one after a couple days. This whole carb withholding is killing my energy. I have tried low carb before and never get over the carb flu. When I am compliant with the fodmap modification my gut and feminine issues feel so much better. My energy though is no where to be found. I can’t go more than two days without adding something from the “no” list. Basically I can’t seem to power through. I already sleep crappy because I’m on nights so the lack. I will admit I’ve noticed some changes but I can’t get over that slump. I want to because I’m so tired of feeling shitty. I take a probiotic and will probably be adding those vital collagen but are there other suggestions? My goal is to not need supplements but for now my gut needs the extra help. I have been focusing on walking and yoga most days of the week. Any help would be awesome. I have a vacation coming up and I want to feel balanced.
  3. I am used to working out with a trainer 3 times per week with circuit training of at least a moderate to high level. The workouts are tiring, but I always get through them. I am currently on day 9, and my past two workouts have left me exhausted to the point I have had to sit down and rest during the workouts--not usual for me at all. Also, I have noticed just a general lack of energy over the past 5 days of the program. My trainer likes the idea of my new healthy eating, but she does not agree with such a lack of carbohydrates-especially on days that I am working out. Any ideas on why I am feeling so tired, and also, what I should do on my work out days to boost my energy level to get through these workouts without exhaustion? I keep waiting for the tiger blood, but I think I have sloth blood at the moment.
  4. I'm on Day 16 and I'm hoping that all the great health benefits will kick in soon, but so far my digestion has been a little wonky, I've been having a lot of headaches, I haven't really had much extra energy, and the waistline appears to be holding steady (yes, I know, it's not all about losing weight, but...). I've already realized that I might not be eating enough veggies and added fat so I'm trying to increase those and hoping that helps. I didn't eat great over the weekend so I'm not sure if that set me back (ate Whole30 compliant foods but didn't do great with the meal template). I have a question about eating in the morning: most days I eat within an hour of waking, but three days a week I have to be at work pretty early, so it makes more sense to do the commute first and eat when I arrive. This puts me at more like 1.5+ hours after waking. Is this a huge deal?? Here's what I'm eating today: M1: 1 c. broccoli with sunflower seeds, 1 small sweet potato, 2 hard boiled eggs, a few slices of red bell pepper, 1/2 apple, black coffee M2: steak salad (modified from the Whole30 recipe: arugula, watercress, asparagus, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, and steak, topped with about 1/3 cup cilantro lime mayo) - altogether includes about 2-3 cups veggies, 1 large palm of steak M3: hamburger with pile of caramelized onions and mushrooms on a bed of sauteed spinach & garlic with guacamole and sweet potato These meals are making me SO FULL and the good thing is I'm not feeling like I need to snack between meals. Please let me know how this sounds. I'm not used to adding fat to my diet! Is this too much fat? Too little? Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Hello there. This is my first Whole30 and I'm on day 21. I started off strong, noticing significant improvements in headaches, muscle soreness, and eczema on just day 3. About day 14, all of these symptoms came raging back again and haven't subsided. Add to that low energy and going to be by 8:00 most nights. I sleep well and I don't feel that stressed. My husband tells me that I've been extremely cranky on Whole30 from the beginning, but I don't feel that way. I had a bout with extreme dryness in my skin: face, back of hands and lips. This seems to be on the downswing. I mainly just feel tired and hungry. I can't possibly eat more at meals . . . I feel stuffed as it is. I started out having two small snacks a day, but have since weaned off of those on most days. I just need to know whether any of you think that it's just taking me longer to adjust than others or am I doing something wrong. I also haven't noticed a change in the way my clothes are fitting. Breakfast: 3 eggs cooked in ghee, 1/2 an avocado with a handful of grape tomatoes (I eat this every morning and have for the past year. I love this breakfast.) And coffee . . . lots of coffee Lunch: Large piece of salmon, a whole zucchini stir-fried in coconut oil, and a side salad with vinegar and oil dressing Dinner: 6oz of chicken tenders with Whole30 BBQ sauce (so yummy!), sweet potato fries in Whole30 approved fry dipping sauce, and another side salad. I'm drinking lots more water now than I was before Whole30, but probably could use some more. I also usually have a mandarin orange with one of the meals. I've tried really hard to not snack in the past week. BTW: I was still snacking in the morning when all of my symptoms returned. Any advice?
