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Found 35 results

  1. I officially started my second whole30 on January 2nd (yesterday). So far, so good. Kind of. At 1.5 days in, I suspect I'm already having sugar withdrawal..... brutal headaches and I slept in for work for the first time ever today. Somebody save me now? Is it even possible to have sugar cravings after 1.5 days without sugar?!?!?! Jokes aside, over the last year I have really struggled. I hurt my back and slowly my workouts declined. As my workouts declined, my mental health declined. This combined with starting a new job that loves to feed us (wonderful, but perhaps overly appreciated by this food-dependant emotional eater), I quickly gained 50lbs. That's 50lbs in less than one year. From running distances, completing OCR's, training with Ashley Horner programs (she's a #badass!)...... to not moving at all, and struggling with my mental and physical health. What a drag. Anyhow, I've meal planned and prepped. Tomorrow is major grocery day (after having had to do a "mini" shop to start my whole30). I'm feeling ready and committed! "Fun" things about this journey thus far: my grocery list has never been this long in my life my office is full of sugar and wheat based delicious items like bread.... temptation is everywhere. This alone is probably why I've had a headache all day long. even if you've failed at making mayo a million times.... success is possible. Just buy a new immersion blender. As soon as you start a whole30, you will be invited to an abnormal amount of family dinners. It's like the universe is challenging you on purpose. I look forward to continuing this log as a part of my accountability.
  2. I am so hangry right now.. I'm curious to see what everyone's daily meal plans looks like. Right now mine is something like this (but again, this is day 1): 1: 6 prunes and a hand full of almonds 2: 2 clementines 3: Salad with 2 hand fulls of spinach/arugula, 1 hand full of cabbage, 1/2 avocado, splash of balsamic vinegar & EVOO 4: 2 hand fulls of carrots and a hand full of almonds 5: 1 sweet potato with whole mustard I also consume a gallon+ of water a day and have the occasional cup of black coffee. I don't think I am consuming enough of anything but I didn't get hungry until now (5:00pm). So maybe this is normal? I didn't do enough planning so I am worried about staying on track and using a sustainable meal plan. Any help is greatly appreciated. Friendly reminder: I need VEGAN suggestions and examples, not vegetarian. Thank you so much in advance! All the best, Stephanie
  3. I'm really considering my first Whole30 next month when I move into my own apartment, as it'll be easier to do when I'm in control of the grocery shopping. (I'm a college student.) My biggest fear about the Whole30 is the fact that I'm currently somewhat of a picky eater. Not too many tastes satisfy me. Chicken, in fact, is really the only meat I eat. Occasionally turkey or maybe a hamburger, but that's it. Only seafood if fried, like calamari or clam strips. I eat fruits and vegetables, but maybe 5 or 6 varieties of fruit and only a few vegetables. My question is, will the Whole30 be able to actually train my taste buds to enjoy new foods? I'm willing to just start buying shrimp or pork and eating it as part of my Whole30 if it means that I'll actually start to like these foods. I'm just afraid that my current picky eating habits will endure through the Whole30 and I'll find myself repeatedly eating from the same limited menu and/or getting bored with my meals. Thanks!
  4. Ok, I'm only on day 13, but I'm a planner- my whole30 + reintroduction is all mapped out in excel spreadsheets. I'm trying to figure out what meals to use for my introduction phase and curious what other people did. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I'm a single mother with two children and - between family, work and life - it's impossible to do the Whole30 without nearly complete weekly meal prep. After I wash/prep veggies & sauces for the week, I can cook breakfast/lunch/dinner each morning, but I do need to be able to follow a quick-reference plan. I don't have nearly enough time to figure it all out during the morning rush (or evening exhaustedness, esp after work, homework and bedtime rituals). I've gone online and, though there are recipes in various places, I REALLY need some help finding a full 30-day meal prep help. Part of my problem is that after being a vegetarian for 30 years, what I've read has convinced me that I ought to try meat again...and I don't know how to cook, spice, or prepare any kind of meat. So... Specifically, I need: Printable recipes that are complete meals (not mix and match side dishes). So if a recipe for breakfast is given, it will have protein, veggies and fat (not just the side veggies with the option to add protein). Printable shopping lists that go with the recipes A full 30-day plan Though I've looked online, full meals that come with shopping lists AND a printable version seem to be nonexistent. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all! I'm new to Whole 30 and am planning on starting this in March after birthday/anniversary/friend visiting stuff! I want to go ahead and start planning ahead, but I have a strange question that often deters me from participating in a restrictive diet of any sort: my husband's dietary limitations. My husband is allergic to anything in the Brassicaceae family - brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, mustard greens, kale, chard, etc. (I think that covers most of them). Therefore there's a considerable limit for nutrient-dense greens that we can incorporate into our diet, and cauliflower rice is entirely out of the question. Any suggestions for other options in that regard? I can't even so much as cook these items in our house, as they are very aromatic (/fingerquotes) and the fumes make him start to throw up. Thanks in advance!
