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Found 29 results

  1. Rebecca ak

    Shelf life

    What is the shelf life of mayo with egg and mayo with out egg? (Home made)
  2. Let me begin by saying Hello! I am new here, and my husband and I will be doing our first Whole 30 beginning March 1st. I am not much of a mayonnaise eater in general, but I do use it for dressings, etc. I have tried twice to make the Whole 30 approved Mayo using the recipe in the book. Once with Avacado Oil, and tonight with Light Olive Oil. Both times, it has come out tasting terrible! It is rather bitter, and tastes very much like (bitter) oil. Any suggestions on how to make it not suck? I really hate to keep throwing it out, the ingredients are not cheap!! Thanks so much!
  3. I have successfully made mayo before using a regular blender. Nothing fancy, just a cheap blender. I have a Ninja blender and even having every single ingredient at room temperature and pouring my olive oil in slowly, it will not emulsify. Has anyone else experienced this in their Ninja blender? Is there a way around it using the Ninja? I am specifically asking about the Ninja (not immersion blenders or food processors because I don't have either). I don't want to buy another appliance just to accomplish something that should work in a blender. Anyone with experience in this please let me know!
  4. I’ve made Whole30 mayo and ranch and both times about a day after sitting in the fridge, in mason jars, they taste like bad eggs. What am I doing wrong??
  5. I still make the mayonnaise from Whole30, but since learning that many olive oils are cut with other oil, I have yet to find an extra light olive oil that is not on the list. Help! Do you have a brand recommendation?
  6. I’ve only made two batches of basic Mayo, but both times I get a really yellow result. Is it my mustard? Are there specific brands anyone is using? Or maybe it’s my olive oil? Idk.... help?
  7. Heidi Lauren

    Mayo Fail :(

    I just made my mayo.. but missed the part where it said NOT to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil... My mayo is surprisingly very good looking and impressively emulsified for my first time... but I'm not sure if we'll actually be able to stand the taste... Is there any way to fix it without losing the whole batch?!
  8. HELP!!! I have made COUNTLESS batches of perfect mayo using my food processor and the recipe in the Whole30 cookbook. Never any problems. Now suddenly, I can't get it to come together to save my life. I have wasted tons of eggs and olive oil and tried several times. I thought maybe the new mustard powder I bought was the culprit, so I tried without it. I thought maybe the eggs I was using were too small so I went back to the large ones. I have started with eggs left on the counter overnight, no go. Eggs left in a cup of warm water for 5-10 minutes, no go. I. AM. LOSING. MY. MIND. This used to be so easy and fail proof. What happened!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hello everyone! This is my first W30! Woot! Anyhow, I'm here to ask if anyone has had a successful ranch that doesn't taste like mayo? I'm from the south but I really hate the taste of mayo but I LOVE ranch and I'm sure having this condiment would make my adventure way more enjoyable. I made some ranch with tessamaes mayo and it's terrible. I also refuse to make this stuff with coconut milk or oil of any kind because I don't want coconutty ranch. But, the ranch I made just tastes like straight up mayonnaise. I know that this stuff will never taste like hidden valley or wishbone but it sure would be nice if I could get just a little close to it. I'm going to try the avocado oil mayo tomorrow and see if that helps any. Anyhow, just wanted to see if you guys had any different recipes!
  10. Haddasah7

    I hate mayonnaise

    Hello, everyone. I have a bit of a problem in my meal planning and I'm hoping someone will have some suggestions. On pages 160-161 of The Whole 30 book, they talk about the things all Whole 30'ers should have on hand at all times. The first is Basic Mayonnaise and the last is some kind of protein salad (which starts with mayo as the binding agent). The problem is: I hate mayonnaise. Yes, I've made the recipe according to the instructions in the book - both the regular and the egg-free variety. (And I did remember to use light olive oil.) I still gag on the taste. I noticed that they suggested mashed avocado as a binding agent, and that has worked OK, but my question is this: Does anyone have any other ideas or concoctions for a binding agent other than mayo or avocado? (Surely there's someone else out there that can't stand the taste of mayo?) Thanks for any and all comments. BTW, this is my 3rd Whole 30 and I'm on Day 5.
  11. Heya, I made a batch of mayo yesterday but failed to plan ahead, so I actually have no idea what to use it for. What are your favorite Whole 30 mayo recipes? Preferably things that don't require too many ingredients, because I don't have the money to shop 15 things that I won't even use up Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm on day two of my first Whole 30 and so far so good. I was really looking forward to having so many creamy dressing options. However I followed the mayo recipe to a T, it emulsified well, but the light mayo I used is just plain gross. It tastes dirty and the things I've made with it taste dirty. I feel like it shouldn't be that hard. What oils do you use to make Whole 30 mayonnaise and salad dressings? I think it will be really hard to get by without them. I appreciate everyones input!
  13. a5saad


