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Found 36 results

  1. Hi everyone this is my first Whole30 and overall I think it's going really well. Today is the halfway mark and I just can't get this off my mind. I have been a vegetarian/vegan for the past 9 years and am now eating animal protein because I am a firm believer that the soy and grain replacement products for meat have been extremely detrimental to my health. I also can't see a way to get enough protein from just plants themselves. Many vegans out there may disagree with me, but after 9 years of trying to nourish myself I am only left with IBS and other inflammatory problems in my body. On the Whole30 my energy is still leveling out but overall I feel much better. HOWEVER, I can't help but feel like I am eating way too much animal meat! I have reinforced my belief system for so long that humans can live healthy, long, sustainable lives completely from plants and too much meat can ruin your health. The Whole30 is really shaking up this value. I have especially drank the cool-aid when it comes to the negative affects of the meat industry on climate change. On Whole30, the only way I can seem to make meals work is if there is an animal protein on the plate. I suppose it's a bit of an existential crisis for me. Does anyone have any research, reflections, or thoughts on this topic they would like to share with me? I know this is not the majority. Most people go through this epic lifestyle change to become vegetarians/vegans and here I am going in the opposite direction. Thank you in advance for all of your help.
  2. Hi there! Starting my first W30 Jan 2 and a bit nervous about the meat situation. I stopped eating meat, excepting fish, a few years ago because I don't like the hormones/antibiotics/environmental effects. I'm willing to add a little back in during Whole30, but would really like to rely mostly on fish and eggs. Any tips for types of meat that would be easy on my stomach after all this time, and sources for high-quality (but affordable) cuts? I'm thinking ground turkey?
  3. Pescatarian here. The Whole30 has me going from fish once a week to almost every meal. Yuck! Talk about being aware of signals from your body! Mine has been telling me loud and clear to lay off the fish & eggs. I cut back to having eggs once a day, and fish once a day or every other day. I feel MUCH better, but not surprisingly, I'm hungry in between meals and leaning on nuts. I've read the forums & guidelines so I know this is not ideal. I've also read about the Whole30 for vegetarians. Here's my dilemma: I feel great & have no cravings to speak of. I don't really want to bring in dairy or soy (the vegwhole30 route) as dairy is one of the things I suspect has been causing me problems. Reducing the animal proteins to one or two a day at most, and eating 4 smaller compliant meals/day feels SO much better. I'm looking for support for managing a Whole30 that is compliant, but with a lot less meat/eggs. I'm on Day 7. No cravings, headaches, or crabbiness so far. Just struggling with so much meat.
  4. Hi! I'm wondering if there is enough fat in this for a breakfast (or I guess anytime really) meal. This recipe is kind of an adaption from a food video I saw on Facebook. It's sausage (I'll use ground beef + spices), bacon (compliant, of course), tomatoes & potatoes thrown into a slow cooker to make a "breakfast chili" of sorts. You top with 1 (or 2??) eggs. I feel like with the bacon, non lean ground beef, and egg yolks it's enough fat, but I want to make sure I'm getting enough to keep full till lunch! Also, I don't think tomatoes are enough veggies, so I would plan on adding more to the side.
  5. Hello! So I am new to Whole30. Day 3! Feeling okay. I have not had any crazy headaches or cravings but I think that is more because I don't really have a sweet tooth ( I am certified addicted to pizza). Things have been okay. I desperately need to remove a bottle of wine that is sitting in my fridge and I had a seriously disastrous Whole30 ranch experience on Day 1. I am writing because I wanted to get some feedback on portions. Whole30 is my second "diet" ever. I have only ever done WeightWatchers, so needless to say I am lost without strict portion control guidelines. I feel like I am eating too much and I am eating too much meat and potatoes. I have had a potato with dinner every night. Is that too much? Ahh! I am lost. I am afraid that I going to end up replacing my old bad habits with new ones. The experience is much more than about weight loss for me but I want to make sure that I am getting the most results possible. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello, This is my first post and I wasn't sure what exact topic I should have posted this under. First off, I am a huge fan and have had much success with the Whole30 program, so please do not mistake this as an attempt to troll the program. My career as a graduate student will occasionally lead me across a paper that challenges the fundamentals of the program and I wanted to share one with the forum to get an outside opinion. I was just wondering if anyone else had read or heard anything about this and had a scientific opinion. Thanks!
  7. Hello, It's day 1 and I'm already confused! First off I'm scared I might be doing something wrong because I feel like I'm eating too much. Specifically day 1 dinner is "perfect ground meat" (pg. 152). The recipe states that 1lb. (16 oz) serves two. However, the book states that a serving size of protein should be 4-5 oz. One serving 8oz) as listed on the perfect ground meat recipe is almost double what the book states. AAAAGggggghhhhhh!! Help!
  8. Maine

    I am in the state of Maine, and it seems that the aproved meats on the Whole30 website are sold in practically every state except Maine! Does anyone live in Maine and know where I can find some? Preferably sausage and bacon (yes, I make my own sausage too, so no need for homemade tips, thankyou.) Thank you! P.S. I have checked the natural markets and called the local butcher's...