  7. melissajoy89

    Recipe Blogs

    What are some of your favorite Whole30 recipe blogs out there as I begin looking at meal planning my January Whole30 with my fiance? I love cooking and trying new things, but lately I've been feeling a little bored with everything and need some spark back into my meal planning life!
  8. Hi all! So I have yet to actually start a whole 30, but it is on the bucket list. My issue now is that I work at a restaurant 9-5, and there is a time 11:00-2:00 which is our "busy time" and we are not allowed to order from the kitchen, hardly allowed to eat food. By 2:00, I'm starving; our break is simply a quick second to run to the back and scarf food down, in which I tend to make poor decisions later due to the fluctuation in blood sugar and the stress of being hungry/worrying what to eat and when. Any suggestions and tips on how to combat this.. Thanks!
  9. Hello! I'm partially through the book, and I'm planning to start my Whole30 this Saturday, 7/15. I'm trying to get some things straight so I can start planning appropriately. Here are my series of questions: Snacking. Maybe I missed it, but WHY no snacking? What's the reasoning/science behind that? I also saw in another forum post that you do not recommend eating fruit and nuts/nut butters together—why is this? And is that combo acceptable when eaten together in a meal as opposed to a mid-afternoon snack? What's the Whole30 stance on smoothies? Currently, one of my favorites is blending 1 avocado, 1 banana, lots of spinach (whatever I have on hand/can fit in the vitamix), and cacao powder with water and protein powder. The recipe usually gets me 2.5-3 smoothies in the 12-16 oz range. Is this okay to consume as a pre-workout snack? Or any other times throughout the day (like an accompaniment to breakfast or lunch)? I'm worrying in advance about the no snacking, as there's usually a long period of time between lunch and dinner. My job is dependent on deadlines, so I'm not always leaving the office once 6 pm hits. A 7 pm dinner is often a pipe dream. If I go too long w/out a snack, I start experiencing low blood sugar symptoms, and sometimes a painful, distended stomach. The distended stomach is something I’m hoping Whole30 might help, but still. I'm a worrywart. I do plan on meal-prepping, but any other tips, advice, suggestions, recommendations, or guidance? Thank you!
  10. It's possible that MOST people hate meal planning....but I think I'm on another level. This struggle has been the bane of my existence and led to several failed whole30s! The good news is that I think I'm going to make it through this one (on day 15!). The bad news is my lifestyle and personality really struggle with having a game plan for even tomorrow. Im a freelance musician/aspiring opera singer. I think, to a certain extent, the artist "personality," I might call it, really gravitates towards some aspect of disorganization. All of my artist friends are this way in some way or another. We are not messy--in fact I consider myself a bit of a clean freak--and we are far from irresponsible. But for me, and I suspect others, routines/planning/detailed organization stress me out. I feel like my brain is constantly working at an alarming rate to sort through everything possibly going on in my life, and having to portion out a few meals worth sends negative vibes through me. My lifestyle makes things different, too. Most of my income is from private music lessons, which I commute an hour to get to. On the long days, I'll leave right after lunch and won't be home until 9:30. I may or may not get a break for food, and it may or may not be during a typical meal time hour. Today my break was at 3:30. I work other odd and end jobs so often my mornings are booked; I also work weekends and may or may not have a good time of the day free. Simply put, when I get home so late at night, the last thing I want to do is make food for the next day. In fact, I find myself having to make a super late dinner, which I guess is another problem in itself.... anyway, curious to hear some input from others who have some crazy, random lifestyles and how you deal. And those of you who just can't get on board with planning!! How can we keep on trucking through (and more effectively)??
