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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Whole30 world! Glad to meet everyone and join the group. Excited and also SO nervous to start. My girlfriend and I are starting on Wednesday (2/3), and I'm trying to prepare as much as possible. I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I searched and searched through the forums but I couldn't quite find exactly what I'm looking for. Backstory: I am almost twice the size as my partner (I'm 5'9" and approx. 175lbs - she's 5'0" and approx. 105lbs). I am always hungry, all the time (even for boring food like steamed fish), and she is literally never hungry ever, and I have to ask her if she's done with her 1/2 eaten plate of food I just cooked...she always is.... Also, i plan every meal, and she helps buy/cook. So I'm planning this month out as a party of 2. Questions below: 1. Should we be using the same portion sizes for our meals? Seems off to me to make someone so small eat as much as me, but I understand it's part of the process that is the same for everyone. Should she force herself to eat more than she would prefer? 2. I have seen in these forums that the "eating every 2-3 hours" route is not encouraged on a daily schedule (even if it's a healthy snack/ meals are for random occurrences of hunger?). The Whole30 book explains that your body is relying on sugar for energy instead of burning fat. I have been on a no-sugar/all fresh produce & lean protein diet (although very very bland) for a month now, and I still really need 3 meals with 2 small healthy snacks a day or I get sluggish. I'm drinking about 100 oz of water a day as well. Can someone help me with how this will change on the Whole30? 2a. I can eat at 9am and 1pm, but my dinner will not be available to me until 7:30pm given my work schedule. Is this one case in which I will need a minimeal every day around 5pm? 3. I work out every morning 6:30-7:30am. Do i need a post-workout meal AND a full breakfast? They would only have an hour space in between. 4. If you don't like avocados, what's your best fat alternative besides olives? Seems like it's just nuts? Thank you so much! Can't wait to shop!
  2. Christina Williams Routon

    Starting my Whole 30 January 2013

    Hi, all. I'm Christina and I'll be starting my Whole 30 on January 1 along with many of you. I have a disorder called Lipedema, which affects how my body metabolizes and uses and stores fat and carbs. It's characterized by a disproportionate body - lower body larger than upper body - with other issues tossed in there making weight loss difficult. I'd already adjusted my diet to cut out wheat and sugar to slow down the inflammatory responses with this disorder, so it's time now to start the next step. In my mind, the next step is paleo and the Whole 30 seems to be a good way for me to slow inflammation, reset my metabolism, and get a clean starting point to see how various foods truly affect me. I'm not in this for weight loss as this disorder keeps me from losing weight via conventional means. My main goal is to return to my endocrinologist in February and be told I'm no longer insulin resistant. Any weight loss will be a bonus, and I'll go into February slowly adding some foods back in - but not wheat or sugar - to see how they affect my body.