  9. Needing a bit of advice... I've just completed the 30 days, I am about half way through the reintroductions and I find myself wondering what on earth to eat when it all finishes. I instinctively feel that I don't want to go back to grains or legumes, apart from perhaps occasionally but not as part of my daily diet. However, I have found the meat and fish thing quite hard thro the 30 days, perhaps because I was almost vegetarian prior to the programme. I would like to continue eating meat and fish sometimes but I really don't think I could keep up the regime of having these every single day. I need something else as a daily protein. Any ideas? I love eggs but obviously not with every meal. I know whole30 is not big on hemp and plant based proteins, so what is there left? Any help greatly received. Thanks
  10. hello excited to get started gathering everything so i MIGHT not fail.
  11. I love meats, but after going exclusively to grass finished meats I'm still not used to the grass finished funk. Being a Texan there's a strong hunting tradition in my family, and one trick my ancestors often used to make wild meats more palatable was to drain the blood, going so far as to soak the meat in several changes of water to leech out the gaminess. This is a technique I know of people using with wild boar meat which can be particularly funky. I've tried this myself with a sirloin or two and it works pretty well at removing the funkiness, but I'm curious as to how much harm I might be doing by removing the blood.
  12. Deli meats ordered by my husband (high quality from our local grocer) don't come home with a list of ingredients, since they're wrapped in butcher paper. Should I assume they have additives like sugar or carrageenan?
  13. Just a few enticing photos of the recipes on this site. Remember think about the people you are cooking for when you are cooking for them.
  14. I was gifted lbs of wild snow goose from a generous hunter friend, but I unfortunately don't like the taste of it at all. I'm a pretty adventerous eater (lamb, venison, and other game meats are delicious to me), but I just can't get myself into the goose. I don't want to let it go to waste because it's obviously the best quality meat for the best price (free!). Any ideas on how to mask the flavor welcome.
  15. US Wellness Meats is offering 15% OFF with coupon code "old" until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday). Coupon valid on orders under 40lbs, and excludes any sale items, bulk boxes, volume discounts, and gift certificates.
  16. I need to find a good place to get meat locally. Anywhere around Brunssum, NL would be great is anyone know anything let me know!!!
  17. US Wellness Meats is offering ***15% OFF*** with coupon code "pacific" on orders placed before midnight tomorrow.
  18. *COUPON ALERT** US Wellness Meats is offering 15% OFF orders under 40lbs with coupon code "vitamin" between now and midnight Tuesday night (excluding any sale items, bulk boxes, volume discounts, and gift certificates). I love stocking up when US Wellness Meats has these coupons. US Wellness Meats has grass-fed bologna and hotdogs too. They carry lots of great uncured deli meats made with quality meats, perfect for packing school lunches! Their new extra dry shelf stable jerky seasoned has been an absolute lifesaver for me while traveling too!. Order here:
  19. Item 1: Coconut Yogurt, made with coconut milk, coconut water, and non dairy yogurt cultures. Item(s) 2: Pasture Raised pork made into deli meats and sausages. Ingredients: pork, sea salt, celery powder, individual spices (no sugar, no carrageenan, no nitrates other than celery salt) I am aware that they may be considered SWPO, and thus will not comprise a majority of my diet
  20. Please help. I have been working with the "It Starts with Food" concept since last November. At that time, I was on medical leave from work to regain some semblance of health.....I have severe arthritis and lupus and several other random diagnoses like fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue. Anyway- I eliminated grains from my diet and if I did eat grains it was a gluten free product. I gave up junk food and diet coke. The only two things I did NOT give up were sugar and dairy (milk in my coffee, occasional ice cream and tootsie pops). I ate vegetables, fruit, meat....and tootsie pops for the most part. Well. My health has improved in fits and starts, but most days I still would rather not be on the planet because I feel so rotten. My blood pressure is very low, and that makes navigating the day quite difficult. And so my naturopath said she'd really like me to do a committed Whole 30. Yesterday was day 1. I made it, and didn't die. BUT. I'm 111 lbs, 5'4". And I do NOT want to lose anymore weight. People already say I look like a skeleton. So what's the problem? Vegetables. I do not like them. If I put enough salt and butter on them they're tolerable. Meat. I don't care for meat unless it's a grilled steak. Honestly- I don't care for food much. I eat to live, I don't live to eat. This isn't a matter of willpower....I try very hard to eat these things....but it's like my throat closes up and refuses to swallow broccoli. So how do I do this???? Please help. Connie
  21. Whole30 in Augusta area

    Hi everyone, I will be starting my 3rd Whole30 on Saturday, along with a friend who is doing her first one. She may or may not have family support, but my guess would be that she won't. Since she's a busy mom with fibromyalgia, among other chronic goings-on, and she works full time, I'm trying to support her as much as I can. I live in Oregon and she lives in South Carolina. I've sent her a resource book with meal planning info, tips, recipes, etc. However, I'm having a tough time trying to find out where she can get some of the foods she will want/need for the Whole30. If anyone is in the Augusta, GA / North Augusta, SC area, I'd really appreciate any input on where to find things such as coconut aminos, almond flour, Red Boat fish sauce, compliant bacon, sausage or ham... or anything else you can think of that might be tough to find in that area. A Whole Foods is opening in the area at the end of this year, but that's not really helpful at this moment. Thanks so much for any suggestions and input! Tori
