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Found 8 results

  1. As soon as April hits I usually start crash dieting and exercising like a mad woman because Summer is right around the corner. This year I want to take a smart, proactive approach and be ahead of the game. Hope you'll join me!
  2. bombermcd

    Starting March 1, 2018

    Starting the Whole 30 journey March 1st, 2018- scared and intimidated at the moment!
  3. Belly

    Right let's do this...

    Hello all Just started a new life adventure in France so thought we would adopt a healthy new lifestyle to go with it. We've been living as expats in Africa for 5 years - completely loved it but the lifestyle was so naughty & both hubbie & I have gained a lot of weight as well as bad eating habits. So, Page 1 of the new chapter. Started today - although only arrived at 3am this morning at the house so we are finding our way & slightly panicking about what we can & can't do. Plus navigating around French supermarkets - all exciting & different. Excited to do this - well today I am. Let's see what tomorrow brings.....
  4. Hi, guys! Anyone else starting this journey in March? I have been wanting to do this for some time now (maybe years... O_O), but I had to wait for the perfect time mentally and schedulealy hahahaha March for me is a month with no temptations (not big on St Patricks celebrations), no special dates to celebrate, no reason for me to bake (I am a badass baker!)... all in all...the perfect month for me to take on this challenge and succeed! I have a hard time with restricted diets, but eat fairly healthy... I am still trying to find my reason why for the Whole30 besides the obvious (getting out of a plateau, losing some weight), but I gotta say that after reading the introductionary articles on the Whole30 website, I am starting to relate more and more to the holistic part of this journey. Anyone else boarding on this journey in March?
  5. Hi gang! Thanks for joining me on this journey and being welcoming - it's my first time, and I am doing the Whole 30 for the month of March!! I am thrilled and nervous and glad to be a part of this. I am doing this program in solidarity with my Father, for his medical problems, and my mother who is supporting my dad. The wonderful thing is, I get to reap the benefits as well!! Along with this W30, I am doing a 30-day yoga challenge and doing a yoga class every day for this month (or about every day...) Anyone else out there also doing this combo? Hopefully this will make me be nice to my body and start listening to what I need - mostly I will be glad to not have alcohol for this month to give my body a much needed reset and detox. Things I will miss: CHEESE, sugar in my coffee, pasta with pesto, and black beans. Of course it will probably be the hardest to not give in and go out for drinks with friends - I'll join, just can't drink with them. Gotta stay strong!! Thank everyone!! Best of luck to us all, Kira
  6. SheilaT

    Whole30 -- March 1

    Hello everyone, My name is Sheila and I have finished my first Whole30 in January successfully. I felt great, lost weight, and my body feels great overall. I did the re-introduction to non-Paleo compliant food in February and I noticed when I consume milk or other dairy products, I had some flare ups with allergies. I only did the dairy re-introduction, I couldn't get myself to eat rice, pasta and bread again. Before I delved fully into the Whole30 adventure this past January, I gradually transitioned away from eating foods with no breaks--bread, rice and pasta and some chips to name a few...rice was hard for me to give up because I ate rice most of my life. I began in October of 2014 and it took a long time before I weaned off of the grains. I stuck with eating Paleo lifestyle, My weakness...are chocolates...which I indulged a bit here and there.... I learned a lot from the January Whole30 and learned about spices and condiments which are paelo and non-paleo compliant. The hardest part to learn was reading the ingredients labels with critical eye. and catch the sneaky pseudonames for MSG, Sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Additionally, I discovered some of the great spices available to flavor foods and meats and veggies. Not only that, I learned to appreciate vegetables and meals I would never thought I would enjoy today.
  7. Hello! I'm Megan and I am preparing to officially start my Whole30 on March 2nd. I'm originally from Long Island, NY and moved to the UK about 8 months ago. Moving abroad has been life changing!... In many ways, diet and lifestyle being a part of that. I have previously followed the paleo diet, but I want to give the Whole30 a try this time. I'm choosing March 2nd as my start date to give myself a few weeks to prepare, but also because I will be traveling to Dublin February 26th-March 1st and I reallllyyy want to go to the Guinness factory . I'm planning on "trialing" the Whole30 over these next two weeks, then giving it the full 30 days in March. Anyone else joining me in March?!? Cheers, Megan
  8. lacealicious

    Starting Whole30 on March 1st

    Hey all! I am going for my 2nd run at Whole30 on March 1st. Is there anyone out there who would like to do it with me? I'm looking for someone who will keep in touch, motivate daily, and is willing to keep with the challenge! I've done Whole30 before, back in October, but feel like I need this again after chronic kidney infections. I'm giving myself a week to get ready so I can re-read ISWF and because my fiance is leaving town and I want to go out and indulge before I won't see him again until April. Anywho, if you're willing and ready to start March 1st, let me know! Lacey