  11. I created this food log this morning to have right before my eyes everyday. Feel free to use if this is helpful to you! (Feedback welcome.) Day One going great so far! Wendy Daily food diary.pdf
  12. Hello all! I am on day10 of round1 and my yesterday I had awesome energy and a positive attitude and today I was so tired I came home and took a 2 hour nap! I'm a teacher so I'm pretty active and I workout 6 times a week sometimes twice. This includes cardio in the morning and a lift in the evening but normally 1.5-2hrs daily! They are intense lifts and normally HIIT cardio or steady state. I am just curious if I'm eating too much (which is what it seems) or not enough. Sometimes I find that I'm hungrier in the afternoon around my workouts and in the evenings. I've been trying to add more fats to my earlier meals so I don't get crazy in the evening. Heres an an example of a days eating which is pretty typical everyday. M1-handful chicken sausage, handful butternut squash, mixed stir fry veggies, 3eggs, 1/2 avocado M2-1 small beef burger, 1slice bacon,tomato, 1-1/4 avocado, Brussels sprouts, carrots, 1 egg Preworkout - 3 eggs, 2-servings mayo Post workout-1.5 serving shredded pork, greens M3- 1 serving chicken, coconut aminos, shredded cole slaw, 3-4thumbs mayo Thanks for any advice!:)
  13. Does anyone have any great tips for Pescatarians? If I remove all then normal breakfast foods, and my only protein source is seafood and eggs, can you suggest some creative menu ideas or direct me to a place to find some great recipes for these limitations. I'd like to avoid purely Asian recipes (palate preference) which seem to be what I've been able to readily locate. Any ideas will help! Second question...I recognize that no one will give calorie counts and food limitations (by quantity) and that the focus becomes satiety (I love this). Can you recommend/support this focus as I believe changing this habit is be key to long term success. Thanks!
  14. IslandBetz

    Freezer Phobia, anyone?

    I'm gearing up for my next round (Technically, it will be a restart of R1). I now have my Foodsaver, the rolls and bags, the mason jars and attachment, and a ton of meat and veg to prep and freeze. Since I didn't really learn how to source, cook and meal plan growing up, a big part of the Whole30 for me is redefining my "working relationship" with food. Here is what I've been noticing the past several months: I seem to use the freezer as a place old food goes to die. As I'm trying to get into "freezer cooking", I'm really worried I'll just ignore anything in the freezer, even if I just cooked it myself last week, in favor of something in the fridge. Does anyone else have this sort of aversion to their freezer? Any ideas of how to change my mindset?
  15. I am looking at the meal template and am confused about fats, fruit. The meal template says closed handful of nuts, thumbsize of oils, handfuls of olives (hate olives) and handfuls of shredded coconut plus butters????? And the fruit.....I thought I read somewhere to limit fruit to 2 servings a day????? I can actually do without fruit, maybe an apple or banana, 1 per week.... I do so much better with following macros (concrete boundaries) do you know if you are eating enough? I think I could just sit here and shed a few tears. I was on a program called Ideal Protein from July - December and I lost 40 lbs. I've been floundering since going off it. I am terrified of ending up back where I started. I know what the body does if you don't eat enough. I still want to lose 25ish lbs. I exercise 5-6 days - weights and cardio. PLEASE, is there someone who would be willing to mentor me thru this till I get going??? Patty
  16. Like many on here I love my copies of Well Fed and Well Fed 2 ... and I want to make sure I have tried every delicious recipe in them. I've cooked many recipes already over the last 18m or so (my first round was May 2014), some of which have become regular favourites. Some I have made once and not been bothered to make again, some I have made once or twice and really should make again, and some I've looked at many times but never made. I'm a dedicated meal planner, and I'm challenging myself to include at least one new recipe from these fab books each week - in the hopes of discovering some new favourites! I'll also try to re-visit ones I've made before but am not so familiar with. Anyone else fancy it?? I'm starting on the protein dishes but you could try veggies, sauces or spice blends too. So - I meal planned last night and shopped this morning and tonight we had Moo Shu pork (WF2). It's a bit of a prep-heavy dish, I made the Hoisin sauce (also new!) and marinated the pork yesterday. Lots of veggies to chop too, but then it all comes together quickly. I separated out the cabbage as it disagrees with my husband and ate mine on a bed of cabbage. Husband and the kids had theirs in butter lettuce wraps as recommended. We didn't add sides - it was a great template meal! Everyone loved it. Well, except the 2 year old (who only ate beansprouts), but she doesn't like much ... I think it's a bit faffy for a midweek meal for me but a great weekend one. Would be easy to upscale for guests too. I've got BBQ beef (WF2, minus the illegal waffle) to go in the slow cooker tomorrow morning, I've made the BBQ sauce before but I don't think I've ever made the whole recipe.