  6. I'm currently on Day 13 and feeling good about meals and energy in general. But it is impossible for me to run my morning workouts at the paces I should be nailing. This morning I did track work and I was sooooo slow, but I thought I was going fast. It was too dark to see my watch, but the data showed that my heart rate correctly reflected my perceived effort, however I was running about 1 min/mile slower than I should have been. Per earlier advice, I have been eating a boiled egg and a date prior to workout, even though I have no appetite that early in the morning. When I get home I have 3 eggs with homemade pesto (no cheese), sweet potato, and greens. Lunch is usually a hearty beef stew packed with root veggies, apple and home roasted sunflower seeds if needed. Dinner has been substantial - last night was 2 chicken thighs, a lot of veggie stir-fry with sausage, and cauli-squash mash. I was stuffed. I know I'm getting enough to eat because I am normally a huge eater and never stop thinking about food. On the Whole 30, however, I tend to know when I'm hungry and when I'm not. That said, I have been eating a little more than I'm hungry for just to insure that I have enough calories for my 1.5 hour daily run/workout. My half marathon will fall on day 17 of the diet. I'm not terribly concerned about my finish time, but I don't want to be a slug either. I'm training for Boston Marathon, which is in April, and was hoping to dial in a healthy training diet for peak performance for that date. My diet plan leading up to day 17 will include increasing starchy veggies. On race day I'm not sure what to eat. I was thinking maybe 2 eggs and a banana, and then bring dates as fuel. Suggestions from anyone with successful Whole30 race-fuel ideas are much appreciated.
  7. AmythestTiger

    To AIP or not AIP?

    Hello, I'm on day 22 of my first Whole 30. I started this with the hopes of finding relief from my endometriosis pain, IBS symptoms, allergies/asthma, and to feel more energized. While on this journey, I do feel that my digestive health is a bit better. I feel that I know now how much fruit is "too much fruit" for my tummy and one accidental consumption of feta cheese helped me realize that dairy products hurt too. I am still experiencing endometriosis pain and allergy/asthma symptoms. I suspected from the get go that my healing process would be a long one. I've had IBS since I was 10 years old and endometriosis since my first cycle at 12. I'm now 27. I've always planned to do a Whole 60. However, I'm still feeling very tired. I also have a lot of acne breaking out on my face. I have read on the forum a lot of support about how it can take longer to get the energy boost. However, this fatigue along with my (newer) acne and with my medical conditions has me wondering if I should try the AIP for my second whole 30. While this is daunting to me as eggs and bell peppers are some of my favorite ingredients and I enjoy almond butter, I wonder if it wouldn't be more beneficial. For my energy level, I've made sure to eat starchy veggies with each meal (mainly sweet potatoes, since I love those). However, I don't notice a difference. Still lethargic during the day. Any thoughts, help, or support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. jt_bama

    Depression & Low Energy

    Hi everyone, I am 3 days into week 3, and I'm feeling really down. My stomach is unsettled, I don't want to get out of bed, and I'm feeling depressed. Any words of advice? Thank you.
  9. Hello. I am not sure how this works exactly, but I am hoping that someone out there might be able to offer some advice. I am in week 4 of the Whole30 and have stuck to it really well. This week - more than any other, I am super exhausted. I crawl into bed at 10pm and don't have the energy to get up and work out in the mornings like I usually do. I was pretty much paleo before starting the whole30 but definitely cheating Is that a "thing"?
  10. Today is day 10 of my W30 and the good news is that I'm still here. Is it too soon to hope that the cravings for sugar, specifically Chocolate, will have gone away? I still think about it a lot, and it's all over the office where I work and it takes every ounce of my willpower to not have any. I haven't, btw. Interestingly, I also still crave diet Coke. In fact, that's the thing I miss the most. I'm wiped out, too. I sometimes Have to take a power nap when I get home. I'm waiting to get the energy that people talk of....and to not dread the next 20 days. I usually feel better after a nap & dinner. Thoughts? In some ways I feel like I'm "white knuckling"this thing.