    I made the mayo.... now what? I typically don't like mayo but what are your favorite things to add the mayo onto or recipes to use it in?
  14. I have an order of Tessemae's W30 compliant mayo on its way (YAY!), and for some reason I feel like I might've seen somewhere that mayo is considered a good fat? Am I wrong? I've tried googling but haven't found a strong conclusion. Or is it just a condiment?
  15. Has anyone tried the Primal Kitchen mayo? It's the only jarred mayo I've seen that is compliant (avocado oil, organic cage-free eggs, organic egg yolks, organic vinegar, sea salt, rosemary extract). But at almost $10 for 12 oz, I'd like to know that it isn't awful. Thanks for any input.
  16. High Oilec Organic Sunflower or Safflower Oil. Friend or Foe? I'm confused. The Whole30 list of "Can I haves" says limit these two oils to dining out. The It All Starts With Food book is really tough on both oils. The Mayo recipe on this site says these can be used (or light olive oil). What gives? Are these okay or avoid foods? Thanks.
  17. Day one here! Made my mayo for ranch dressing. It was super runny. I am pretty sure it is because I poured the cup of EVOO in too fast out of fear of waking the baby with my new and very loud food processor. So I got the immersion blender out and pumped it up a bit but still runny. Ideas on how to make it creamier? Thanks!
  18. I have been buying mayo from Trader Joe's for years because it doesn't have sugar and is delicious. It is made with soybean oil, though. Is there a commercially available mayo that doesn't use bad oil or sugar??? I know all about making your own, and I have done it, but I don't like my homemade mayo nearly as much. And half the time it flops, and I don't like wasting all that expensive oil. And, no - I don't like to use it for salad dressing or something else. I just want to find some that I can buy and be done with it.
  19. I'm trying to find a consensus on this via internet searching and the answers are a little vague. I just made homemade mayo (using the mason jar trick - so easy!!) and I want to know how long it should keep. I read somewhere that it should keep the till the date that the egg expires which seems to make sense. Any info on this?
  20. letsgiveitago

    Mayo question

    This may be a silly question, but everyone is making there own mayo.. with raw eggs.. If there good eggs is that safe? I have switched from convention eggs to getting them from friends with chickens or a local stand. So I won't get sick making mayo from a raw egg?
  21. Hi this is day 13 for me on the Whole30 and I am really excited about making my food from scratch. I tried the Olive Oil Mayo from the Well Fed part 1 book page 43. The mayo looked perfect! Then I tasted it and it was awful!?!?! It has too much of the olive oil taste to it. Help...has anyone else experienced this? I used Carapelli Florence Extra Light in taste Olive Oil (not extra virgin). Curious what else I could do to help with the taste. ALSO is it okay to eat raw eggs because there is a raw egg in the recipe? Thank you! Kelly
  22. I am wondering if there is a guideline for how much homemade mayo to use with each meal. The meal template says to use 1-2 thumb sized portions of fats per meal, but I find myself putting together a lot of quick meals using mayo for my fat. For example, mixing diced chicken with greens or other prepared veggies, and mixing in some mayo. Given that the mayo is mostly fat, should I be sticking to a couple of tablespoons per meal?
  23. I made homemade mayo and am wondering how long it lasts.
  24. LauraLish

    Zombie Mayo - What is going on?

    A new phenomenon is occurring with my mayo. About 1/3 of my recent batches has experienced the following... I'll whip it up and it's perfect. After a few days go by I notice it has a weird texture. Rather than being shiny and lovely, it's super thick and with an opaque grainy consistency. Reminds me of the texture of a mud mask. If it hits hot food it melts instantly. If I leave the container out on the table for the amount of time to eat a meal, it turns to oil and is garbage. What do you think is going on that is making my mayo super unstable? I've hypothesized that my fridge is getting too cold, but I turned up the temp a bit and I had a batch last week get weird. Maybe I need to turn it up some more..?
  25. MsShopping

    Homemade Mayo

    I made homemade mayo - 1 egg, 2 Tbl lemon juice, 1/2 tsp mustard, 1 1/4 c light olive oil. Nothing fancy. This has a very strong lemon taste. Is this just me? I'm starting to doubt myself and wondering if I put too much lemon juice in.