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Found 5 results

  1. I am a full-time teacher, direct an after school program, and am a grad school student. My time is limited to meal prep, so I usually do so on Sundays. I usually make 5 servings of two recipes. One recipe I eat for lunch for the week, and the second I eat for dinner. Is that okay with this program? Eating the same recipes for 5 days at a time? Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Hi, I started Whole 30 today. I live alone. I just made my first (yum) breakfast. I realize I'm confused. On the one hand the book says for the Spinach Frittata recipe, "Serves 2." (Frankly for ALL the book's recipes it serves 2.) On the other hand the book says to save half for tomorrow's leftover meal. Soooooo, funny question: since I sliced the entire Frittata in half and ate half for breakfast, did I just eat 2 servings or 1? I am unclear if I should 1/2 or 1/4 all the recipes I make, since I am only one person - OR - keep them as is and always eat half of what I cook and save the other half for the left over next day meal. I know and get we are not counting calories etc. I want to ensure that I am not overeating, or eating for two. :-) Clarity is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi! The program says the pre and post workout meal cannot replace the breakfast, but what about if the workout is the first thing in the morning? In my case I wake up at 6 am and I have a 30 minute session of exercising at home [A non-equipment routine of jumping jacks + running in place + blurpees + lunges + abdominals + squads + push-ups + body extension] before having breakfast, take a shower and leaving to work. What is an ideal snack that I could have in order to get some energy for the workout and then be able to have a full breakfast in the morning? So far I've been having a small meal like: Orange juice + chicken/egg (protein) + avocado + few nuts (sometimes a banana) therefore, my post-workout meal is my breakfast, what can I have then? I appreciate any advice THANKS!
  4. Hi All, Pre-Whole30 I normally did very well with smaller, protein rich meals/mini-meals during the day. (3-4) I've been working hard to adjust to larger meals and no inbetween snacking. But by the 2nd week I found I was still hungry between meals. I adjusted by eating more (protein/fat) at each meal. (And I do pre and post meals around my walking workout.) However, I feel I am "stuffing" myself at each meal now, only to have actual hunger pains (not appetite, but hunger) as early as 3 hours after the last meal. For example, for breakfast at 8 am today I ate two proteins: 1 large egg omelette with 1/4 cup mushroom, 1 cup supergreens and roasted cabbage... made w/avocado oil 1/2 Turkey burger patty 1/2 roasted sweet potato with walnut oil & cinnamon 1.5 cups decaf coffee with regular (full fat) coconut milk & cinnamon By 11 am I have strong hunger pains and rumblings in my stomach. But I'm eating so much more than I ever have? (I'm also fearful that now I'm gaining weight, not losing...but I am trying not to worry and I don't weight myself.) Thanks for any and all support! (I'm on day 18.) ----------- PS That breakfast above is after a pre and post workout meal and Lunch/Dinner is usually more food... Last night's large dinner plate was spilling over with: 1 turkey burger with 1 strip of bacon, avocado slices, homemade ketchup 1 cup roasted cabbage, huge grilled portobella mushroom cap, handfull homemade baked potato wedges 1 peach (in season here)
  5. Primal Ballerina

    Airline Meal Preferences

    Every time I book a flight, the airline asks what my meal preference would be in the event I were to be upgraded to first class. Given that I spend about 8 hours a week on an airplane, this fantasy may soon become a reality. Unfortunately, there is no "Paleo" option... The choices are as follows: no preference diabetic gluten free japanese meal kosher low cholesterol low calorie low fat low sodium / no salt muslim vegetarian / non dairy vegetarian / milk / eggs Usually, I choose the diabetic option, because at least I'll know that the amount of sugar in the meal is taken into consideration. What would you pick?