  22. Hey guys, not sure how many of you are familiar with AGEs (advanced glycation end products) but this study provides a 549 item list of foods and their amounts of AGEs. Advanced Glycation End Products In Foods And A Practical Guide To Their Reduction In The Diet For those unfamilar, AGEs are: "Dietary advanced glycation end products (dAGEs) are known to contribute to increased oxidant stress and inflammation, which are linked to the recent epidemics of diabetes and cardiovascular disease." For those that might start freaking out that bacon has 91,000 kU/100g, Mat Lalonde weighed in on this and said... "The medical and nutrition community have the bad habit of always looking toward exogenous sources when they identify something bad. In this case, it has been shown that AGEs within the body, as a result of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia, increases the rate of aging and the risk of diseases such as heart disease. The medical community then identifies food sources of AGEs and recommends that we do not consume them. Interestingly the consumption of foods containing AGEs has not been shown to be all that problematic (maybe a little bit of arterial dysfunction but even that study is questionable). The real problem is often endogenous production, as opposed to exogenous sources. AGEs result when blood sugars are elevated. AGE formation is rampant when blood sugar levels reach 180 mg/dL or higher. But high blood sugar levels are the result of insulin resistance, which is the result of excess carbohydrate, specifically fructose, consumption. AGEs are problematic when they result from excess blood sugar levels, not so much when they are consumed from food. That being said, it is wise to try to minimize AGE consumption and slow cooking at low temperatures is one way to do that. I slow cook everything at low temperatures in a crock pot or the oven. Boiling meat does not appeal to me in any way." Still an interesting study, and the food list is pure nerd heaven. Hope this is informative!

    Day 3 on our second Whole30! The best thing about our first Whole30 that really stuck with us after we finished was FOOD PREP SUNDAY. All three of us at our home are on board with Whole30, and we are all busy professionals. I am a teacher, and my boyfriend Matt is a chef. Our house is rounded out with our housemate Kevin, and a dog and a cat. In other words, we are all busy, and midweek meals can be tricky. The idea behind FOOD PREP SUNDAY is to prepare a lot of food that can carry you through the midweek meals and provide lots of ready to go items that can fill the gaps. Matt usually has a rough plan for the week, and will devlop a food prep list for Sunday. The basics are getting a lot of proteins either cook or ready to cook, prepare a lot of veggie dishes, make a stock from last week's protein, and/or make a soup. For me, another key component is preparing some easy lunch options for the work week ahead. Matt will be blogging some very food specific posts, including tips and recipes for cooking on his blog, so feel free to check in there with our progress. He can make the cooking end of Whole30 much less daunting. This past Sunday our prep list included: Meat: Rub/smoke two chickens (one we ate last night, and the other was vacuum sealed) Smoke Trout (a last minute buy at our grocery store, good buy) Prepare beef to make homemade jerky later in the week Bison Burgers- which we devoured on Sunday night with horseradish sauce and sauerkraut Veggies: Cauliflower puree (yum- just cauliflower, celery root, and coconut cream) Sweet Potato puree (Sweet potatoes, coconut cream, nutmeg= amazing!!!) Roasted veggies (cut into small chunks, great for snacking and meals) A huge undressed salad for weekly meals In addition this week, I also made a huge batch of tuna salad for lunches (with our delicious homemade mayo), and I am also working on a great recipe for homemade almond milk - I will keep you posted on the success of that! I wanted to post about the success of food prep sunday because it is so essential for our Whole30 success. Having the fridge stocked with great food that is ready to eat is amazing. We are very lucky in our house to have three adults ready to cook and prepare food, but we want everyone to know that food prep sunday can work for anyone! Good Luck everyone, let me know your thoughts, and check out Matt's blog, and ask him questions here or directly at his blog. (He also posts a lot of yummy food pics) Happy Eating! Nora
  24. I'm only on day #2 of my Whole30, but I'm already fed up with all these protein sources in my meals. I'm just not a big meat eater. I do like meat, every once in a while, and I feel the same about eggs and fish - once or twice a week would be plenty for me!! Having to eat SOME protein with each and every meal actually spoils the meals for me - quite often I would very much prefer just a simple vegetable or fruit salad. Do you guys have any ideas how to improve this situation? Would it be terrible to just skip the protein once a day?
  25. Hi all! I've just started Whole30 and I'm considering eating beef again. I stopped eating beef about 10-15 years ago - just didn't like the texture/way my Dad cooked it for me. I've had tastes and bites of beef over the last 10-15 years but never several slices, whole steaks, etc.. With that being said, since starting Whole30 I'm actually craving beef!? Plus I think it would be a nice addition to all the pork, turkey, chicken, eggs, salmon, etc., that I've been eating. A) Is it odd that I'm craving beef? Is it a bad idea to reintroduce beef to my body while I'm doing the Whole30? Should I wait until after? Thanks