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Found 2 results

  1. Folks, I have a thought and want to see if it's crazy, so please chime in or share your experiences! Background: I've done two Whole30's in the past 6 months and lost weight on both, looked great, etc etc. The "off-roading" was the hard part and I inevitably ended up going crazy and eating horribly. Then, my crossfit box started a 9-week paleo nutrition challenge, and I thought it would be a good time to learn how to eat Whole30 most of the time, but still drink/eat socially once or twice a week. I've finally learned how to do exactly this, and keep on the Whole30 track outside of these few times a week. I'm very happy to learn how to drink and eat socially a few times a week without getting far away from a Whole9 life, however, this social way of living isn't helping me lose weight, if anything it's just keeping an average standard of health. I still have a ways to go before I get rid of my desired amount of fat. Plan: So my plan is to go every other month (so I don't go socially crazy) - Whole30, maintenance, Whole30, maintenance - until I reach where I want to be! Then, I'll use the Whole30 as a few-times-a-year tool to get back on track if I feel icky. Has anyone done this? Does it seem nutty? Thanks!
  2. So I did a "Whole20", ending with a spectacular dive into treats for a few days (mostly NOT WORTH IT). I decided to check up on myself to see if/how my body is changing. LAST MONTH: Weight: 173.0 Suspect Tanita scale bodyfat %: 35 Waist: 30 Belly pudge/navel line: 33 Hip: 42 TODAY: Weight: 173.5 Suspect Tanita scale bodyfat %: 31.5 Waist: 30 Belly pudge/navel line: 32 Hip: 42 I see people in some of the other threads bemoaning -- why does everyone ELSE lose big weight on the Whole30 and not me? Well, I hear ya. I think the success stories are probably a bit self-selecting -- people who are a little disappointed in what happened simply won't post. So I thought I would share this. I've done two Whole30s and a Whole20 now, nearly consecutively (with a week to 15 days in between). Each time I lost at most 2 pounds -- this last one? No change on the scale. BUT. I started off in May with about 3" more belly pudge than currently. I started off with the suspect Tanita scale reading 41.0%. Something is going on in there, even though I haven't dropped even one dress size. I think the reason I lost zero weight this time out might have been that I was doing Zumba about 4 times a week to burn my time-limited class card, and doing fewer bodyweight exercises. I'm starting a new log here because I'm not going to formally do another Whole30 unless I fall off in a way that feels too far -- I'm going to stay compliant, "ride my own bike" and I'll probably log intermittently.