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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone, posting this because I couldn't really find much searching through this forum about 2-a-day workouts specifically (if a thread already exists I apologize in advance and would appreciate a link though)! I'm on day 8 and starting to get back to my normal training schedule - I took the first week relatively easy - and would like some help building a good meal plan/schedule. Because of the conflicting guidance on trying to eat 3 big meals + pre and post workout snacks, but also the recommendation to not snack if you don't need to, is making this really confusing for me. A typical day looks like this: 5:30am wakeup - handful of cashews or almonds 6am - workout 1 (usually a run or bike) PWO - usually I just go straight into breakfast or have a banana or something while making breakfast 8/8:30 - breakfast: coffee, veg. frittata, berries, sometimes if extra hungry I'll add starchy veg. and avocado or spoonful of almond butter 11:30/12 - lunch: meat + veg (ex. leftover pulled pork and roasted veggies + cauli rice, or beef + veg chili w/ sweet potato), fruit 3:30 - snack, like an apple or carrots + nuts 5pm - workout 2 (sometimes another cardio like a bike or swim, but usually strength training like crossfit, or yoga) PWO - RX bar or lara bar before shower/making dinner (before whole30, I would have collagen protein mixed into OJ, or banana + pb) 7pm - dinner: meat + non-starchy veg + starchy veg + fat 8-9pm - sometimes before bed I'll have tea + frozen mango or berries It seems like enough food, almost too much, and I don't really feel hungry during the day but sometimes in the evening I've been getting pretty hungry, even this past week when I was for the most part only doing 1 workout per day. And, I know I know - postworkout I probably should be getting more protein and using RX/lara bars only for emergencies, but eating meat+potatoes post workout is supremely NOT appetizing to me and I would rather get in some fuel than none at all. But obviously I'm open to suggestions or I wouldn't be posting this so I appreciate any and all comments! Thanks!
  2. I will be starting my first Whole30 tomorrow and I'm a bit lost on the whole pre/post workout meal suggestions. My current schedule is: 5:45am - Wake Up 6:30am - out the door (half hour drive to my box & job) 7am - WOD 8am - shower for work 8:30am - work until 5pm Before Whole30, I've tended to eat a banana or protein bar before my morning WOD, then nothing but coffee until lunch (sometimes a protein shake Post workout). So my question is, should I be eating my meal 1 pre-wo and then like hard boiled eggs/banana post wo? Or should I have hb eggs pre-wo and take my meal 1 with me to work to eat (which is 30-45+ min after I finish the WOD). Honestly, eating a pre-wo, post-wo, AND meal 1 within a 2 1/2 hour time span seems like A LOT of food compared to what I'm used to. And I only have half an hour to shower and get to work as it is... throwing a post workout snack in will mean eating in the 5 minute drive from box to office, then eating my meal soon after arriving at work. Advice please =)
  3. I am 16 days into my first whole30. It's going really well thus far, but I am struggling with the meal times due to my active career/lifestyle. I am a ski and bike patroller at a resort in Colorado. I am either skiing or biking/doing strenuous physical labor for 8-10 hours per day. Of course I have down time, so I'm not outside the entire day, but in general I would say my day is very active. I have always been the type of person that eats something basically every two hours to keep me fueled without feeling too full and crampy while I'm working. Since I don't have a set workout time, it's hard for me to know when is appropriate to have a pre or post workout meal. Should I just try and eat 3 meals anyways, or have 2 snacks during mid morning or afternoon? Although I've stuck to only whole30 foods so far, I have definitely been snacking more than I should and my goal is to establish new meal habits for the future so I don't feel like I need to constantly snack all day. Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated!
