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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone know the best ways to stay whole30 compliant while going through military training? I am going to be going through a combat school for about a month and was wondering if anyone knew anything about what foods I should try to take with me. I'm going to be buying some beef jerky and whole30 compliant bars but I'm hoping that I could do better than just that. I hope that's not all that can be done.
  2. Hi, all, I've got a bit of a question/information gathering sort of situation. Here's the deal: I'm in the military, and we have a 3 week exercise in August, during which I will have little control of my meals (read: get MREs and hopefully 2 meals of bad food-service stuff) and will have no refrigeration available. I have Celiac's and generally just feel better eating more cleanly (more primal than paleo, but still primarily veggie/protein/fat/fruit more than not). MREs will have very few items I can eat. Pretty much everything has flour to thicken the sauce, and while there might be a handful of items I can eat (the tuna salad one will at least have a normal pouch of tuna with icky normal mayo and relish), most of it I won't. Which leaves me with my issue: what on earth will I eat?!?!?!??!? I just bought a pack of Epic bars because that will at least give me protein and fruit, but I'm stumped on veggies. As far as I know, there won't be much that I can even buy there (let alone a store that would have carrots instead of Doritos...ugh) and, without being able to bring a lot of stuff (i.e. cooler for my veggies or whatever), I'm appealing for help. Any ideas? Is there any sort of bar (other than Lara/Epic, which I have, preferably compliant) that has veggies in it? Am I just going to have to grin and bear it and miss veggies for 2 meals a day (breakfast choices will not likely include veggies other than hash brown potatoes, and can't eat any veggies in the MREs for lunch)? I'd rather not get constipated and bloated from only having protein/nuts/some fruit to eat 2/3 of the day. Thanks all.
  3. Hey Folks! So this is my first time taking the Whole30 challenge!! Luckily, I have a great support system that is doing it with me. My husband has graciously decided to give up his love for cheese and coffee (large quantities) to support me in this adventure! I also have a few friends that have jumped on this crazy train as well. I'm hoping to kill my sugar monster (because it is HUGEEEE!!!) I definitely have an addiction to sugar ... no doubt about it. But, I also want to have food freedom. No more being a slave to food!!! I can tell this is going to be a long journey, but hopefully one that betters me in the end! I would love any tips or tricks that make the process less boring and easier to get through. I'll be writing back soon (if we don't kill one another by the end of the first week that is!). - Chelsea "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God" - 1 Corinthians 10:31
  4. I am 19 days into my whole30. To encourage my other paleo Facebook friends I post pictures of my dinner creations and recipies. I recieved a message on one of the pictures from a girl I know from my jiu jitsu gym who is now serving our country in Afganistan. She was lamenting at how impossible it is for her to maintain a healthy diet. I want to send her some paleo snacks but I need help thinking of recipes that will survive being shipped to Afganistan. Please share your ideas! Thanks! :-)
  5. Gonzosan

    Whole30 from Kuwait

    Hello all my name is Jonathan, I've been interested in doing a whole30 for a while. The longest I've done it is probably a week then I eventually slipped up and just fell off the wagon after that. I'm deployed to Kuwait, and I figure I should start one now. It might actually be easier to do it here than back home in Las Vegas, considering I can't drive down to In and Out/Chipotle/Wendy's/Cinnabon etc. If you've ever been to Vegas then you know there is a plethora of buffet style places within walking distance of each other on the strip. Here in my deployed location, you can either eat on base at the chow hall or eat at a shawarma place, subway or a pizza place. That's about it. So I will be limited in my food choices, but I think that would make it much easier to stick to this for 30 days. I started this morning when I had a omelette with ham and tomato. I'm not going to restrict "night shades" or anything like that. I figure if I eat natural foods (meat/vegetables/fruit/nuts/fats) then I will be doing something great for my body. Since I've been here I have been eating pretty badly, which wasn't a goal of mine when I came down here. I've always been focusing on the workouts, but never made the progress I've wanted and I always knew the nutrition aspects were sorely lacking. I fortunately (half glass full) put on weight, and don't have the best skin, so I should be happy I'm not the natural model looking type of person that can eat whatever and smoke and drink and still look amazing. I don't think I would change otherwise. It's much easier to make the change when your lifestyle affects how you look and feel. So today is day one for me, I will try to create a log here somewhere so I can update it once a day for 30 days and record my progress.