  17. I'm on Day 2 of my first Whole30 and am following the Week One Meal Plan in the book. The problem is that it seems like the portions are HUGE and I can't finish my meals because I am too stuffed. I've re-read the plan several times to make sure I was reading the portion sizes correctly, but it is a ton of food! Has anyone else had this issue?
  18. I'll be starting my first Whole30 on New Year's Day. My family normally does a big brunch or dinner that day, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a few "special" dishes I could serve that are Whole30 compliant. Fun, healthy twists on traditional dishes or dishes that won't scare off the whole family right away would be great. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi all! I'm starting my journey next Sat (I'm having to do a fair bit of prep to get compliant stuff as some of its not that easy to get in the UK country side.) I have pcos so looking at resetting my body and hormones! I will be the only one in my house hold following the plan but as I'm the only cook (The man is just an awful chef) they will be eating what I make for most meals at home. I really like to follow a plan (hey I'm a project manager its in my nature) so I would like to know what meal planners have worked for people. Also any good family meals that can be served to all whilst being compliant The only thing I cant contemplate eating is bell peppers. I've persuaded a work friend to do it with me but if anyone else is starting soon say hello as I think i'm going to need support as a diet soda and sugar junkie!
  20. I love Whole30 and eating the 3 solid meals a day. I typically can go 4-5 hours between meals. But my breakfast feels like I'm overloading on something. I just ate this (my typical breakfast) and my stomach is so swollen and full, and I couldn't even finish my veggies. Should I scale back on the fat, veggies or eggs?? Not sure which one I should scale back on because this overly-full feeling is uncomfortable, even though I know I'll be satisfied til another 4-5 hours. Or do I just let my body get used to this and keep my breakfast as is? 3 eggs Sauteed broccoli (about 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup) 2 large handfuls of spinach/kale/swiss chard sauteed 1 Tbsp Coconut oil (for cooking veggies) 1/4 Sweet Potato 1/4 Avocado Coffee 2 Tbsp Coconut Milk Since I've added in heavy exercise daily, I've felt super weak around 2pm. So I know I need to add more starchy veggies, but the thought of adding more food to this....I'll be so uncomfortably full. Should I adjust this at all or just keep going and hope my body adjusts? Any feedback on if this too much food would be great! I LOVE Whole30 and it has changed my life dramatically, so I'm converted!! I just need a few tweaks and I'll be all set.
  21. I'm on about day 34 and staying on plan because I haven't seen all the benefits I want. I just started working out again a few days ago. Here's the thing: I really don't understand the whole "pre-workout"/"post-workout" thing and how neither is supposed to replace breakfast. For one thing, I won't always do a meal pre-workout, because I often do yoga or some ab stuff, and that just doesn't work well with food. But on the days I do strength-training, I'm not sure what to do. I only have a little time in the morning, so I usually work out first, then eat my regular breakfast. But the way the meal-planning template is set up, it says I'm supposed to have a pre-workout meal, workout, then have a post-workout meal, then at some point have breakfast. I think if I follow that plan I'm looking at about 3 hours or more before I can leave the house. Not do-able. Does anyone just throw this out completely and just eat 3 meals? I'm planning on working out 30 minutes a day... I just started P90X3.