  4. When to eat what?

    Hi there! I'm new to the Whole30 and need some help finalizing my meal plans. There's a ton of info and I'm a bit overwhelmed with trying to read anymore. I generally work out up to 5x a week, otherwise my job is mostly sedentary. On the days that I work out, I'm wondering what some suggestions are for Pre and Post workout meals. (I've tried looking up ideas and have been left a little uninspired and unsure). Also, I had planned to have a serving of sweet potatoes, protein (meat) and eggs with my breakfast on most mornings, in order to satiate me throughout the day since I am usually active and have a fast metabolism. Is this a good time to have sweet potatoes and eggs? And, if so, I'm assuming this will influence what I have for pre and post workout (I assume I shouldn't have too many servings of eggs, and I also don't want to eat more than one serving of sweet potatoes). Any suggestions for specific pre and post workout meals would be wonderful, as well as whether my breakfast idea is good or could be improved. For lunch I plan to switch between compliant turkey burgers with guac and mustard, a side salad, and a serving of fruit, and an Italian sausage spaghetti squash bake with a serving of fruit. My dinner will consist of lots of veggies, salad, and a protein choice. Is it okay to eat frozen bananas with coconut and almond butter as an after dinner snack when/if you become hungry (I often feel very hungry about 2 hours after dinner on nights I work out and find that I need more food).
  5. Hi! I'm planning to start my Whole30 on Feb 1st. and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on when the most appropriate times for me to eat? This is what I currently do... 5.00am - Wake up and head straight to the gym 6.00am - Breakfast, then Study (I'm a student) til noon. 12.00pm - Lunch 6.00pm - Dinner 8.30pm - Bed I'm in northern Australia, so dawn is about 5.15am and dusk about 6.45pm. My little boy gets home from school at 3.30 and i'll prepare an afternoon snack for him and then we usually go to the park for an hour or so. My biggest issues are firstly, eating within an hour of waking and secondly, when do I fit in pre/post WO meals in? I would love to hear any suggestions!!!!
  6. I NEVER post to message boards so being here is evidence that I believe in the program and the moderators that run these very helpful posts. I have read a lot of posts about aspects of my concerns and challenges, and found lots of great advice on other topics. I hope someone can help with this one and apologize in advance for its length. I am on Day 21 of my first W30. Within week one, I noticed an exciting & amazing reduction in the GI symptoms that brought me to this program--reduced bloating and distention and almost no stomach cramps or "burning" nausea that had ruled my life for months. I happily have stuck to my program and am even seeing big changes, for instance, I am actually hungry for breakfast for the first time in a decade (not within an hour of rising but at least I am getting hungry in the mornings and able to eat quality foods). So, I am seeing positive results, but after learning to eat three healthy, whole meals a day, limiting snacks, and limiting foods I can now see are troublesome for me such as nuts and dried fruit, I am feeling more miserable physically than I have since before the W30 began. For the last week I have been constipated, bloated, and battling cravings--far, far worse than in the early weeks which were surprisingly less miserable than I expected. Earlier this week I learned a lot about the dangers of skipping lunch and eating grapes as a snack late in the afternoon (I could NOT stop munching after dinner) and haven't been able to come to equilibrium again since. I find that if I eat a meal, I am stuffed full, but if I don't finish it I will be hungry in two hours or less which is supposed to mean I need to eat more at meals. Last night I ate what seemed like a reasonable sized dinner, but felt stuffed to distraction afterwards, and then spent the evening battling cravings--mostly for nuts but really just to chew. I finally allowed myself a green apple (although realized afterwards that I could have easily eaten only half but finished the whole thing). I feel like there is a compulsive piece to this as well as a rational concern about hunger in between meals driving this overeating. Should I plan to eat less at meal time and either save the leftovers for a couple hours later or plan other snacks for late morning and late afternoon? The following is what I have eaten the last couple days--I have been avoiding nuts and nut butters which I really overdid early in the week, avoiding dried fruits to battle the sugar dragon, and trying to eat only small amounts of fresh fruit with meals. (All ingredients and foods W30 compliant.) M1: egg salad (3), smoked salmon, leftover green beans Had to have a snack: Olives M2: beef chili on a bed of spinach, 1/2 avocado, two mandarins M3: Roasted sweet potato, mayo-baked salmon, green beans with butter, avocado & tomato salad M1: 3 poached eggs on bed spinach, salsa, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 apple M2: tuna nicoise salad: romaine, green beans, avocado, tuna canned in olive oil, red pepper, ranch dressing M3: beef burger, black olive and avocado tapenade (heavy on olive oil), roasted brussels sprouts, onions, and new potatoes Had to have a snack even though stomach full: green apple I have been drinking a lot of water and herbal teas, taking Miralax daily for the last three days, and while I am feeling some relief this morning from the constipation, there is no way I have eliminated all that I have ingested in the last 4-5 days so I am not feeling normal. Thanks for your advice!!
