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Found 6 results

  1. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Caroline's Whole 30

    Hello! I am looking for support an accountability as I rashly decide to do a whole30. I did one 6 years ago and it was bliss, and I haven't been able to replicate the success of my initial round! I'm going through a rough patch as a mom of 4 wild hyper boys. Most days I just do not want to do my life. I remember in my first whole30 i felt so mentally fantastic, I thought maybe I should try it again. My husband thinks I should just cut out flour and alcohol. I guess I better get clear on how deep i'm going to go in this before I start!
  2. Hello forum! I'm Batya Chava, underemployed teacher, CrossFitter, tea enthusiast, mother, afflicted with bipolar type II disorder, and sufferer of frequent migraines. Why I'm here: I lost 60lbs a couple years ago with exercise and calorie tracking, but since then I've found it hard to motivate myself to eat very healthy and not constantly "cheat." My diet isn't even close to as bad as it was when I lived off mostly pizza pops and Dr. Pepper, so I'm not really worried about being obese again, and I do hit the gym about six times a week, but the poutine and red velvet cake is holding me back athletically, and I don't feel like I have that "healthy relationship with food" that everyone's talking about. And my recovery sucks. DOMS lasts for days. The migraines. The medication for them is effective, but they happen way too often. My mood disorder, on the other hand, has been very resistant to medication. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps, so does exercising regularly (seriously, it probably saved my life), but I'm still cycling. Like, I can hold down a job now, but I still spend months at a time depressed. I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. I consider myself quite well prepared. I bought some paleo ketchup, made bulk breakfast sausage, and put all the dried pasta and sugary salad dressings in a box in the basement. Wish me luck!
  3. It's day 26 for me and I feel I'm still struggling with low energy, depression and mood swings. I suffer from bipolar type 2 with mainly depression. This is my second round and I did it to feel better and have energy! Weight loss is an added plus! I've done a lot of reading and feel like I should continue doing whole 60 and see if mood levels out! I was just hoping to feel better by now! Anyone else experiencing this too??
  4. Hello all, I have read a few threads on melatonin but could not find any brand recommendations that are Whole30 approved. My husband has a Mental Health issue and has not been able to sleep for most of the week. He falls asleep fine but wakes up at 1 or 2am ready to go and is not tired during the day (part of the Mental illness), so I am thinking one of the slow release tablets/drops would be best for him. I am new to this supplement and don't know which brands would be best and not have too many additives. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I started my "diet" 2 years ago at a extremely unhealthy weight of 397 lbs. It was a constant fight and only managed to lose 25 pounds up to the time I started the Whole30. I suffered from hypertension, SAD (seasonal depression) high cholesterol, And average of 3 migraines a week since I was 10 years old, obesity, coronary heart disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Hernias, and am in need of knee surgery. Within 1 week no more Allergy medications. I have not had a single migraine since I started the whole30. My doctor has cut my 4 blood pressure meds to 1, off my Lexapro, lost 20 pounds, NO Fibromyalgia flare ups, big improvement with my arthritis and I am swimming 55 laps three times a week. I have to lose another 115 pounds before I can have knee surgery but the swimming has improved my mobility. No longer using my power chair!! Just a cane. I could go on and on, but the whole30 has saved my life. I was thinking of suicide just a few days before I stumbled across the incredible program. Now I have clear thinking, no more "fog" and I get up at 7:30 every day with eager anticipation for the coming day. I was a chef at my own restaurant for years and attended cooking school when I was young, so I KNOW how to cook, just never cooked the right foods. Every day is a joy now, do I still ache and have problems, yes, but NOTHING like I have experience to the last 15 years. I am now on my second Whole30 with food "tests" once a week, but I have changed for good and so much more happy with my life. I know for sure that I am keeping out dairy, had a bad reintroduction to it just this week. Will try organic honey and maple syrup next week. I will never use any refined sugars or synthetic sweeteners for the rest of my life (I am 64). Just cant get the grin of my face!! Oh, I am 352 now and will continue to only weight myself only at my doctors appointment from here on out. All my measurement have gone down except my arms and calves which have increased due to the swimming 3 times a week. I have many friends following my evolution and two are starting their own Whole30's next week. I have not engaged in proselytizing anyone on the whole30 (and trust me, food is a religion!)lol. Just my life style change has been their inspiration. Thank you Whole 30, you have saved my life! Update! There have been some significant learning Eureka's just in the last week. I have discovered, partly due to my obesity and 60+ years of eating the wrong things, that I am experiencing the effects of the Whole30 at a later date then most self subjected Guinea Pigs on the Whole30. Most seem to experience (from what my doctor says and what I have read from testimonials) short term things like, sleepiness, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc. at around week 2. Me on the other hand did not experience these effects until I was done with the first 30 days. On retrospect I don't think it was the reintroduction of parmesan cheese for two days after I stopped the fist 30 that moved me into the bowels of distress for a week. Now that I have started another 30 (last Monday) I am back to a renewed energy and feel fantastic once again. So those of you that are severely overweight or 40 yrs. + (the new 60 I am told) may want to rethink reintroducing foods until you finish a second 30 or at least till you are sure you have triumphed the few malevolent side effects. As for my Doctor visits and lab tests. Wow, even better then my Family Practitioner and Cardiologist expected. Me on the other hand was well aware of the excellent improvements since the Whole30 gives you the power to see the future. lol Cholesterol, both good and bad made the appropriate improvements in there respective directions that I ordered balloons and a marching band to celebrate. :-) NEVER have to check my blood sugar again (maybe in a year so I can get more balloons!) EKG - excellent! Blood pressure at a sustained 125/68. My Cardiologist was blown away and said she has never seen such improvement in a patient so fast and so dramatic after having three stents put in my heart! I used to get regular cortisone shots in my left knee from years of damaging pain and am scheduled to have surgery sometime after August this year. I am not sure what is going to happen now as the pain is at 10% of what it has been for years. I think it is a combination of the power swim walking, the whole30 and premium organic full cannabis infused emu oil that I rub on my knee twice a day. I have tossed my metal knee brace and as I mentioned in my first posting I no longer use my electric wheel chair! Damn I'm happy! Power on Wholies. Update 5-27-15. Great news! Ended my second Whole30 today and I am down 16 pounds from last month! Lost another 3.5" on my waist also. Feeling so good! Still swimming 2 miles three times a week and have been working in the garden every day. So since I started the new life style on April 20th I have lost 36 pounds and a total of 61 pounds from my starting weight of 397 pounds in 2014. Today I am thinking of starting some food tests, nervous because I don't want to mess things up! Was thinking of reintroducing organic honey and maple syrup or brown rice. Oh the decisions I must make to keep this beautiful body! Power on Wholies!