  22. Hi all, just looking for some feedback here. I am on day 20, and started whole30 for health purposes. I have had ongoing issues with a lot of things, but one of the big ones was constant exhaustion. And so far I'm not seeing any improvement on that front. I've started going to bed earlier and get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep every night, so I'm thinking it might be the food? I don't eat red meat, and am starting to wonder if I need to find a way to add it into my diet (it's a taste issue, I need to figure out how to make it taste good for myself). I've been steadily increasing carb dense foods like potatoes, but don't see a difference. I've also eliminated coconut milk because I had an allergic reaction to it. Here's a couple of days worth of menu for me: 1st meal- compliant sausage (2 hot dog size), potato (small), a whole avocado, and 1 cup of spinach 2nd meal- chicken, hard boiled egg, whole avocado, carrots, and half a pear 3rd meal- chicken in tomato sauce and spices, spinach, sweet potato, and watermelon slice. 1st meal- 2 eggs (I'm working up to 3), spinach, potato, salsa 2nd meal- leftover chicken from dinner, carrots, and pear (I know there's no fat, just didn't plan ahead for this one) 3rd- chicken stir fry with peppers and onions, spinach, asparagus, sweet potato, banana. 1st- 2 sausage, potato, avocado 2nd- leftover chicken stir fry, spinach, pear, hard boiled egg 3rd- fish, salsa, avocado, spinach, watermelon I know that some of you will possibly point out that my meals seem small, but I honestly can't handle more food that this at once (they're actually bigger than when I began, if I tried the big meals, I threw up afterward). I also cook EVERYTHING in olive oil, more of it than I think I should but it's the one way I can think of to ensure I'm getting fats in my meals. Other than those, could the missing red meat be affecting my energy levels? Or is there some other tweak I need to make?
  23. I just finished my first Whole30 and have a few questions about how Reintroduction works: How do I reintroduce formerly off-limit food groups while also using the Whole30 meal planning template of palm-sized portion of protein, plate of veggies, and a thumb-sized portion of fat? For instance, I'm supposed to add legumes back into my diet tomorrow. Do beans count as a protein or a fat? Should I replace my usual source of protein with beans that day, or just add a few spoonfuls to my regular source of protein? Some non-W30 food, like alcohol, have effects I am already familiar with. Does this "food group" need it's own stage of reintro? What have you experienced W30ers done in the past that has helped you evaluate the effects of those food groups? How did you go about creating your own guidelines for eating after Whole30? Do any of you know where I can find some postW30 eating guidelines aimed to encourage weight loss?
  24. Hey All, I am trying to put on some weight so I can perform better in my sport. I am a strict weightlifter so I don't do crossfit at all, however I do swim occasionally to maintain my fitness as a lifeguard. I've been involved in powerlifting before this summer and I weighed around 155lbs (70kg). After starting oly weightlifting I am about 149lbs ish (68kg) and I am a little worried that my weight is going to keep dropping. I am new and skeptical towards the whole 30 program because it greatly limits my food choices and kinda scares me haha. I currently eat all my foods gluten free with mostly fresh produce. My main sources of carbohydrate are rice and gluten-free pasta. My chiropractor encouraged me to check this program out, but unlike most people on the site I am not here to lose weight. I understand how energy input needs to be higher than energy output to put on weight. I have problems with doing that especially now I don't eat much processed foods. I am right now 5'11 with a skinny build. How can I gain weight if I was to follow whole 30 while not draining all the $ I have? Thanks
  25. One of my motivations for trying out a new way of eating (= W30) was to not find myself heading back into the kitchen 2 hours after lunch, hungry again already. But 16 days into my W30, I find myself feeling faint hunger feelings around 2/2.5 hours following a meal, and hungry around 3/3.5 hours following, and out and out ravenous by 4 hours following. In my effort to stretch the time between meals and not snack or use nuts as a bridge (my old habit), I'm often going too long and letting myself get too hungry. Highly fluctuating blood sugar is a familiar pattern, so I recognize that this is something that I need to form new habits around. To this end, I've dropped my [just about] daily fruit intake to about 1/3 cup, and have it with lunch or dinner rather than breakfast (my old habit). So I'd love some advice about how to better balance my meals. I'm eating a lot of veg, so I'm guessing my issue is with protein or fat. My preference would be to eat a 1/2 palm-size portion of chicken/fish/seafood, but I've upped it to 1-1.5 palm-size portions. I've upped my breakfast eggs from 2 to 3. I'm eating about 2-3 thumb-size portions of fat with each meal, but perhaps I need more? Some days I've scrapped the 3 meal plan and gone with 4 smaller meals. This works well, but what a pain! I need my time for something other than food prep + eating + cleaning. (Shocking, I know!). I am a formerly fairly active person, but I'd describe my current exercise routine as mellow (low-impact/intensity) as I recover from a few injuries. I kind of can't justify the need for this much food!