  7. Hello all, I will be starting my first Whole30 on February 1st, so apologies for the n00b question, but I'm trying to figure out if I need to plan on 3 or 4 meals in a day given my schedule. The eating within an hour of wakeup thing is the toughest. Right now my day looks like this: 5:15 or earlier wakeup when husband's alarm goes off, futz around on my phone while husband showers 5:45 actually get out of bed, get ready for the day 6/6:30 toddler wakes up, I get her ready for the day 6:30/6:45, sometimes as late as 7... breakfast 7:30 leave for the day I usually eat a big snack around 10:30 or 11 (4-4.5 hrs after breakfast) and lunch at 1 or 1:30 (only 2.5-3 hrs after my snack) Get home from work around 5:45 (the most I walk on the way home is a mile, usually it's much less than that) Dinner between 6 and 6:15. Can't move dinner because it's our only family time, and it's about 4 hrs before I go to bed, so that timing feels right to me - it's the other 2 or 3 meals I need to figure out. I walk 3 miles to work (including carrying my 25# kid the first 3/4 mile to daycare dropoff), which I could perhaps treat as a workout and do pre/post snacks? Early breakfast is tricky as toddler wakeup time is wildly variable, and most days I only have a few minutes to get myself ready in peace before she wakes up. Anyway, any suggestions you could offer would be most appreciated.
  8. I'm curious about the reason why we should eat within an hour after waking. I have read the Whole30 book but don't remember reading that. I am all for it but I usually eat just after an hour after waking- sometimes longer sometimes shorter- but I am open to change if this will make things better. Does have tea with coconut milk count or does it mean eating my meal 1 within an hour after waking?
  9. Hi, I'm on Day 27 and have much less joint pain (YAY!) but remain digestively and energetically challenged. I saw a new naturopathic doctor this morning because I am considering food allergy/sensitivity blood testing (and she is helping with mid-life hormonal challenges). She advised never combining protein with a starchy carb like sweet potatoes, because it is bad for digestion and is inflammatory. She didn't get too much into the science behind this, I think her clinic comes from more of an Eastern/ayurvedic mindset. This has rocked my world and thrown me a little off balance. I love my sweet potatoes and am an athlete so need me some carbs on a regular basis. She suggested having one meal that is carb-centric, like fruit, followed by sweet potatoes and other veggies. That me. She also suggested timing meals differently - she said if I am combining foods properly, I should be very hungry every three hours. I'm not loving where that's going - I've started really liking waiting 4-5 hours in between meals. Could you please comment on all of this? I know you're probably going to say "doctor > Whole30" but I'd love to get your take on the nutritional/digestive science behind combining proteins with starchy vegetables. Thank you!
  10. I usually drink about 8 oz of coffee early morning as a preworkout and then I sip on the other 8-10 left in my thermos during the rest of the morning up to lunch time. I usually blend it with homemade cashew milk and hydrolyzed collagen (thank you ladyshanny for this suggestion). I still feel physiological hunger prior to my lunch (about 4.5 hours post breakfast). Is this ok? Im feeling amazing and losing weight fast, which was not my original goal. I will take it though:) Im just questioning this because im not sure if theres some steadfast rule to the coffee/tea between meals since I know it can effect insulin levels and the small amount of calories added from the collagen and cashews are obviously making work for the digestive tract. Thoughts on this?
