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Found 4 results

  1. I started my "diet" 2 years ago at a extremely unhealthy weight of 397 lbs. It was a constant fight and only managed to lose 25 pounds up to the time I started the Whole30. I suffered from hypertension, SAD (seasonal depression) high cholesterol, And average of 3 migraines a week since I was 10 years old, obesity, coronary heart disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Hernias, and am in need of knee surgery. Within 1 week no more Allergy medications. I have not had a single migraine since I started the whole30. My doctor has cut my 4 blood pressure meds to 1, off my Lexapro, lost 20 pounds, NO Fibromyalgia flare ups, big improvement with my arthritis and I am swimming 55 laps three times a week. I have to lose another 115 pounds before I can have knee surgery but the swimming has improved my mobility. No longer using my power chair!! Just a cane. I could go on and on, but the whole30 has saved my life. I was thinking of suicide just a few days before I stumbled across the incredible program. Now I have clear thinking, no more "fog" and I get up at 7:30 every day with eager anticipation for the coming day. I was a chef at my own restaurant for years and attended cooking school when I was young, so I KNOW how to cook, just never cooked the right foods. Every day is a joy now, do I still ache and have problems, yes, but NOTHING like I have experience to the last 15 years. I am now on my second Whole30 with food "tests" once a week, but I have changed for good and so much more happy with my life. I know for sure that I am keeping out dairy, had a bad reintroduction to it just this week. Will try organic honey and maple syrup next week. I will never use any refined sugars or synthetic sweeteners for the rest of my life (I am 64). Just cant get the grin of my face!! Oh, I am 352 now and will continue to only weight myself only at my doctors appointment from here on out. All my measurement have gone down except my arms and calves which have increased due to the swimming 3 times a week. I have many friends following my evolution and two are starting their own Whole30's next week. I have not engaged in proselytizing anyone on the whole30 (and trust me, food is a religion!)lol. Just my life style change has been their inspiration. Thank you Whole 30, you have saved my life! Update! There have been some significant learning Eureka's just in the last week. I have discovered, partly due to my obesity and 60+ years of eating the wrong things, that I am experiencing the effects of the Whole30 at a later date then most self subjected Guinea Pigs on the Whole30. Most seem to experience (from what my doctor says and what I have read from testimonials) short term things like, sleepiness, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc. at around week 2. Me on the other hand did not experience these effects until I was done with the first 30 days. On retrospect I don't think it was the reintroduction of parmesan cheese for two days after I stopped the fist 30 that moved me into the bowels of distress for a week. Now that I have started another 30 (last Monday) I am back to a renewed energy and feel fantastic once again. So those of you that are severely overweight or 40 yrs. + (the new 60 I am told) may want to rethink reintroducing foods until you finish a second 30 or at least till you are sure you have triumphed the few malevolent side effects. As for my Doctor visits and lab tests. Wow, even better then my Family Practitioner and Cardiologist expected. Me on the other hand was well aware of the excellent improvements since the Whole30 gives you the power to see the future. lol Cholesterol, both good and bad made the appropriate improvements in there respective directions that I ordered balloons and a marching band to celebrate. :-) NEVER have to check my blood sugar again (maybe in a year so I can get more balloons!) EKG - excellent! Blood pressure at a sustained 125/68. My Cardiologist was blown away and said she has never seen such improvement in a patient so fast and so dramatic after having three stents put in my heart! I used to get regular cortisone shots in my left knee from years of damaging pain and am scheduled to have surgery sometime after August this year. I am not sure what is going to happen now as the pain is at 10% of what it has been for years. I think it is a combination of the power swim walking, the whole30 and premium organic full cannabis infused emu oil that I rub on my knee twice a day. I have tossed my metal knee brace and as I mentioned in my first posting I no longer use my electric wheel chair! Damn I'm happy! Power on Wholies. Update 5-27-15. Great news! Ended my second Whole30 today and I am down 16 pounds from last month! Lost another 3.5" on my waist also. Feeling so good! Still swimming 2 miles three times a week and have been working in the garden every day. So since I started the new life style on April 20th I have lost 36 pounds and a total of 61 pounds from my starting weight of 397 pounds in 2014. Today I am thinking of starting some food tests, nervous because I don't want to mess things up! Was thinking of reintroducing organic honey and maple syrup or brown rice. Oh the decisions I must make to keep this beautiful body! Power on Wholies!
  2. I'm extremely intrigued by the Whole30 and want to give it a shot. But I'm still in treatment for Lyme and some other conditions, taking a mostly herbal protocol. I was all ready to start the Whole30 program when I learned that (a) the Bromelian supplement my doctor requires contains rice flour, and there isn't another equivalent product on the market that doesn't have this ingredient and ( the probiotics I require (I need at least 100 Billion CFUs right now) contain either "trace" amounts of gluten/dairy/soy OR maltodextrin. I believe my migraine medicines (Rx) also have some starch. I have found ways to replace all of my other necessary supplements (magnesium, vitamin B2) with what appear to be compliant manufacturers (e.g., Natural Calm unflavored). Is it still worthwhile for me to do the Whole30 program, or will the small amounts of bad ingredients in my medicines make the whole thing a waste of time - I won't feel any better and I won't learn anything about what may trigger my migraines, insomnia, anxiety? I just started the new herbal anti-Lyme/Bartonella protocol with a new integrative medicine doctor, so I don't want to just "select" which parts of the protocol I follow. Please advise.
  3. My hubby, two kids and I are about to start our first Whole30 in about a week. I have had chronic, daily migraines (24/7) for many, many years. My current treatment plan, which I will need to stick with for a year before I can determine if it will be effective or not, includes a wide range of meds (which are constantly being tweaked), Botulinum A injections every three months into various muscle groups of my head and neck, steroid injections every few weeks into various muscles and nerves in my head and neck, and steroid nerve blocks every few weeks to months into the space next to my spinal cord in my neck. (Btw, I've seen every kind of doctor/practitioner you can imagine, and tried *every* kind of treatment you can think of, so I'm not looking for treatment suggestions.) My question is whether the regular steroid use, in particular, will interfere with the hormonal aspect of the Whole30? Will all the meds I'm taking (including heavy duty narcotics) render the Whole30 useless as far as healing my gut? I'm feeling very stuck between a rock and a hard place.....I need to do the Whole30, heal my gut, slay the sugar dragon and discover any food intolerances.....but I have no choice but to stay with this current pain management regimen, either. Any thoughts as to how the steroids and other meds might affect my results would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. bonnynancy

    Raising HDL

    Any suggestions for foods to help raise HDL? I know eggs, avocado, and I have heard cocoa has the effect also. Other ideas? Husband is Type-2 diabetic. His doctor insists he needs to keep his cholesterol down, so prescribes Lipitor. Lipitor destroys his HDL, so doctor prescribes Niaspan. Niaspan RAISES HIS BLOOD SUGAR, so doctor prescribes Metformin. And now he wants to increase the dosage of the Niaspan, right when my husband's blood sugar has elevated past a controlled level. Ugh. ENOUGH of this! I want the meds gone, starting with the Niaspan. So again, any suggestions for raising HDL through good dietary choices? Thanks so much!