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Found 4 results

  1. carrie w

    Loose Stool Lots of Bloating

    I am currently on day 23 of my whole 30. The eating has been easier than I expected. Around day 10-18 I was having issue waking up really early in the morning. The suggestion was made that I wasn't getting enough fat. I made changes to up my fat through out the day and it's made a huge difference with my sleep and energy levels. I even hit a PR at the gym! Since then I have been having major bloat, gas, and loose stool. It's important to note that I only have the gas and bloat at night after dinner, the loose stool in the morning, and the bloat pretty much all day. The loose stool is so bad that I am woken up by my tummy rumbling because I need to use the restroom. I'm not sure if my body isn't used to the extra fat or if it's a possibility that this is connected with my menstrual cycle which started on day 21. I have been having these symptoms for over a week though. Here's what a typical day looks like when I work out. I'm usually pretty active as I'm a personal chef and on my feet a lot and have 2 large active dogs. -Breakfast: 2 eggs over easy cooked in coconut oil, handful of strawberries, 1/2 small or medium avocado -After Crossfit Snack: 1 hard boiled egg, handful of cherries or 1 apple -Lunch: Fist of fist and 1/2 of protein usually chicken or pork, zoodles, and 1/2 of a small or medium avocado -Dinner: Fist of fist and 1/2 of protein usually chicken or pork, zoodles, and 1/2 of a small or medium avocado What should I do? Continue with what I have been doing past the 30 days? Does my gut need more time to heal? I have really cut back on nuts since adding the avocados in. Especially since reading they can disrupt your sleep. I also try not to have to much fruit unless I need the energy for crossfit. I am going out of town for a conference tomorrow so eating specific things will be a little more difficult. I have a dozen eggs boiled, apples packed, and avocados ready to go. Help!
  2. Dee55555

    Erratic period

    Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone who has done Whole 30 living for awhile has had a period that eventually has normalized and if so how long did it take? This is my scold whole 30 and for some reason both times it made my period start almost immediately. After my first whole 30 the second month it was still pretty erratic and then I sorta fell off the wagon with eating this way slowly so I don't remember what happened with my cycle. I do record it but in an app on my phone and it lost all the information so I can't check. I'd love to hear people's experiences with this as I do plan to follow this way of eating in the long term. Thanks!
  3. Lisa K.

    Spotting the Whole Time

    Anyone else spot all the way through and after? Did it ever stop? I've been having heavy spotting and it's been a thick brown substance. Very unpleasant. I'm now 8 days after my completed Whole30.
  4. emerc01

    Hormones and Sugar

    So I have DEFINITELY noticed a trend in my self-control and sugar cravings month to month. The first two weeks of my cycle (period and the week after) I find it easy to manage the Paleo/Whole30 thing. Then things spiral out of control and I get worse and worse... to the point where yesterday I ate a bag of Milano cookies for breakfast (!!!!!!!!!) and this morning I started my period, and have NO desire for sugar. What's the deal? Any suggestions?