  11. Me: 48 year old male competitive cyclist 150 pounds, 5' 11" Have ridden fast recreational or raced since I was 20 This is the start of my 4th week on Whole30 No crazy cravings, no cheating whatsoever Although my road racing season is over, I've continued to cycle throughout the Whole30. Every single workout leaves me dizzy, thick feeling, mentally dull, even though I'm past 3 weeks in. Yesterday, I rode a 74-miler with our new team. It wasn't hot, nor particularly hilly. Breakfast was bizarre for this former toast with honey and tea guy: scrambled eggs, a sweet potato, some onions sauteed in ghee butter for flavor. I did use my long-time go-to bike nutrition for the ride, comprised of Hammer products, which I understand from many here is problematic: 24 oz bottle of water mixed with 3 scoops Hammer Sustained Energy, 1/2 scoop Hammer Heed, 1 Electrolyte Fizz tablet — the amounts are arrived at due to recommended weight and ride distance, and from having used their products a lot, pre-Whole30 with great success Approximately 40 ozs of plain water from a second replenished bottle After the ride, I experienced multiple episodes of out and out grayout, always after standing. One was so severe that it included darkened and blurred vision, the drama movie sound in my head, and nearly keeling over despite holding on to furniture. One other episode came close. The meal immediately post-ride was: 2 scoops Hammer Recoverite 2 scoops Hammer Whey protein Then I went home and immediately had: pulled pork (absoutely no sugars; made this in the crock-pot) lean chicken homemade salsa guac topped with three fried eggs a pluot Then, for dinner: a charcoal grilled NY stip steak roasted vegetables kale, broccoli, apple, almond salad The truth is, I've never experienced the "energy breakthrough" I've been told to expect by the 18th or so day. I've always been on the edge of what feels like a hypoglycemic buzz. But yesterdays post-ride was very bad, and an unwelcome surprise given the level of faithfulness. Today, at the office, I'm more mental fog than energy-less. Currently eating my lunch of: chili con carne with sliced avocado and tomato on top steamed brocolli more kale / apple / almond salad I'm supposed to start the intensity of weight training soon, and the bike rides on the indoor trainer which kick up to very intense levels of anaerobic stress, especially the anaerobic intervals. My first time trial test is supposed to be this week, and I'm fearing another post-ride bonk. Don't wanna go there. Appreciate the discussion. Sam
  12. I am on day 20 and and I have been super tired and having trouble with low energy all day. this is a new experience for me. I have been eating about 80% paleo for at leeast 2 years now. the biggest change in this plan for me is no weekend wine or "healthy" sugar ie dried fruit and such in between meals. and no pre or post workout shakes or suppliments. I get about 13 WO's a week of which Probably only 5 are HIIT the rest are KB and body weight training. (yoga/gymnastics and Primal movement). Do I just have a post WO meal after the HIIT workouts? or after the others too? 3 days a week I do a 3 hour session strting with 1 hour of warmups, stretching, and foam rolling then jump into Primal move and gymnastic training followed by Strength training. then I go to an hour class doing HIIt with KB'sand such. how should I plan my pre and post WO meals on those days? I used to make a protien shake with hemp and egg white protien powders, some Vega Preworkout powder, super green powder with yerba mate and green tea in coconut water and frozen berries. I had half before my 2 hour body weight training and the other half just before my HIIT class. then eat my breakfast immediately following. That used to work fine but I am struggling with doing this with food and not feeling nausious. Are Protien shakes OK before or after work outs for an easily digestable protien if there is no added sugar or sweeteners? like Raw hemp powder or egg white powder in coconut water with maybe some spinach and half an apple added? and what is your take on having beef jerkey or a primal pac as a pre or post workout meal? Love to get some feedback... AND when will my "energy boost" happen???? I want to feel like a tiger!!!