  6. Hey there folks. I really meant to do an introductory post when I started (1/11/13) but I have been busier than expected with work and it just kept getting put off. I will start with a quick-ish history and my reasons for doing the Whole30. I hope this is appropriate for this subforum. If you want to skip everything and go straight to the numbered questions at the end be my guest! I didn't really realize until recently but I have always been very sugar addicted. Even as a kid I hated eating most meat and made up the difference with lots of fruits and grains. I especially love what other people might consider "boring" food- I used to love eating a bowl of plain white rice with a little furikake or butter, or a whole bunch of whole wheat crackers, or just a few slices of bread unadorned. Now I realize it's probably because my body was relying on the sugar. I also have an unnatural love for candy but have been trying not to think about that at all. Edited out this paragraph because TMI and I'm a little paranoid. Fast forward a couple of years and my minor problems keep adding up. My acne has been getting worse and worse in spite of all external treatments I've tried (very frustrating when I am almost 27 years old and starting to get grey hairs!). A weird rash developed on the palm of my hand that looks like eczema and kept getting bigger and worse. All the old complaints remain (stomach pain after eating, constipation alternating with diarrhea, terrible menstrual cramps and long, heavy periods) and I decided I really had to do something to start feeling better. My older sister, who had joint pain and autoimmune symptoms, recently started the autoimmune protocol in Practical Paleo and has seen a lot of improvement. Another friend of mine did the Whole30 with a weight-loss inspiration and I connected the dots and decided this was what I would try. So I am following the autoimmune and IBS/IBD protocols from ISWF because I really want to eliminate digestive pain and my relationship with food is so unhealthy I have no idea what is causing it. For those who are unfamiliar it cuts out eggs, nightshades (tomatoes peppers eggplant tomatillos and spices made from them), ghee, nuts and seeds, NSAIDs, uncooked veggies, fruit peels, seeded fruits like berries, citrus, and regular and decaf coffee. I am pretty stubborn & optimistic and I've done a really good job sticking to the plan. I eat a lot of fat because I tend to be underweight and I don't want to lose weight doing this. I will type a sample day's meals in a subsequent post. Here are the things I need help troubleshooting: 1. I am so so so tired. I have been since day 6. Most of the timelines I have read were very accurate to what I experienced for the first five days but since day 6 I have been dog tired. I'm on day 10 and no sign of renewed energy. I did start my period on day 7 and that could be bringing me down also. Should I just be patient? 2. I completely underestimated how working in a restaurant would make me super grumpy. Being around all the forbidden foods and smelling them cooking and watching people drink wine and beer can be totally maddening. I worked a special dinner last night and spent the entire reception glaring at crackers and cheese and waiting to go on break so I could eat my dinner of fish, sweet potatoes, carrots and avocado. Usually I have been able to enjoy my food but that was the first meal I just hated, and it was all contextual. Does anyone have advice to help with this bitterness? 3. The restaurant I work in uses no approved cooking fats. I did some investigating prior to starting and found out what we call olive oil is in fact a blend of only 25% olive oil, and the remaining is a mystery blend of vegetable and seed oils. All of the plain grilled meats are sprayed with Pam that has canola oil and soy lecithin. So I have been bringing my own food to work. Eating food from the restaurant used to be a huge time and money saver for me. Should I just forget about it for the rest of my Whole30? Or is a little unapproved oil OK if I try to keep it to a minimum? Thanks for reading my long-winded complainy post. The good news is my face is starting to clear up noticeably and the mysterious rash on my hand is almost gone after stubbornly spreading for months. So I am trying to stay positive and keep a good attitude. I am just getting oh so tired of cooking and doing dishes with such a low energy level.