  11. Hi there, My husband and I are on Day 10 of our first Whole30, and I am absolutely loving it! I started because I needed to have better control over my overactive sweet tooth, and my husband needed to address some digestion issues. So far, my body is really thriving from this way of eating, but my husband is struggling a bit in a couple areas... 1. Breakfast. He just isn't hungry. He never has been a big breakfast eater, and he used to just make a fruit smoothie or grab something on his way to work (usually a something without protein, if you know what I mean.) I remember reading that if you're not hungry when you wake up in the morning, it's not a good sign. For the first week of our Whole30, he's been dutifully eating the breakfast I make for him (usually 3 eggs, veggies and some fruit and tea), but yesterday he was in a rush so he took it to go and didn't eat until noon! And then he said he actually felt better eating later. i know you're supposed to eat within an hour of waking... 2. Constipation. My husband has always struggled with regular elimination and proper digestion, so the feeling of being "backed-up," as he describes it, isn't anything new. I'm hoping that a full month of this will help with that, but right now I just want him to feel better. During meals, he says he's hungry and wants to eat but that it feels like there's no where for the food to go, so he doesn't really feel satisfied. He's obviously going through withdrawal, too, from the typical things we crave like sweets, bread, dairy, etc, which I know will pass. For reference: He's 33, not really overweight or underweight, and he has a pretty fast metabolism even though these days he's not as active as he'd like to be. I know that most people struggle through the first 2 weeks and that usually by the beginning of the 3rd week start to feel much better, but I would love some helpful advice for getting him to that point. Thanks!
  12. Just Not Hungry

    I have a lunch packed and ready to go, but I am just not hungry. What do you do in this case? It's nearly 2:00 pm. So far today I had a piece of frittata (1.4 eggs, greens, sausage, mushrooms, onions) and a banana with almond butter. Normally I would have eaten by now, but I just don't have any hunger at the moment. I'm not sure if I should just eat anyway or what. I'm sure this won't be the last time this happens to me since I'm only on day 11.
  13. If I'm supposed to eat three meals a day. I understand post workout is a bonus meal. But if I crossfit at 8am and I eat the meal prior to crossfit, is this technically my first meal? Then my bonus meal after, then two more meals to finish the day? It seems like the pre and post combine to make one meal, technically. Does this sound right? Thanks!
  14. I am a nurse that works part time midnights & I'm wondering how to stay on track when I work. I work 2 back-to-back 12 hour midnight shifts each week. I usually try to nap around 1pm before I go in & then I leave at 6pm. I work 7pm-7am & then go home & go to bed for the day. I go back to work, go home to sleep & usually get up around 1pm. When do I eat? Do I eat an extra meal the first night? Can I eat 1 less meal after the second shift. Can I snack on healthy stuff to avoid all the crap in the breakroom? Working midnights has always been the hardest part of trying to eat healthy in the past & I really don't want to mess up my progress. Any hints & tips would be appreciated.
  15. My husband is doing this Whole 30 with me and he's concerned about how to handle it at work. Specifically, he works a 10 to 7 shift, and he has to take his lunch about noon, so there's a really long gap between lunch and dinner. Would a small meal around 4 or so be appropriate? Or split his lunch into two meals? He doesn't have a kitchen at work, but he does have access to a fridge and microwave.
  16. I'm on Day 16 and things are going well. I just want to get a sense of fine tuning the spacing between meals. My specific challenge is that work days often involve a substantial break between lunch and dinner. This is not usually a problem on the days that I train after work because I have my workout fuel to bridge the gap but on rest days or morning workout days it gets tricky. Today for example is a resting day. I had breakfast at around 8 and lunch at 12:30. I was hungry for lunch but not ravenous and thus became satisfied before finishing the full portion of my beef/bison chili. However, I have to take my son to his Tai Kwon Do class after work which pushes dinner out until around 6:30. It is currently 4:30 and a few minutes ago I finished the remaining portion of chili, assuming it was better choice than eating something I hadn't planned. I probably would have been uncomfortable had I eaten all of it earlier, but would that have been better than sticking in an additional feeding? I really want to beat my old habit of grazing, but my hunger has always peaked in the late afternoon and a space of six or more hours seems like a bit too much. I had already kicked the sugar dragon before starting Whole 30, but I am a veteran of the six meals a day with unlimited veggie snacks and I'm not quite sure how and when to determine that I can really trust my body's signals. FYI, my training is the basic CrossFit Endurance protocol: three days on, one off, with five or six weekly WODs plus a minimum of three runs (short interval, long interval, stamina). Any help would be appreciated!